Fleming County Genealogical Queries

Dave Osborne Wed Mar19 22:53:17 1997
- OSBORN -I am interested in all Osborn Families(and related spellings)for FlemingCo.I am documenting all Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, etc. Families in thenortheastern KY counties. My line is Nehemiah Osborn known to have livedwith his children in Lewis and Greenup Co.s. His wife reportedly was fromFleming or Carter Co. Thank You.http://members.aol.com/dosbo66736/Osborne_Family_Research/home_page_welcome.htm/

Lynn Koehler Fri Mar 2115:01:53 1997
I am looking for information on the following:LEE HAYS- born abt 1893 died 1929 Sherburne, Fleming Co., KY Lee's mother was, I believe, FLORENCE DAILEY HAYS. Lee married -JENNIE VICE HAYS - born about 1885 died about 1953 Jennie was orphaned shortly after her birth and she lived with cousins,William and Rebecca BUSBY in Sherburne town. I believe her mother was a RICE who married a VICE. She had siblings, possibly WILLIAM and SALLY VICE.I am also researching KOEHLER, PFEFFER, and SCHEWENDENECK all in Fleming County. I would appreciate any help with thesefamilies.Thank you, Lynn Koehler LKoehler@aol.com

James Dale Hensl;ey SatMar 22 21:26:22 1997
I'm looking for Wilborn (William) Hensley (Hencley). He marriedLouiza (Luvinia) Young (Thacker). They had two children, Sarah(Sally) born 1857 and James Madison Hencley born 1860. They livedin Muses Mills, Fleming County, Kentucky. He went into the CivilWar and died of the measels. Louiza then married a J. C. Dyer.He had two children Grandville and Elizabeth. Together they hadsix or seven children. John Crittenden (Spouse) Rebecca Sellers;Hilah (Spouse) John Stacy; Dolly (Spouse) Sam Auxier; Albert Grand-ville (Spouse) Martha Niece; Clara (Spouse) Henry Pitts; SamuelTenneesse (Spouse) Annie B. Secrest; Lucy (Spouse) Johnny Secrest;The Dyers were born 1862-1873, in Muses Mills, Fleming County, Ken-tucky.Any info would be greatly appreciated. ThanksJames Dale Hensley (ripper@poky.srv.net)

Virginia Rahal Sun Mar 2314:49:02 1997
Looking for DANIEL FINK, b. 15 Dec 1756, Frederick MD, son of HENRY &HANNAH FINK. DANIEL FINK applied for a Rev. War pension in Lewis Co., KY,26 Sept 1832 at age 76. He lived in Fleming and Lewis Counties. Was herelated to the keelboat man, MIKE FINK?

Carolyn Gang Mon Mar 2414:02:50 1997
REAMS/SWAIM - Seeking infor about John REAMS who married Sally SWAIM onSeptember 10, 1816 in Fleming Co, KY. Also would like to determineparents of Sally SWAIM.Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks!

Charlotte Doyle Smith MonMar 24 16:26:46 1997
I am looking for the parents of John DOYLE b.1791 in Maryland. He married10 Apr 1811 to Martha J. "Patsey"CORD in Fleming Co. They had alarge family of 13 children that survived to adulthood. Some of theFleming Co. Surnames that are allied with the Doyle Family are: BROWNING,HURST, HAM, HARPER, HELPHENSTINE, HARTLEY, McCANN, ROSS, HICKERSON,PLUMMER, HAWES, THOMAS. Check my web pages athttp://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/csmith1/doyle.htmhttp://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/ssmith1/jaclyn.htm for moreFleming Co., and Kentucky Surnames. If you find a connection I would loveto hear from you. I have lots of information to share.

Tom Strahan Mon Mar 2412:12:25 1997
My line is Samuel H. STRAHAN, SR, born c. 1752. In Revolutionary Warfrom PA. Moved to Fleming Counyt, KY c. 1790, where he died in 1825.Other families with connections in PA and KY, to STRAHAN: WILLS,CRADDOCK, RICKETTS, HUNT. Looking for Samuel H. STRAHAN, SRs parentsand place of birth.

April M. Hartjes Tue Mar 2514:56:05 1997
The FOUDRAY's came to settled in FOUDRAYVILLE, it is now calledHillsboro. Jon Foudre came to the US from France in 1693. His descendentssettled in Kentucky, oklahoma, Indiania, California, Kansas, Texas andMinnesota. Most of the Foudrays I have located can be traced back to JonFoudre. I am looking to share and exchange information in regards to theFOUDRAY clan.

