Samuel S. Stockwell's Family Bible

Submitted by Beverly Ring

Samuel S. Stockwell's family bible contains recorded marriages, births & deaths.  The records have been transcribed as written.

Samuel S. Stockwell was born 2 Apr 1777, coming to Kentucky in about 1780 and being among the earliest settlers.  Samuel's family came from Washington County, Pennsylvania by flatboat to what is now known as Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, and then directly to what is now known as Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky.  He lived in Flemingsburg until his death on 12 Sep 1854.


Samuel Stockwell &
Ary B. Hodge – was
Married on the 21st of
March 1803.  
J. D. Early & Mary H.
Stockwell was Married
2 May 1826.  
Thos. F. Stockwell and
Matilda Hudnut was
20 June 1826.  
Samuel Stockwell Jr. and
Jane A. Belt was Married
November 25th 1837.  
Saml Stockwell Jr and
Charlotte C. Ashton was
Married Apl 3rd 1849.

Saml Stockwell was
born 2nd April 1777.  

Jane A. Belt was born  

James Stockwell dies
in Maysville with cholera
June 1832.  

Ary Stockwell was
born July 4th 1780  
Nathan H., Son of Saml. &  
Jane A. Stockwell, was Dec  
25th 1839.  
Jerome B. Stockwell Dies
in New Orleans with
Yellow fever Sept 13th 1837  
Thos. F. Stockwell was
born Jany 6th 1804.  
Arabella, Daughter of Saml. & Jane A. Stockwell, was born March 25th 1842.  

Robert L. Stockwell Dies
in Princeton Indiana  

Robt. Stockwell was
born Augt. 21st 1805  
Joseph C. & Nancy Jane, Son
& daughter of Saml & Jane A.
Stockwell, was born Augt 12th
Thomas F. Stockwell dies
in Lafayette Indiana
April 2nd 1852  
Wm. H. Stockwell was
born Octo 2nd 1807.  
Saml. I. Early – a Grand
Son of Sam. & Ary Bella
Stockwell – and only son
of Jacob D. & Mary H.
Early – was born 12th July 1829.  
William H. Stockwell dies
in Columbia Indiana May
Mary H. Stockwell was
born Augt 2nd 1809.  
  Mary H. Early dies July 1827.
Note: Date on tombstone is Feb 25th 1828.  
Sam & Nathan Stockwell
was born June 28 1811.  
  Samuel Stockwell Sr
departed this life Sept 12th
1854 at 2 o’clock AM  
James Stockwell was
born June 10th 1813.  
  James M. Stockwell Dies
in Lafayette Indiana
January 2nd 1854  
Jerome B. Stockwell was
Born April 19th 1815.  
  John H. Stockwell
Departed this life Nov
28th 1850  
J. Monroe Stockwell was
born 7th March 1817.  
  Nathan Stockwell, son of Saml & Jane A. Stockwell , departed this life Mary 18th 1842  
John N. Stockwell was
Born March 6th 1821.  
  Joseph Crop., son of Saml & Jane A. Stockwell departed this life October 3rd 1844  

Jane A. Consort of Saml Stockwell Jr
departed this life Jany 23rd 1845.


Nathan Stockwell Died
in Orange New Jersy 1873
November 23rd.