James Story to Peyton Kendall

 This indenture made this 8th day of Nov 1832 between Joshua Stockton Clerk of the Fleming County Court of the one part and James Story of the same county of the other part witnesseth that the said Joshua Stockton for and in consideration of the covenant herein expressed and by virtue of an order of the worshipful court of said county made in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of Ky doth put Peyton Kendall an apprentice to the said Story for the term of nine years from the 1st day of February 1832 until he arrives at the age of 21 years, and the said Story for himself his heirs _____(?) doeth covenant promise and agree to and with the said Stockton that he will and truly teach the said Kendall the trade and mystery of tailoring and will cause him to be taught to read, write and cipher to the rule of three and during the time aforesaid shall find and provide for the said apprentice good wholesome and clean neat lodging and clothing fit for an apprentice to have and at the expiration of said term to pay the said Kendall the sum of £3.10 shillings current money at its present value and a decent suit of new clothing.  In testimony where of the partners have hereunto set their hand and seal the day and date above written.

Joshua Stockton

James Story

At a court held for Fleming County on the 8th day of Nov 1832.

This indenture of apprenticeship binding Peyton Kendall to James Story for the term of nine years from the 1st day of February 1832 until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, was produced in court, ack’d by the parties thereto and ordered to be recorded which is done.

Leaken D Stockton DC

Submitted by Mickey Teising