LoriHoward Wed Mar 26 09:50:33 1997
I am doing research on the Cogswell family. James Cogswell wasborn in 1818 at Fleming Co. Kentucky. He married Lucinda Johnsonin 1836 in Fleming Co. Kentucky. Lucinda Johnson Cogswell wasborn 25 January 1816 in Fleming County. They had 10 children.They were: David Cogswell b. 1841; John H. Cogswell b. 1842;Amanda Cogswell b. 1843; Benjamin F. Cogswell b. 1845; Jesse Cogswellb. 1847; Sarah Cogswell b. 1850; Fred Cogswell, Herbert Cogswell,Josephine Cogswell, and Ruth Cogswell. I am interested in anyinformation about the Cogswell family. I would be glad to sharethe information that I have.

Tim ASHBY Fri Mar 28 08:17:331997
Seeking information about the DAY family of Fleming County: need data onsiblings of THOMPSON DAY, b. Fleming Cnty. 1799. He was the son ofWILLIAM DAY, who came to Kentucky with his brother TRUMAN DAY in the1790s. I am particularly interested in knowing if JONATHAN DAY (b.Kentucky in 1794, d. in Indiana in 1860), was a brother of THOMPSON DAY,and son of WILLIAM DAY. JONATHAN DAY had a daughter named ELIZABETHTHOMPSON DAY (1825-1913), who married JACKSON ASHBY. Any help would begreatly appreciated. Tim Ashby. Box 256 - Garner Valley, MountainCenter, CA 92561.

William Davidson Sat Mar 2915:10:03 1997
Seeking and researching Joshua Davidson b. 1765 Prince EdwardCo., VA m. Mary McDearmon,26 Sep 1786. Joshua was given VirginaWarrant 3089 for land in the Ohio District, August 8,1782,later the State of Kentucky. In 1834 still resident in FlemingCo., KY. d. 1834? in IN buried in Franklin Cemetery, Johnson Co.,IN. Looking for sibs, children, parents, records HELP!!

Sammy R.Gorman Sat Mar 29 18:30:46 1997
My ancestor was John Adams Gorman B:Pa. Lived in Fleming Co.1810 to1855.Married to Sarah McCoy(I have her line) Sons:Samuel Terhune Gorman,John Lewis Gorman,William Gorman, David Lister Gorman,daughterElizabeth.All children born in Fleming Co. John's Father was ArchibaldGorman. This is the man I need Info on. I have his pension record fromRev. & census records. He had three sons & six daughters but Ican't find them or his wife. Any info on Mr. Archibald would be greatlyappreciated. I also have a world of information on the McCleary family ifanyone needs it. Thank you. Sammy R. Gorman

BeverlySlade Sun Mar 30 08:50:12 1997
Looking for slave records of Robert G. Lewis of Fleming County circa1856. Slave named Hannah.

Richard LeeFleming Mon Mar 31 11:24:45 1997
I am researching my Grandfather Olin Butler Fleming, b. Nov 29,1881 inLaGrange,GA, d. Apr 14,1952; and Great-Grandfather Marcus LafayetteFleming b. March 10, 1846 in Wayne County or Fleming County, KY, d. Jan29, 1903, buried in LaGrange Cemetery. Marcus went to LaGrange, GAbefore 1880 and married and raised a family. I think he was a salesmanfor a furniture company in KY and traveled to LaGrange, GA on business.He stayed and established a furniture store and became a leading figurein LaGrange. I am trying to research his ancestors. I think his(Marcus) father was Elkanay Delaney Rush Fleming, b. 2/10/1813 in TN, d.4/13/1854 in Wayne Co., KY. E.D.R Fleming m. Dorcus Vickery, she d.5/5/1881 in Wayne Co., KY. Thanking you for the help in advance.

Mandee Poole Tue Apr1 15:39:25 1997
I am looking for where a Abraham and Elizabeth Gooding are buried. Theyboth died in Fleming Co., KY he died in Oct. 1793 and she died between1811 and 1817. Please email me if you can help. It also might help if youcould give me a list of cemetaries in Fleming Co. Thank you.

W.C.McArthur Tue Apr 1 07:01:19 1997
I am a descendant of a John MCARTHUR who married MargaretCAMPBELL, 1768, Isle of Bute, Scotland. They immigrated toAmerica in 1769, settling in Dutchess, Co., NY. Their firstchild, Duncan, was born in 1772; second child, Eleanor, born in1774. John's 1st wife, Margaret, died in 1776.Some sources indicate John's 2nd wife was a Mary LYON(S) ofVermont. They had five children: a daughter, Margaret, marriedEbenezer SUTHERLAND; a second daughter, Gemina, married ThomasMCDONALD; another daughter, (1st name unknown); a son, John,married Sarah PARRETT; and another son (1st name unknown)marr.Elinor DAILEY.John MCARTHUR removed to Washington Co., PA around 1778;then later to Fleming Co., KY where he was living in 1803.Would like to contact and exchange information with otherswho may be researching this family. Thanks. W.C. McArthur

RICHARD S. CLARK TueApr 1 13:08:51 1997
Looking for Fleming Jones, Harrington, Owens, Buck, And Kraft,Clark.

