Stockwell House

Stockwell House was built about 1804 by Samuel S. Stockwell, Sr. for his bride Arabella Hodge.  Stockwell House is located at 150 W. Water St., Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky.  The second generation to reside in Stockwell House was Samuel Stockwell, Jr. with his wife Jane A. Belt.  After her death, he married Charlotte C. Ashton, and continued to reside in Stockwell House until his death in 1880.  This photo was taken in the 1940-50s and the brick exterior has been painted over.

The present owner of Stockwell House is the Boone-Nickell Funeral Home.  Stockwell House is a brick home.  However, siding has been placed over the original brick exterior.   This photo was taken in 2004.

Submitted by Beverly Ring