Methodist Conference of Kentucky 1841, 240, #6

Rev. Absolom Hunt, 1841, Bath County, KY

Rev. Absolom Hunt died on the 21st of February 1841. He was born in the state of Virginia, December 4th, 1773, but in the days of his youth emigrated with his parents to the Holston country. From thence they came to Kentucky; and after is marriage, he lived several years in Fleming  County, where he laboured a few years as a local preacher with great acceptability. He game himself up wholly to the work in September, 1815, and was received on trial in the Ohio Conference, and appointed successively to Madison, Lexington, Hinkston, and Limestone circuits: all in the state of Kentucky.  The General Conference having in 1820 formed the Kentucky Conference he became one of its members, and was successively appointed to Liberty, Paris, Lexington and Hinkston circuits. It was in 1828 that he received his last appointment. At the lcose of that year, conference placed him in a sperannuated relation. He became the subject of painful affliction, and was rendered incapable of traveling on horseback, but e preached occasionally in the neighbourhood. He was generally considered a very successful preacher, and a most powerful exhorter. He was remarkably fond of reading, and delighted much in Wesley's sermons. He conversed freely and calmly about death, which to him had no terrors. His confidence appeared to be strong in the Lord. A few weeks previous to his death he lost the entire use of his right side, and his powers of speech became so much disorganized, that he could not articulate so as to be understood. But he was patient and resigned. Thus he suffered until he fell asleep in Jesus.

Submitted by Bobby Hunt