James Dale Hensley ThuApr 3 20:25:17 1997
I'm looking for information on Mase (Mason) Stacy. He had a daughter,Margaret B. Stacy. Margaret married my great grandfather James MadisonHencley. Married about 1884. Muses Mills, Fleming County, Kentucky. Had 2children Lula Jane and Samuel Verner Hencley. Margaret died and thechildren lived with her parents for a while. Then they moved to live withJames. By then he married Mary Jane Soward(s). Any info would greatly beappreciated.

John A. Vice Sat Apr 521:50:45 1997
BLACKBURN, DAY, GALLIHER (variously spelled), HUGHES, HUNT,LEFORGE (or LEFORGY), McKEE, MOORE, ROSS, TOUT, VICE, WILLSAm researching each of these family lines of Fleming County,Kentucky. The family heads of each family name that I descendfrom (when known) are:BLACKBURN (have not yet found family head)DAY (Andrew Trumbo (Bo) (d.1920)GALLIHER (note: name spelled many ways--John (d.1810), James(d.1813 during War of 1812), William (d. during1870's), John S. (d.1903), Harrison Alfred(d.1959) & Aquilla Emerson (d.1971)HUGHES (Thomas (d.1848)HUNT (John (d.1807), Reubin (d.1826), Jeremiah (d.1858-1860),Deaton (d.abt.1890), Frank (d.1914), & William (d.1920)LEFORGE (Abraham (d.1803), Jesse (d.1833), Thomas (d.1870/1879)McKEE (Guian (d.1827), Robert (d.1813 during War of 1812service), & William (d.1889)ROSS (John--suspected to a Revolutionary War veteran)TOUT (Abraham-d.1826)VICE (Enoch (d.1827), Menaldo Botts (d.1890), Monroe Freeland(d.1922), & Lincoln Forde (d.1973)WILLS (Andrew (d.1826) & John (d. after 1880)

Jim Sewell Sat Apr 522:03:44 1997
I am seeking information on the HINER family. My G-G-G-Grandfather wasJoseph HINER b. November 16, 1802, who lived at Upper Blue Licks inFleming County, I figure around 1818. I am trying to find the name ofJoseph's father. I have an excellent autobiography written by Joseph,but the first page is missing. So, throughout Joseph refers to"father", but no mention of his name. Brothers of Joseph:James, Samuel, Frederick. Sisters: Margaret and Nancy.I will share the Autobiography with those interested. Joseph was marriedfour times and had 19 children, so I'm sure a lot of descendants are outthere.

Melanie Martin Mon Apr 719:40:22 1997
My family names from Flemingsburg, Kentucky:: John and JosephIngram/Ingraham. Ann Moore- Ingraham- Secrest , Sarah Mershon -Secrest,Ellender Mershon Ingram.

SANDRA SAVEY Tue Apr 819:53:52 1997

Peter Sipple Rowen Tue Apr8 16:31:23 1997
I'm looking for any and all information relating to thefollowing lines; there are definite gaps I'm trying to fill.My own ancestor is Robert STEPHENS, b. July 1802 in MasonCounty Kentucky, joined the military and fought in the BlackHawk War, married Lydia Ann PENCE in 1833, no survivingchildren, moved to Joliet, IL in 1840, married Nancy KERCHEVAL,lots of descendants.The only STEPHENS family I could find in the Mason Countyrecords is a Samuel STEPHENS, who married Margaret CHAMBERLAINin April 1800, lots of children including Samuel Jr. and ThomasJefferson STEVENS. Robert also had a son Thomas J. so it istempting to call him a son of Samuel STEPHENS, but it is morecomplicated than that. There might have been another STEPHENSline, perhaps descended from a brother of Samuel, because bythe 1850 census there are a number of households livingtogether that are clearly not descended from the same lines,to judge from their ages. Furthermore, a John STEVENS died inMason County in 1791 and named his son Thomas his executor,and specifically asked that he provide for his (John's) otherchildren.Does anyone know anything about any of these people? I wouldreally like to be able to make the connection, but am missingthe one crucial piece of information linking Robert STEVENS tothe Samuel STEVENS family of Mason and Fleming Counties. Ifanyone has any info for or against I would most appreciate it.Thank you.Peter Sipple ROWENprowen@seanet.comalso researching: ROWEN SIPPLE BLACK SMITH/SCHMIDT GRINTONPAWLIKOWSKI KERCHEVAL DUNBAR LOSAW MCCONNELL BEST POTTENGERDUVALL RYAN ZIMMERMAN

Kathy L. Langley Wed Apr9 20:20:28 1997
I am searching for any information on Waddle/Waddell.I found my greatgrandfather Henry D. Waddle on 1880cesus Flemingburg,Fleming, Kentucky. His wife wasMary E. Lane, children Zodia, Henrietta,Baxter, CharlesJohn,Sophia, Martha, America, Frederick. In 1885 theylived in Jefferson county, Indiana.Would appreciate any information.

