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Letter from Albert Terhune to his son, Daniel, 1808.

(Spelling preserved)

Dere and most effecttionate Son. These few Lines are To Inform you that we received your Letter of the 14 Day of January in which you ralate to us that you are in the State of Good Helth. be Thankfull to God for it as we wold wish to be Thankfull. We are Lickwise in a State of reasonable Helth. Thanks to God for it you ralate to us that you wold be Glad to have our advice about your Comming to Kaintuck as you have no place ware you are and places are hard to git and when you have Them the are but Indifferent ones in my oppinion after consoltin you Brothers here with me in Kaintuck we Conclud it will be much to your advantege and yours and Abraham, and his and William and his and your familes all to conclude to move to Kaintuck while it is in your Power to bring all with you. Perhaps thay will git married by and by and then git Scattered and Then it will not be in your Power to Bring them Whareas it is nateril for us to wish to be Near our Childring thoug we are at a grate Distence now it is poseble for you to Come to a Contry of good Land in gennieral and at Preasent very Cheep and Esy to Come of Grain cheep pears/rice/corns/ for Cash to be had in abundenc thare 3 or 4 places adjoining our place for Sale. the People waiting for your comming to buy having hard by your Brother Stephn that you Entend Comming for your Incorment Consider my Case and Isaacs we Came as poor as possibly we Cold be but Thanks be To God we Live and Do well having only Each one hundred acars of Land which I alow to be worth more then five hundred with you. Not withstandin one hundred wit you will Sell for more then will Buy five hundred here if Ever you mene to Better your Selvs Come as Quick as Possable you can and if you Entend Coming Let us know when you Start as Stepen and Isaac Intends meeting you at Wealing To forward you on the way Do

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Com To us as we will Indeavour to Furnish you with a house and other Neseries Tell you Can Look that you and Plese your Self or Selvs if William Coms a long with you which is our ardent wishes Mr. Stoktons place is not to be Had at Rent this yare; we mene To put in for you as much as we Can but here is a place for Sale with the Crop on it if Perhaps that wold Sale you as to banck Nots the Pass Current here and the marchents that Trad To Philidelpha whold rather Take the Philidelpha Banck the generilly alow There Dollers on the hundred to get Them Being a light Carrege be plesd to writ to us as Soon as you recve this and Let us no your Ententions No more at Present but that the Grace of God be with you all and our respect To you all Farewell and keep God Before your Eys Amen I Live and Ramain your Respectfull Father.

March 11, / 1808

Albert Terhune

Transcribed and submitted by Linda Pereira

Letter concerning Andrew Caldwell's land purchase in Fleming County.  Submitted by Jennifer Caldwell.
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This is a record of the Crains of Fleming County.  This record in possession of Mrs. Opal Rose, Flemingsburg, KY.

Crain, James, born 1725 and his elder brother, John, came from England in 1749 and settled in VA.  They each reared families in VA.  Nothing is known of John’s family only, his son, Samuel, who married Miss Ford in VA. In 1777.  The younger, James, was a minister of the Church of England.  He had five children.  Two of his sons went south and engaged in Marine service in the Refolutionary War.  They have not been heard of since.  The son, Samuel, born 1761, married Elinor Cluke of VA. In 17__.  It will be seen that John and James each had a son Samuel.  The two sons, Samuel, Sr. and Samuel Jr., moved with their families and slaves to Mason Co., KY., in 1799 and on to Fleming County in 1800.  Both are buried near Hillsboro.

Crain, Samuel, Jr. and his wife, Elinor were married in VA. In 1781.

Their children were:

Simeon, born 1782, married Miss Groves.

Rhoda, born 1788, married James Crain.

Elizabeth, born 1785, married Louis Crain.

Lucinda, born 1786, married William Pearce.

Sarah, born 1784, Wm. Crain (“Station Billy”).

John, born 1790, died unmarried.

William, born 1792, married Rebecca Moffett.

Lewis, born 17906, married Clara Piper.

James W., born 1800, married Amanda Shanklin.

Crain, Samuel, the first, and Samuel Crain, the second, were first cousins and came south then in 1800 to Fleming Co.  Three of one son’s girls married three of the other’s boys.

Cluke, Elinor died and is buried in North of Poplar Plains.  He then married Jane Moffett of Montgomery Co. and had 6 children:  Thomas M. Crain, John Allen Crain, Louisa Rippen, Charles Crain, and Amelia Pickrell.

Crain, Samuel, Sr., father of “Station Billy” Crain, married a Miss Ford in VA. In 1777 and his son Wm. and one daughter was born in Virginia.

