Will of Catherine Emmons

Contributed by Renee Schaeffer

Will Book D, pg 527-probated January 6, 1834 Those mentioned : William Strawder Emmons (nephew), William Emmons (brother), Daniel B. Emmons (nephew), Exc. William Emmons (brother), Wit.

Douglas Ievir?, John Jones, Polly Hurst


Catherine EMMONS Fleming Co., KY Will Book D p. 525

Dated 6 Oct., 1834 Recorded 6 Jan.,


Nephew William Strawder EMMONS, son of William EMMONS

Brother William EMMONS

Nephew Daniel B. EMMONS

Exec. William EMMONS

Wit. Douglas J. WINN



Will of Catherine Emmons Will Book D p.525 Oct 6, 1833 Probated Jan 6, 1834


In the name of God Amen, I, Catherine Emmons, of Fleming Co. and commonwealth of Kentucky being of sound mind and memory and knowing that I am born to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

I will that my body be buried in the family burying ground in a plain decent manner without pomp or funeral parade.

I will that all my just debts, funeral and other expenses be paid immediately after my decease.

I give, devise, and bequeath unto my nephew, William Strawder Emmons, and to my brother, William Emmons (page torn) -- property by him to be possessed forever after he may arrive at the age of 21 years and should not my nephew, William Strawder Emmons, arrive to that age, I give the same to my brother, William Emmons. It is also my will that my brother, William, shall have the use of my land until my nephew arrives at the age proper to take charge of the same.

I give to my nephew, Daniel B. Emmons, $30 in money.

The ballance of my money, I wish to be put at interest until my brother, William's children, each arrive at the age of 21 at which time an equal division shall be made giving to each their quota and at any time that anyone may receive their portion, the remainder to be put at interest for the benefit of the minor heirs in like manner until the youngest arrives at the age of 21 or marry, unto them I give the same forever.

I give unto my brother William Emmon's wife, my saddle; the remainder of my personal property I give unto my brother, William and his heirs I give the same forever.

Lastly, I nominate my brother, William Emmons, executor of my last will and testament this 6th day of Oct. 1833.


Catherine Emmons

Attest: Douglas Winn, John C. Jones, and Polly Hurst Will recorded 6th day of Jan. 1834