Todd Gierman Sat Apr12 12:14:50 1997
Looking for information on Michael C. CASSIDY and descendents,particuarly those of his first wife. Michael Cassidy served inthe Revolutionary War and Kentucky Legislature. He founded CassidyStation in Fleming County.

Kathryn Fri Apr 11 13:11:521997
Looking for JOHNSON BOYD born approx. 1853. Married Mary"Mollie" SMOOT on Sept. 13, 1878 in Fleming Co. They lived ona farm in Ringo Mills, Ky. and had nine children. Some of the children'snames are as follows: John, Fred, Elizabeth, May, Sarah Ellen, Elisha.Mary"Mollie" Smoot's mother was named Mary Smoot and she livedin Flemingsburg. Johnson Boyd's father's name may have been John.Thank you!

Yvonne Hall Tue Apr 1513:55:36 1997
EMILY HANSHAW married URIAH HENDERSON in Fleming CO,KY in the 1870's.The Index for Kentucky Deaths lists EMILY HENDERSON, age 80, died July 4,1940 in Fleming County. Seeking information about or descendants of theEMILY HANSHAW/URIAH HENDERSON family. Thanks.

Ginny Bias Fri Apr 18 11:13:181997
Looking for a connection between ALEXANDER MOUNTS and SARAH MOUNTS.Alexander was listed in the 1800 KY Tax List in Fleming County. I amlooking for Sarah's parents. Since Sarah had a son named Alexander, Ithought there might be a connection. Sarah eventally ended up in WayneCo,WV,married to James Parot Wilson. I appreciate any help.Thanks. Ginny

Suzie KrillCatharine Fri Apr18 23:03:59 1997
I am looking for information on Jacob VANDAMENT (Von Gemuenden,Vanneman etc.) m. 1803 to Sarah CALLAHAN in Fleming Co.,KY.Jacob was b. 1782 in Fayette Co.formerly Westmoreland Co., PA to HeinrichJohanne Phillip VonGemuenden and Catharine SPROTT (Sprout, Spratt).Would like to find anyone working on these lines!

Joyce A. Kelley SatApr 19 13:59:39 1997
I am researching the EATON and HUNT families. Captain Charles EATON wasreportedly born in Fleming Co. on 11 Aug 1799. He married Sallie HUNTwho was reportedly born in Fleming Co., on 04 Apr 1804. They weremarried 23 Sep 1821 WHERE??? They then moved to Sullivan Co., IN. Anyinformation you have on either of these family names would be greatlyappreciated. Thanx.

Brenda Reese Sat Apr 2619:58:52 1997
I am lookin for ancestors of James L. Pope, born 12 Oct 1851. Hewas married to Catherine Spurlock, born 22 Jun 1853. My informationplaces them in Lawrence Co., Ky. His father was George Pope whowas married to Caroline Joncie. Her parents was Andy Spurlockand Catherine Burge. If you have any information please contact me.Thank you in advance for your help.

S. Stoneberger TueApr 29 15:58:18 1997
Am looking for any information on David Early, father of Sarah"Sally" who married my ggg grandfather John H. Craig in FlemingCo. 9 Sept. 1824, and Euphemia Ann Early who married SamuelCraig 27 March 1828 in Fleming Co. Any information on DavidEarly or his family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Timothy EdwardKeeton Fri May 2 07:55:10 1997
HONICAN- Looking for any information on the HONICAN family.Members in the 19th century included: Daniel, Jacob, John Mitchell.20th century: Mora, Nora, Ora, Cora, etc. I will submit moreinfo soon. I believe Daniel and his father/grandfather (?) Jacoblived in Fleming County, Kentucky in the 1850's. Is this surnameIrish? German? Dutch? They may have emigrated from Pennsylvania,and I believe Daniel shows up on a circa 1851-2 ship list fromLiverpool, England, although I believe he was also on the 1850census in Kentucky.

Loretta McClellanMon May 5 18:03:03 1997
I am searching for any information on the STOUT, family of Mason Co., KYand their relations.Known STOUT family members are:Lawson STOUT, b. 26 Feb 1814 in Mason Co., KY; d. 21 Jan 1894. Hemarried Chloe Zuriah DAVIS, (b. 28 Aug 1818) on 5 Mar 1838. Their son,my direct ancestor, was:William STOUT, b. 6 Mar 1843 in Mason Co., KY; d. 26 Mar 1923 inGalesburg, KS. He married Martha Achsah WILLIAMS, (b. 21 Mar 1849) on 22Apr 1867 in Fleming Co., KY. Their daughter, my direct ancestor (and Gt.Grandmother) was:Mamie Frances STOUT, b. 24 Jan 1873 in Fleming Co., KY; d. 9 Jan 1945.She married John F. Douglas SIPE, (b. 21 Nov 1862, family records stateHartford, VA was his birthplace, but I have yet to locate this place on amap) on 6 Dec 1889.I am particularly interested in John F. Douglas SIPE, or any SIPEancestry that may tie into mine. I have considerably more STOUT ancestrydating back to the early 1600's to the first STOUT couple in America,Richard and Penelope (Van PRINCIN) STOUT of New Jersey, if anyone isinterested.I would appreciate any information that may help me trace my SIPE,WILLIAMS, or DAVIS ancestry further. Thank you for your consideration.

annie beaman Tue May 610:57:07 1997
Surnames of Penix and Rigsby, any and all information.