Crain, Sarah died _____, 17, 1874.  Born Culpeper Co., VA., Jan. 7, 1794, came to Fleming County, 1799.  Married Wm. Crain Dec. 3, 1818.  William Crain was born 1784.

Crain, Samuel H., born at Fleming’s Sta., 1813.

Crain, William, born at Fleming’s Sta., 1815.

Wilson, Rhoda, born at Fleming’s Sta., 1818.

Brown, Elizabeth, born at Fleming’s Sta., 1820.

Crain, John Lewis, born at Fleming’s Sta., 1822.

Hilligoss, Sarah, born at the Billy Robertson place, 1824.

     Lucinda born 1828 at same place.

     Charlotte born 1830.

     Jimmie born.

     Crain, Noble H., born at Craintown, 1832.

Crain, Theodore B., born 1834 or 1836.

Carpenter, Amanda, born 1838.

Sarah and William Crain’s children.


This is a copy of a letter now in possession of Mrs. Jas. Mason, Corydon, Ind.

“Rush County, Indiana.

January the 28th, 1851.  Mr. James Muse to his brother George Muse.

I take my pen to inform you that we are all well at present.

Am hoping that these few lines may find you in the same state of health.

I landed safe at home the 27th.  I was four days a going.  I had very fine time going.  You said something about wanting me to write you the ages of father and the children.

Muse, James was born Mar. 9, 1781.

Muse, Sarah was born Apr. 23, 1786.

Muse, James M. was born Mar. 28, 1831.

Muse, William Elrod was born Apr. 5, 1833.

Muse, Major Elliott was born Apr. 26, 1835.

Muse, Sindariler was born Feb. 16, 1837.

Muse, Elizabeth was born Feb. 9, 1809.

Muse, Nancy was born Apr. 9, 1811.

Muse, Henry was born Oct. 20, 1812.

Muse, Polly was born Oct. 5, 1814.

Muse, George was born Feb. 3, 1817.

Muse, Sally A. was born Sept. 15, 1819.

Muse, Margaret was was born Nov. 24, 1821.

Muse, Fanny was born Sept. 2, 1824.

Muse, Mahala was born Jan. 17th, 1828.

These are the ages of the family of James Muse.  These are the true ages the way that they are in the Bible.  Everything went on right while I was away.  Nothing more at present.

Muse, George, Sr. born Aug. 23, 1754, died 1826.  Served in the Revolutionary War.”


This record was found written on a slip of paper in one of the old marriage books at the Fleming Co. Clerk’s Office. Evidently it is copied from a family record and used as proof for age. Hurst here is spelled Herst.

Herst, William W., son of Landie Herst, was born May the 10th, 1838.

Herst, Mary E., daughter of Landie Herst, was born Nov. the 25, 1839.

Herst, Amanda, daughter of Landie Herst, was born Aug. the 6th, 1841.

Herst, James M., son of Landie Herst, was born Oct. 15th, 1843.

Herst, Frances, wife of Landie Herst, was born Mar. the 8th, 1817. She died May the 10th, 1845.

The following list of births was found in an old Bible at the Olive Branch Church of Christ, Fleming Co. The papers now in possession of Wm. M. Talley.

 Caywood, Benjamin M. was born Apr. 9, 1801.

Craig, Eliza was born Feb. 9, 1809.

Bishop, George W. was born Apr. 7, 1808.

Scott, Hannah B. was born Apr. 29, 1802.

Overley, Isaac C. was born May 28, 1807.

Scott, Nancy was born (no date).

Caywood, George M. was born Feb. 11, 1832.

Caywood, Thomas H. was born Sept. 22, 1833.

Caywood, Jane R. was born Apr. 9, 1837.

Pyles, Milton was born March, 1826.

Bishop, Nancy H. was born May 23, 1836.

O’Bannon, Lucy M. was born Aug. 30, 1839.

Caywood, Lou Emma was born Mar. 6, 1858.

Caywood, George Ann was born Mar. 26, 1860.

Caywood, Eliza J. was born May 26, 1862.

(Note: Some of the births from her on are not marked “was born”, just the name and date are given.)

Caywood, Lillie A., Feb. 22, 1867, 2 o’clock A. M.

Caywood, George B., Apr. 9, 1870.

Caywood, Hattie P., May 8, 1875.

Caywood, Allie J., Dec. 3, 1872.

Caywood, Thomas C., May 4, 1878, 1:15 A. M.

Overley, Lucy E., Oct. 21, 1881.

Phelps, Elisha was born May 5, 1880.

Hord, Marie was born Apr. 7, 1894.

Hord, Frankie, Oct., 1895.

Rhoden, Nancy J., Feb. 26, 1848.

Caywood, Henry H., Feb. 3, 1807.

Overley, R. E., Apr. 3, 1851.

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