The Fleming Times Democrat, July 12 1961


Autopsy Preformed In Cincinnati To Determine The Cause Of Death

Newell Lee Rigdon, 38, of this city, was charged Monday in connection with the death of Hildreth "Heavy" Doyle, who was found dead Monday morning. He was reported to have been in a fight Saturday evening with Rigdon.

Doyle was found dead in bed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Berry, on East Water Street, where he roomed. He was 38 years of age and the father of three children.

Rigdon admitted Saturday night he was fighting with Doyle in a lot on the east end of town. Doyle received a head injury in the altercation and was treated at Hayswood Hospital, Maysville, where it was reported it took more than thirty stitches to close the wound.

Doyle was released after treatment and returned to his rooming house under the surveilance of his employers, Ernest Hamm and Bobby Porter, owners of the City Auto Parts company. They left his bedside Sunday about 10 p. m. upon the request of the deceased, and upon returning about 7 a. m. Monday, found him ling dead in bed.

Gano Hawkins, county coroner, stated Doyle was believed to have died about 3 or 4 a. m. Monday. He was taken to Cincinnati where an autopsy was performed and returned to Boone Funeral Home here.

Results of the autopsy will be learned at the examining trial, which will be held soon. The autopsy report will be mailed from pathologist in Cincinnati to the county attorney.

It was reported by city police that as soon as Rigdon learned of the death of Doyle he phoned the police and surrendered. He is being lodged in the county jail and gave the following report of the incident to the TD's editor Monday night:

"About 6 o'clock Saturday I was sitting in a car parked in a  lot on the east end of town, when a man pulled up beside me in a car, jumped out and said, I am going to cut your guts out. I tried to escape him by moving from one side of the car to the other because I didn't want any trouble. But he got into the car, he hit me with a rock and then reached in his pocket for a knife - that's when I picked up the same rock he hit me with and hit him, i was just trying to protect myself , that's all."- Newell Lee Rigdon.

Doyle , a native of Fleming County, was a veteran of World War II. He was serving, at the time of his death, as junior vice commander of Franklin Sousley Post 1834, Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was also a member of the Christian Church.

Surviving are a daughter Karen Doyle; two sons Clemmie Arnold and Hildreth Lee Doyle; of Flemingsburg; his mother Mrs. Ursey Hunt Doyle, of Flemingsburg; his father Thomas Doyle of Mason County; two sisters, Mrs. Betty Lou Coy and Mrs. Lucy Reed of Marion Ind.; three brothers Jimmy and Tommy Doyle of Flemingsburg, and William Doyle of Maysville; and his maternal grandmother Mrs. Nannie Hunt of this city.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from Boone Funeral Home. Burial was made in Sunset Memorial Park Gardens.

The Fleming Gazette, Fleming Co., KY
July 27 1961


Newt Rigdon of this city, is in the local jail awaiting the results of an autopsy which will determine the cause of the death early Monday morning of Hildreth "Heavy" Doyle about 40 also of this city.

Mr. Doyle, who was involved in a fight with Rigdon Saturday night was found dead in his bed Monday morning by his business partner Ernest Hamm.

According to local police officials , Rigdon was merely charged with breach of peace, pending an investigation of the cause of Doyle's death. Coroner Gano Hawkins, said death occurred between three and four a. m. and ordered the autopsy performed. Subsequently, the remains were taken to Cincinnati for analysis.

Rigdon admitted to officers he got into a fight with Doyle about 6 p. m. Saturday on the Moorehead Road near the city limits. During the affray, Rigdon reportedly struck Doyle in the head with a rock causing a large cut on the latter's forehead.

After being examined by a local physician, Doyle was taken to Hayswood Hospital for treatment. He required 32 stitches to close the wound. He returned home that same night, apparently recovering satisfactorily.

Doyle died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Berry, where he roomed.

As soon as he learned of Doyle's death, Rigdon surrendered to police.

When the cause of death is determined, Rigdon will face examining trial before Judge Jack Clarke.

A Veteran of World War II, Mr. Doyle had worked as a mechanic but at the time of his death was engaged in operating a used auto parts business with Mr. Hamm.

He was a Fleming County native, and a member of the Christian Church.

Survivors include his wife Mrs. Marjorie Porter Doyle; a daughter Karen Doyle and two sons, Clemmie Arnold and Hildreth Lee Doyle, all of Flemingsburg; his mother Mrs. Ursey Doyle, Flemingsburg, his father Thomas Doyle , Mason County; two sisters Mrs. Betty Lou Coy, and Mrs. Lucy Reed, Marion Indiana; three brothers, Jimmy and Tommy Doyle of Flemingsburg, and William Doyle of Maysville, and his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Nannie Hunt of Flemingsburg.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at Boone Funeral Home and burial followed in Sunset Memorial Park.

Submitted by Bobby Hunt