Tom Stevens Thu May 820:57:52 1997
KILLION 1755-1926Orange,NC>Greenbrier,VA>Fleming/Madison,KY>Scott,IN>Menard,ILMy Sarah KILLION was b. 1799 Madison, KY, apparently the daughterof Jacob Killion (b. 3/16/1755 Orange Co, NC, d . 8/28/1838 Sangamon Co.,IL). Any additional KILLION info would be appreciated.

Terry Ervin Thu May 821:54:30 1997
FURR, Sinia Edwards. Wife of William Furr. William and hischildren moved from Fleming Co. KY to Fountain Co. IN in 1826.Sinia was not with them. She apparently died between 1815 and1826. Would appreciate it greatly if anyone has info on exactdate and/or cemetery location for Sinia.

S. Steioff Sat May 1016:01:55 1997
I am interested in locating any information on Willis Green Banfield ofKentucky (d.o.b. 4/4/1992; d.o.d. ? 1959). His three brothers wereOliver, George and Josh. His two sisters were Ivy and Lula(?). At onetime he was married to a Cherokee Indian whose first name was Charity.His second wife was Ida McKinley Lawson of Boyd or Flemming Co., KY. Hismother's first name was Nancy Jane. It is possible that after her death,he was adopted by I man whose last name was Wallace. Please help; I canfind no record of him and don't know where to look next. Thank you very,very much!

Susan Riddle Sun May 1114:05:51 1997
RIDDLE, LIGHTFOOT: I am interested in learning more about Ann(LIGHTFOOT) RIDDLE, her son Coleman RIDDLE (and his wife Sarah,aka Sally), and Ann's daughter Levina L. RIDDLE. Ann (LIGHTFOOT)RIDDLE is d/o John B. and Levina (DUNCAN) LIGHTFOOT. Ann was m.on 25 Jul 1802 to Robert RIDDLE in Pendleton Co., KY. In a landtransaction, 24 Mar 1827 in Fleming Co., Ann and her son Colemanlisted as "of Lewis County, KY". Thanks for any help!

Cheryl White Tue May 1321:18:31 1997
Any information about parents and birth place ofMary Ellen (Eleanor) WoodBorn 30, May 1815, KYWife of John Upton Umstattd of Mason Co.Married: Fleming Co., KY 22 April 1838Last seen: Holden, Johnson Co., MO, 4 Dec 1889Had resided in Jo., Co., MO since Fall of 1839Children: Elizabeth Tully, Leah Francis "Frankie",Mary Ellen "Mollie", Madison, and Lucy Leah "Lutie"

Phyllis MillerFleming Wed May 14 21:52:09 1997
In a list of Fayette & Bourbon Co marriages, I foundSilas FLEMIN m. Rebeckah CHAUGHEY, 24 Oct 1809.Does anyone know anything about either of these people?I am searching for the ancestors of Caughey S. FLEMING,b 1854, place unknown, parents unknown, d 1928 in ShelbyCo, IN.Thanks for checking.Phyllis Miller Fleming

