Fleming Co., KY Will Book I (letter i), Page 82

Thomas A. Caywood
Drafted: 12 March, 1847
Recorded: 17 May 1850

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas A. Caywood of Fleming Cty. and state of Ky. being weak of body but sound and disposing mind and memory thanks to Almighty God for the same and calling to mind the uncertainity of Life and the certainity of Death do of the goods with which it has pleased God to Bless me make the following disposition...
(viz) My body I consign to the earth from whence it came and my Spirit to God who gave it.
It is my will and desire that after my decease all my just debts together with my funeral
expenses be punctually and speedily paid.
I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Sarah Caywood for and during her natural life the use of my dwelling houses, kitchen smoke house yard orchard and orchard lot garden on the opposite side of the road together with all my household and kitchen furniture and app????? of said house and kitchen of every kind and description whatever. Also the use of the shed stable and corn crib near to it. The Black mare called Whip and her saddle and bridle , The chioce of one of my milch cows, also to be allowed the privilge at all times of pasturing one cow and one horse beast on the farm, also to be allowed to get firewood from the farm but to cut no timber suitable for rails. Likewise for her comfortable support I direct and require my Executor or Administrator to pay over annually to my wife on the 
25th. day of each December of her life one hundred dollars out of the proceeds of the rent of my farm as may be herein after directed. Said Administrator or Executor may furnish
her at the market price what wheat corn and pork she may think she stands in need of out of said hundred dollars for her yearly supply. I further desire that all the property hereby bequeathed to my wife shall be taken good care of and at her decease be returned to my estate.
I further direct that all my farming utensils and stock on hand together with the crop that may be growing shall at the maturity of said crop be sold upon twelve months credit.
I hereby appoint my son Mason Caywood sole executor of this my will and in case 
of his death I then request and appoint my son Benjamin M. Caywood and it is my further desire and directions that my son Mason take upon himself the management of my farm and conduct it that way that he in his judgement that he think best for the benefit of my heirs. It is my desire that he attends promptly to the payment of his mothers annual income and also to keep said farm and buildings in good repair but in no case to go beyond
what may be considered a fair rent for said farm. And finally at the decease of my wife I desire and request that all my estate both real and personal shall be sold at public venue as hereafter directed. The personal property upon twelve months credit and the land one half the purchase money to be paid in hand, one fourth in one year thereafter and the remaining fourth twelve months thereafter. 
To my grandchild James Alexander Caywood son of my dec'd son Alexander when he arrives at the age of twenty one years, I give and bequeath two hundred dollars without interest and in case of his death before he arrives ath the age of twenty one said two hundred dollars to be equally divided among my children.
To my granddaughter Mary Darnold I give and bequeath the sum of two hundred dollars without interest. Said two legacies to be paid when the last installment is realized for the sale of my farm.
And now finally and lastly to my daughter Rhuhamia Darnold formerly Rhuhana Caywood, my son Benjamin M. Caywood, my daughter Susan McCarty formerly Susan Caywood, my son James Caywood, my daughter Elizabeth Runyon formerly Elizabeth Caywood my son Mason Caywood I give and bequeath all the remainder of my estate equally between them. Share and share alike to be paid over as fast as the money falls into the hands of my executor or administrator. 
In Testamony where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12th. day of March 1847.

Thomas A. Caywood (seal) 
In the presence of 
Samuel I. Darnall
David Runyon
Geo. G. Lowry
John P. Metcalf
Amos O. Cord
At a court held for Fleming County on the 27th. day of May 1850 this writing purporting 
to be the last will and testament of Thomas A. Caywood deceased was produced in court
and proved by the oaths of George G. Lowry, John P. Metcalfe and Amos O. Cord subscribing witnesses thereto to be the will of said Thos. A. Caywood and ordered to be recorded which is duly done.
Ato. W. T. Dualey Clerk

Submitted by Shirley Buckler

16 August, 2008