Fleming County Genealogical Queries

James M. Newman Wed Dec18 17:50:57 1996
GOODING, MCCORKLE, CRYSTAL ** I am looking for information on ElizabethGooding who married William McCorkle 1796 in Mason Co. and Mary (Polly)Gooding who married William Crystal in possibly Mason or Fleming Co (dateunknown). I would appreciate hearing from anyone with any information onthese people. Thanx.

Mia K. Fleegel TueDec 17 13:21:58 1996
I am interested in information about Stephen COLLINS b. 15 July 1817 andmarried 31 December 1840 in Fleming Co., KY to Sarah MCCORD b. 11 Jan1822 in Fleming Co., KY.Stephen and Sarah were the parents of 10 children. The first 6 were bornin Fleming County before they moved to Shelby Co., MO in 1854.Children are:1. Nancy Ellen COLLINS b. 19 feb 18422. Julianna COLLINS b. abt 1843 died young3. John S. COLLINS b. 2 mar 1848 d. 27 Nov. 1892 served with Union Armyin Civil War when 19 years old.4. Mary COLLINS b. abt 1849 died young5. William COLLINS b. abt 18516. Elizabeth COLLINS b. abt 1851 m. Jacob REEDThe last 4 children were born in Shelby Co., MO7. James Wesley COLLINS b, 1856 m. Rhoda Dudley VANNOY8. Margaret COLLINS b. 1859 m. Milton VANNOY9. Alice COLLINS m. a LOVELL10 Sidney COLLINS d. in Hannibal, MOStephen COLLINS in listed in the 1841-1854 Tax lists of Fleming Co,Ky aswell as the 1850 Federal Census District #1.I have an excellent tin type picture of Stephen & Sarah. I believeStephen to be the son of Stephen COLLINS b. abt 1778 in Virginia andliving with Eliza E. COLLINS and E. Bell COLLINS in the 1850 Fleming Co.Federal CensusWilling to share information - any information on this familyappreciated!

Alan Teller Sat Dec 2117:35:44 1996
Searching Fleming County for DAVIS and CALLAHAN. John DAVIS b.abt 1813 married Sarah A PENLAND b.abt 1814. They had a daughterAnaliza DAVIS b.02/13/1841. They were married and she was bornin Fleming County. Analiza Married William W. CALLAHANb. 03/20/1839 on 01/20/1859, he was born in Fleming Co and theywere married there. Analiza had sisters "Milly"(Amelia?) andMary E. Her grandmother was Amelia BYBEE PENLAND DUNAWAYWILLIAMS, she was married three times.John DAVIS had a brotherAnthony Houston Davis married Malinda George PENLAND. WilliamW. CALLAHAN parents were Anderson CALLAHAN (believe he had abrother by the same name) and Mary M Pendleton CALLAHAN. Needto fill in the blanks, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents,any information would be appreciated.

William Davidson Sun Dec 2208:09:10 1996
Seeking and researching Joshua Davidson b. 1765 Prince EdwardCo., VA M. Mary McDearmon 26 Sep 1786. Joshua was given VirginaWarrant 3089 for land in the Ohio District, August 8, 1782, later the State of Kentucky. In 1834 still resident in Fleming Co., KY.d. 1834? in IN buried in Franklin Cemetery, Johnson Co., IN.Looking for sibs, children, parents, records HELP!!

Leah Ruth Greer-DavisThu Dec 26 11:23:29 1996
I am in need of information regarding one of my ancestors,Lucinda JACKSON who was born in Fleming Co. on Jan. 31, 1832.I know that her parents were named Moses and Mary but, haveno further information on them. She married John P. COCHRAN onMarch 27, 1851 in Kentucky, I assume also in Fleming Co. but,I have no proof as of yet. The Cochrans moved to Ohio at the outbreak of the Civil War to avoid fighting against members of their family. Lucinda died in Alger, Ohio on Nov. 26, 1923. Anyinformation on either the COCHRANs or the JACKSONs would be greatly appreciated.

Patti AshcraftSun Dec 29 10:19:23 1996
Searching for information on Abner and Rachel (Murphy) Evans.Abner was born in Pennsylvania around 1760 and married Rachel in1793. They had their first child about 1794 in Flemming Co, Ky.So, I believe they were married in Flemming Co., Ky. They movedto Warren Co., Ky. Abner died around 1816 in Warren Co., KY Racheldied on 1837 at Flemming Co.,KY. They had the following children:Martha Patsy Evans, Jane Evans, Mary Polly Evans, Francis MarionEvans, Elizabeth Evans, Samuel Evans, Robert M. Evans, Levi S.Evans, Rachel Evans. Would like to hear from you to share information.