Charlotte Doyle Smith ThuMay 15 14:44:45 1997

16 Mar 1850 35A deed Blue Bank RunJohn & Patsey Doyle grantorsSamuel Carpenter granteeBook 29 page 319This Indenture made this 16th day of March 1850 Between John Doyle andPatsey his wife, and Charles H. Fleming John T. Fleming & George S.Fleming of the first part and Samuel Carpenter of the second part all ofFleming County Kentucky Witnesseth that said parties of the first partfor and in consideration of There hundred & twenty five dollars paidto said John Doyle and one Dollar paid to said Flemings receipt of whichis hereby acknowledged. Said party of the first part hereby Sell andconvey unto said Samuel Carpenter the following described tract of Landlying and being in the County of Fleming on the waters of Blue Bank run abranch of Fox Creek containing Sixty Seven acres & Bounded as followsto wit, Beginning at a Stone in Blue Bank run at Fig.1. then N 160 polesto three small white oaks at fig.(2) then E 12 1/2 poles to a Sugar tree& stone at (3) then N 10 poles to a Stone at (4) then E 22 poles to aStone at (5) then S. 78 poles to a stone at (6) there E 47 poles to ablack ash and hickory at (7) then S 119 poles to a stone in the middle ofBlue Bank run then up said run to the Beginning 35 acres and 86 poles ofthe above tract of land has been conveyed to said John Doyle by Deed fromJames McCann by Deed of record in the Fleming County Clerks office 12acres of said land was purchased by said J Doyle of Isaac Donihue, thetitle to which is in James Stockwell and Said Stockwell is to convey sameto said Doyle, and Nineteen acres & 114 poles of said 67 acres hasbeen heretofore recovered by Wm P. Fleming, the father of said Chas M.,Jno. T., & Geo., S. Fleming and sold by Said W. P. Fleming in hislifetime to one Joseph Doyle, and by said Joseph Doyle sold to said JohnDoyle, for which he holds the bond of said Joseph for a Deed (and thetitle to said 19 acres & 114 poles being in Said Flemings they herebyconvey the same to said Carpenter without any recourse on them or theirheirs Whatever) To have and to hold said Land & appertenances theretobelonging to Said Samuel Carpenter his heirs and assigns forever and SaidJohn Doyle & wife hereby agree to Warrant & Defend the title tosaid 67 acres of Land to said Samuel Carpenter free from the claim of allpersons whatsoever claiming by through or under them; It is expresslyunderstood that said Flemings only convey their intrest in Said Ninteenacres & 114 poles only; & without recourse; In withess whereofthe said John Doyle & wife and Charles M. John T. & George S.Fleming have hereunto set their hands and Seals the date above.John Doyle (seal)Patsey X Doyle (seal)her markCharles M Fleming (seal)Geo. S. Fleming (seal)John T. Fleming (seal)I hereby release & convey to said Sam'l Carpenter all the Intrest Iacquire in the above described land by mortgage said Doyle executed to meon the 12th Sept 1840 the debt for which it was Mortgaged having beenfully satisfied April 29th 1850John J. MooreI James Stockwell hereby release to Samuel J. Carpenter, all the intrestI have in the 12 acres of land named in the foregoing Deed (provided) Ihave not heretofore conveyed it to Ezekiel Hinton Warranting the same tosaid Carpenter against myself and heirs but not against any othr personor persons whatever given under my hand & seal this 11th day of May1850James Stockwell (Seal)State of Kentucky Fleming County SctI William T. Dudley clerk of the court for the county aforesaid certifythat this deed from John Doyle & Patsey Doyle his wife & othersto Samuel Carpenter was on the 25th day of March 1850 produced before oneand acnowledged by John T. Fleming to be his act & Deed and on the12th day of April 1850 the said deed was acknowledged by George S.Fleming to be his act and deed & on the 16th day of April 1850 saiddeed was acknowledged by Chas M Fleming to be his act & deed and onthe 27th day of April 1850 was acknowledged by John Doyle to be his act& deed an on the 27th day of April 1850 said Patsey Doyle being by meexamined privily & apart from her said husband declared that she didfreely & willingly seal & deliver said writings & wished notto retract it and acknowledgded said writing again shown & explainedto her to be her act & deed and consented that the same might berecorded and on the 29th day of April 1850 John Moore acknowledged therelease to which his name is subscribed to be his act and deed and onthis day James Stockwell acknowledged the release to which his name issubscribed to be his act & deed and said deed with said releases& this certificate is duly recorded in my office & Given under myhand this 11th day of May 1850Wm. T. Dudley Clk

Judith A.Walters Fri May 1615:21:38 1997
Would like to hear from anyone descended from or with knowledgeof Elijah JOHNSON and wife Ruth (THRELKELD) JOHNSON of FlemingCounty, Kentucky. Their son William H. JOHNSON 1813-1856, is myline. His wife was Penelope CHINN. Where was Elijah born?

Rena Sue Shampton SatMay 17 08:31:25 1997
I'm interested in Blevins/Murphy/Hensley surnames many ofwhich lived in Lawrence Co. I am particularly interestedin knowing more about my gggrandfather, Archibald Murphy, Jr.and his father Archibald Murphy, Sr. Jr. married SusanRatliff and they had 8 children, Elijah, Albert, Andy,Herman, Lens, Clara Edna, Elizabeth & John Fredrick (myggrandfather - b. 8/2/1864).

James Yates Sat May 1718:37:22 1997
I am looking for the family of Harrisson Jackson Yates married to ElizaAnn Meade. There children were Nora Yates(Sloan), Ida yates , Ralphyates, Valentine (Jim) Yates, Augusta (Gus) Yates, John WilliamYates,Luke Yates, and Thomas Yates they were born in Floyd and Estellecounty Ken if any info please contack me thank you.

W. L. Haaser Mon May 1911:40:37 1997
Searching for infomation on: MATTOX and TERHUNE

Andy Metheny Wed May 2118:54:32 1997
William MORGAN married Elizabeth DUNN about 1818 at Fleming County. Oneknown child, daughter Mary who later marries Milburn Williams. Lookingfor parents for both William and Elizabeth. Anyone else researching theselines?

