Fleming Co., KY Court Order Book G Sapp/Hunt dispute over indenture of children

February Term, 1841 pg. 66 On motion of Isaac Sap, ordered that Patsy Hunt be summoned to appear here at the next term of this court to show cause if any she can why her son Samuel Hunt shall not be taken and bound out owning to her inability to raise him in industry and honest calling

pg. 69

Oath for Mrs. Hunt Plaintiff against } on a motion Isaac Sap Ordered that this cause be dismissed at the plaintiffs costs

November Term 1840 pg. 43

On motion of Mrs. Hunt, ordered that James Hunt be summoned to appear here at the next court, and produce in court, Reuben, & Geoge W. Hunt, apprentice boys in his possession and show cause if any he can why they shall not be taken from him and rebound.  And also ordered that James Sap, be summoned to appear at the next court & produce Samuel Hunt, in court to show cause if any he can why he shall not be taken from him & rebound.  Summon as witness Alexander Swim, Uel Hunt, James Cassity for Mrs. Hunt

December Term 1840 pg. 54 Commonwealth  agst. Sap (on a summons) ordered that an alias

Issue in this cause & the same is cont. tell next term

Same vs. Jas. Hunt (on summons) cont. for peft.

January Term 1841 pg. 62 The commonwealth of Ky by Mrs. Hunt-Plaintiff Against } upon a Motion to give up Samuel Hunt to be rebound Isaac Sap Defendant On motion the attorney for the county ordered that this cause be quashed.  And that the plaintiff pay the costs of this suit.

The commonwealth of Ky by Mrs. Hunt Plaintiff Against } upon a motion to give up

Reuben Hunt & Geo. W. Hunt to be rebound James Hunt Defendant

March Term 1841 pg. 91 I. Sap        Plff Against } on a motion to have her child Sam'l Hunt bound out Patsy Hunt  Deft. This day came the parties by attornies and the court having heard the cause and duly considered thereof, It is ordered that the said Child be rebound out according to Law.

Ordered that the clerk of this court bind Samuel Hunt to Isaac Sap for the term of Eight Years from the [left blank] of October next or till he arrives at the age of 21 years to learn the art and mystery of Farming.  An Indenture to that effect was signed sealed and acknowledged in open court by the parties & ordered to be recorded

Submitted by Bobby Hunt