Samuel S. Stockwell, Sr. and Arabella Hodge

Samuel S. Stockwell, Sr. was born 2 Apr 1777 in Pennsylvania, and died 12 Sep 1854, the son of Samuel Stockwell and Ann Hancock.  Arabella Hodge was born 4 Jul 1780 in Maryland, and died 6 May 1869, the daughter of Nathan and Sarah Hodge.  Samuel, Sr. and Arabella were married 21 Mar 1803.  They resided in the Stockwell House built in 1804 by Samuel, Sr,. located in Flemingsburg until their death.  They were both laid to rest in the Fleming County Cemetery, located in Flemingsburg, KY.

Samuel, Sr. was one of the earliest settlers of Fleming County, Kentucky. His family was among the first settlers to come to the wilderness of Kentucky around 1780. Samuel, Sr. built a large number of the public buildings and houses in Flemingsburg. Many of which still stand till this very day. These houses have received the attention of the "Architectural History of Fleming County". Some of these buildings are: the Presbyterian Church, Suit House, The Old Courthouse, and the Dudley House, and there were many more.  The Presbyterian Church that was built by Samuel, Sr. in 1819, still has an active congregation. The quality of the all brick construction is still in good condition, and even the original pews are still in use today.

Submitted by Beverly Ring