Curtis D. Burress Sun May25 15:47:26 1997
My grandfather is on the 1870 and 1880 Fleming County Census. He islisted in the precinct of Popular Plains, Fleming County. He was livingwithhis mother's family, who were the Boyse (Boys, Boyce). He was listed asliving in the home of William Boyse and his wife Louisa(looks like that is the name. In the same household was John 20, James18, Maryle (?) 14, Martha 8, a female 5, Man Hedges (43 female)Elizabeth 15, Sarah 10. and my grandfather George W. Burris. George islisted as a nephew. George's mother died 6 months after hisbirth. His Father Benjamin, was enlisted in the Civil War. George'sparents lived in Maysville, KY. George married my grandmotherin Jan. 1895, in Moultrie County, near Sullivan, IL. Does anyone have anyfurther information, regarding this family and its history?Please contact me at CDBURRESS@AOL.COM or Snail Mail: Curtis D. Burress,4432 Lauder, Bartonville, IL 61607-2623

Marsha Mullin Sat May 3109:59:48 1997
Researching Fleming County, KY families that moved to Rush County, IN.These include Hilligoss, Hurst, Gardner, Jones, and Goddard. Have a fairamount of information on many of these lines and am looking forconnections. Thanks. Marsha Mullin (marshmull@aol.com)

James B. Story Sat May 3117:54:23 1997
Inquiring concerning my grandfather, James B. Story, b.Dec 12, 1857,Clinton co.KY. Seek father who I believe a Benjamin Story, who died April14, 1863.

Judith Adams SunJun 1 20:10:58 1997
Searching for the parents of William Wesley CAYWOOD, b. in FlemingCounty, KY 5 Sep 1815, m. Catherine Dunivan NEWMAN 18 Nov 1841. William& family left Fleming County in 1850s for Indiana, Iowa and Colorado.Have ruled out Thomas Austin CAYWOOD (per his will), one of 6 sons ofStephen CAYWOOD and Priscilla McDANIEL. Help!

Stephanie Raider Mon Jun2 11:19:03 1997
Would like any information on the Keal surname. Name may have beenspelled Keel-Keil-Keil-Keal. Adam Keal, is the first Keal name I have.He had three sons Jacob, Adam II, and George.

Sandra Buckley ThuJun 5 14:09:39 1997
Searching for descendents of William and Permelia Eaton Buckleymarried 1815 Fleming County. William died by 1850 is there a willor probate.

Elizabeth Smith Thu Jun 514:10:34 1997
Seking information on ancestors and descendents of James C. JACKSON, born1817 in KY. He married Anny MITCHELL on 9 May 1833 in Nicholas Co., KY.Anny MITCHELL was born 1817 in KY; died 1850-1860. She was the daughterof Samuel J. MITCHELL, Sr. and Nancy FLORA. Children of James C. JACKSONand Anny MITCHELL included: Elizabeth E. JACKSON, born 1841-1842 in BathCo., KY, died 1871-1874, married John A. SAPP, 11 November 1858 inFleming Co., KY; Alexander M. JACKSON, born 1834, m. Sarah AmazettaPoynter; James Albert JACKSON, born 24 May 1836, died 05 January 1896,married Eliza Ann SAPP 1854; John K. JACKSON, born 1843, married Eliza ?;Alfred JACKSON, born 1847; Mahala JACKSON, born 1851; David J. JACKSON,born 1853; Valentice JACKSON, born 1856; Marlin JACKSON, born 1857; andunknown JACKSON. The JACKSON family also lived in Bath and FlemingCounties, KY. I am willing to exchange information.

Elizabeth Smith Thu Jun 514:18:09 1997
Jeremiah HUNT was the son of Reuben HUNT, Sr. and Nancy (DEATON/DENTON?)and the grandson of John HUNT, Sr. and Mary (OVERALL?). All three HUNTswere Methodist Episcopal ministers. In fact, I have seen Jeremiah HUNT'sname on numerous marriage returns in Fleming and Bath Counties, KY.Jeremiah was born abt 1788 in Washington District, TN. He married, MaryROSS on 27 October 1805. Mary was born abt 1786 in VA and died 1860-1870in KY. She was the daughter of John ROSS. I would like to find out moreabout John ROSS. Is he the John ROSS of Fleming Co., who was born 18September 1854 in Prince William Co., VA and who applied for aRevolutionary War pension? I know that three of his children included,Mary ROSS (see above); Jacob ROSS, born 1792, died 30 June 1880 inRandolph Co., IN and married to Elizabeth DENTON, 26 September 1815 inBath Co., KY; and Margaret ROSS, born 1800 and married to Wesley DENTON23 November 1818 in Fleming Co., KY. Please contact me if you have anyinformation on these lines. I am willing to exchange information.

