Will of Jackson Harmon

Submitted by Barbara Dwyer

I, Jackson Harmon of the county of Fleming and State of Kentucky do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

First, I direct that my son William shall have four acres of land adjoining him on the east end of my land for and in consideration of thirty three dollars and fifty cents which money shall be paid to Mary Todd for me.

2.  I also direct that Mary, my wife, shall have my dwelling house and household and kitchen furniture and that she shall have the remainder of my land to have and to hold during her life.  Also that she shall have my pol mare and her saddle and bridle and only cow and calf.   Also I will that my daughter Martha Ann Stanton shall have my three year old mare to keep and to hold forever and that my daughters Sarah and Kisiah and Jane shall have six dollars a piece at the death of my wife to make my daughters equal and then that all of my real and personal estate shall be equally divided between all of my heirs.  In witness where of  I, Jackson Harmon of the county and State aforesaid have this my will written on paper and set my hand and seal this the 21st day of  April, Eighteen hundred and fifty one.

Jackson (x his mark) Harmon
signed and witnessed by
Joseph A. Miller
James Moren