Elizabeth Seamands Gray

Submitted by Teddy (Gray) Brock

Elizabeth Seamands, daughter of Barnett and Frances (Estes) Seamands, married John M. Gray 26 August 1819. Their nine children born in Fleming County, Kentucky are: Olivia Estes, David Seamands, Frances Jane, John Marion, Sarah America, George Washington, Fielden William, Madison Harrison and Elizabeth Maria. All but David Seamands Gray, d. 1859, survived her.


GRAY---Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, wife of brother John Gray of Hillsboro, Fleming Co., Kentucky, died February 28, 1868, aged 71 years.  Her father, Barnett Seamands, at the time of her birth, resided in Albemarle Co., Va., removed to Kentucky, and settled in Fleming Co. in 1815.  Elizabeth married brother Gray August 26, 1819, with whom she lived a prosperous and happy life 49 years.  In 1821 she attended a protracted meeting held by old Father Northcut and brother Hull, and soon after was by faith enabled "to taste and know that the Lord is good", being able to fix the time and place of conversion, she ever "adorned the doctrine of God, her Saviour, in all things."

In religion she was settled; hopeful without being demonstrative.  In her character there was strength and tenderness, admirably fitting her for the relations of wife and mother.  She was a Methodist, true to God and the Church.

She felt that prayer was a necessity of her being, and in a life of singular devotion she leaves an example to her loved ones.  A few days before her departure she said, " I am waiting His time to take me to Himself."  And she has also left to her friends who mourn her death what is worth far more than riches---a good name, a precious memory, a sainted life.

-------B. F. SEDWICK