Larry Phalin Thu Jun 508:12:56 1997
Interested in hearing from all SHROUT researchers. Samuel SHROUT, PeterSHROUT,and Gasper SHROUT, the son of Johann Peter and Ann (FEUERSBACH) SHROUT ofHARDY CO, VIRGINIA arrived in KENTUCKY about 1795. They primarily livedin Bourbon,Bath, Montgomery, & Mason Co, Kentuckythanks, Larry Phalin

J. Wall Fri Jun 608:22:16 1997
Looking for info on Capt. John T. Williams who was a regional hero forMorgan Cty in the Civil War. His father was also John T. & hismother was Phebe Ferguson. His g father was Daniel Williams also knownas "Elder" Daniel Williams and his g mother was Violet Couch.

Paula Johnson Mon Jun 913:29:55 1997
Looking for parents and siblings of Thomas J. HEATH, born 19 May1800, not sure where since I have 3 different locations.Thomasmarried Elizabeth LEE in 1828 in Nicholas Co.Elizabeth and herfamily(Thomas R LEE,father) had lived in Fleming Co before thatso I am guessing that Thomas and family lived there also.Any helpwould be appreciated.

Joyce Brown Mon Jun 1606:22:34 1997
PLUMMER/GODDARD/SUBLETTE/CHEUVRONT/POWERS My gggg grandfatherwas Benjamin O. PLUMMER who m. Sarah GODDARD. Benjamin & Sarahhad the following children: John, Benjamin, William, Josephand Reubin. At least one child, John PLUMMER (later ColonelJohn PLUMMER) was b.16Oct1790 in Pennsylvania, d.26Aug1867 inCarter County KY, buried in the PLUMMER Cemetery. Colonel JohnPLUMMER m. Jane SUBLETTE of Fleming County, daughter of WilliamSUBLETTE and Ruth ?. They had the following children: James H.,Benjamin, William, George, Martha, Evelyn, Susan, Jane, Mahala,and Sarah Ann PLUMMER. James H. PLUMMER m. Viola C. CHEUVRONT,daughter of Joseph CHEUVRONT and Sarrah POWERS. James & Viola'schildren were: Benjamin Sanders, John, James H., Frank, Effaand Virgie PLUMMER. Benjamin Sanders PLUMMER m. Betsey HOWARD13Aug1902. Betsey was the daughter of John L. HOWARD and KatyWIREMAN of Magoffin county. Betsey & Ben had a homeplace atSmith's Branch in Greenup county for many years. Ben died in1963 and Betsey in 1978. Would like to find anyone withconnections to these families. Will share all info I have. Thanks.

R.Applegate Tue Jun 17 17:46:33 1997
I am searching for any information on the family of DANIELSMALLEY. I don't have any info of who he married or when. Myhusband's grandfather was the youngest of 16 children born to thiscouple; his name was KIRBY BRYANT SMALLEY b.6-6-1908 d.12-12-1979m.IDA MELISSA APPLEGATE. Some of his siblings names were Archie,Tom, John, Lute(?),& Nellie. Probably some of the girls marriedGULLEY'S. They lived in or around Muse's Mill in Fleming Co. Any infowould be

Lisa Grise Tue Jun 1720:56:14 1997
EVANS -- would love to find parents of John EVANS (B: 10 November 1769 inVA,married Jane TRIMBLE in (Augusta) VA on 19 March 1793, John died14 October 1824 in (Fleming) KY, Jane died 23 August 1860 in (Fleming)KYI've wondered if he and Evan EVANS of (Fleming) KY were brothers?Am willing to share exchange info. Thanks!

Guy ZimmermanWed Jun 18 21:39:32 1997
I am researchcin the following names SEE, ZIMMERMAN, ATCHISON, MARKHAM,BARNET.

Steve Barnett Sat Jun 2119:03:08 1997
Seeking info on my 2nd Great Grandfather, David McGee (other spellings,McGhee, McGeehee, McGehe, et al), b. 1814, probably Fleming Co., Ky,Married Mary E. Powell, b. Jan. 25, 1829, Fleming Co., Ky. They weremarried on or about April 25, 1849 in Fleming Co., Ky. (at least that'swhere the marriage bond was issued). Moved to Mason Co., Ky., and raised11 children. David died in Mason Co., Nov. 11, 1876; Mary died in MasonCo., Aug. 17, 1878. From Steve Barnett, June 21, 1997, emailSB9989@aol.com

Joseph E. Gardner TueJun 24 07:33:19 1997
Harrison GARDNER b. 9 Aug 1819, d. 6 Feb 1889, is buried at PointPleasnat BaptistGraveyard with wives Maria Mary and Martha Ann. Was he a son of AaronGARDNER & RachelSUTTON or a son of Charles GARDNER & Nancy EMMONS? Needdocumentation. Your helpappreciated. Thanks. Jgardner@primenet.com Joseph E. Gardner,12200 E. 48th Terrace, Independence, MO 64055

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