Fran Jones Sun Dec 2917:55:51 1996
Need help with a dead end. James ARTHUR of Wayne Co. Ky. marriedElizabeth TOLER (spelled various ways) of Boyde Co. Ky. inFleming Co. Ky in 1870. They had six children in Fleming co. Ky.They bought land in 1902 in Lewis Co. Ky. Even though I havemarriage records for them and their children in Fleming & LewisCo's. I can find no record, census or otherwise before 1902.Theirson Robert E. ARTHUR was my grandfather. He married Jane Lemirickthan Rose E. WHEAT. They had Carl ARTHUR, Thomas ARTHUR, OralARTHUR and Omer ARTHUR.I have seen another ARTHUR family from Wayne Co. Ky. Can notfind the source for these names. I believe their might be aconnection.Would appreciate any information or leads that I coud get.Thank you,

James Newman Mon Dec 3015:34:06 1996
GOODING/HINTONI am looking for information on Margaret Hinton (d bef 1819, probably inFleming Co.) who married Isaac Gooding 2 Feb 1815 in Fleming Co.(Recorded in Cty record). Were her parents John and Catharine (Redenaur)Hinton? The only child of record is Corillia Gooding, b abt 1815. Anyand all information on this lady would be appreciated.

James Newman Mon Dec 3015:46:33 1996
GOODING/MCCORKLE/SCOTTI am looking for information on the families of Samuel Scott (b abt 1762,d abt 1820) who married Martha Elizabeth McCorkle in 1783. Also thefamily of Hannah Scott (b abt 1773, d 1823 in Fleming Co.) who marriedJoseph McCorkle in Fleming Co. Were these Scotts related to Margaret(Peggy) Scott who married Cornelius Gooding in Fleming Co? Any and allinformation will be appreciated. Exchange of information available.

LCunnin208@aol.com wrote:>> My name is Lee Cunningham age 57, born Kansas December 4,1938.  My> Grandfather was Lee Cornelius Gooding born Boone County Missouri 1882> His father John R. Gooding born Missouri 1850 his Uncle was also Cornelius> Gooding.> His great Grandfather was Andrew T. Gooding born Fleeming County Kentucky> 1805.>> I have no paper trail back of 1805.  I have bible records from Andrew to> present.>> I found Cornelius Gooding in Fleeming County Census of 1810.  I think this is> ancestor, but cannot prove.  Andrew Goodings Spouse was Hester Ann.>> Lee

>I am looking for a person and this is the first time I have used this site.>I am looking for info on John Burris.  He died in Oct 1820 in Fleming Cty KY.>He was married to Elizabeth Fleming.  She died in Fleming in 1810.  They had>a son Hiram Bradley Burris born 3MAY1799  and died 1854 in Vienna Il.  He>married Eliz Bradley 16JUN1825.  I need some more info on the Father John.>I follow my tree to him and I can find no info, please help...Mike Burris mburris@ucsd.edu

> Robert A. Penland Wed Sep 4 03:22:45 1996
> Researching descendants of Alexander Penland, who died Fleming> Co., KY 1814. Children married BAKER, CHRISTY, DUNAWAY,> GARDNER, GOODWIN, LOGAN, SUTTON, THOMAS.

> Karen Zach Sun Sep  1> 22:48:24 1996
> Interested in corresponding with anyone researching the DETRO> name.  John Detro was in Fleming Co, Ky. first few census records.> What happened to him?  His daughter, Mary married Joseph Kelly> and moved away to Ohio.  She returned only once to Fleming Co.> to visit her parents.  Desire more information on the Detros. 

> Karen Zach Sun Sep  1> 22:56:48 1996
> Desire hearing from any descendant of James Kelly (or his brother John)> who lived in Fleming Co, Ky. from at least 1800-1830.  He was a> Revolutionary War Soldier and had a slew of kids.  Karen Zach

> Karen Zach Sat Aug 31 16:49:51 1996
> Joseph KELLY b. Monogalia Co, Va. Dec 23, 1785 died 2 Sept 1849> Clark Co, Ohio (son of Revolutionary War Soldier, James Kelly).> Joseph lived with his family in Fleming Co, Ky. from at least> 1800-1818.  His wife was Mary DETRO.  Love to hear from some cousins!

> S Rowe Fri Aug 30 19:50:53 1996
> I am looking for information on Joseph Rowe, who had a daughter> named Margaret in Henry Co., KY in 1814.  Joseph father may have> been James Rowe.  Joseph born in VA or NC in 1790, he married> Elizabeth (Betsy) Plymale.  Any information would be greatly> appreciated.  Thanks

> Cheska Wheatley Sun Aug> 25 21:09:51 1996
> Researching CONSTANT and NEWCOMB families and descendants in Fleming Co.,> KY.  Will exchange information.

from Randy Webster:> 637 Mehlenbacher Road> Largo, FL  33770>> I am looking for info on the following WEBSTERs:> !The Henry F. WEBSTER  family came to Fleming Co., KY in 1816 from VA.> His wife Sarah M. HOWARD was listed from Maryland.> The info below is about their son, William Henry WEBSTER> Mr. W.H. WEBSTER was a farmer and magistrate in Fleming Co.> After serving 16 years he moved to Henderson Co. on 1 April 1868.> In the 1870 cenus, W.H. WEBSTER is listed as a carpenter, and his 4> daughters and new son, Robert J. WEBSTER(rin3), is listed with family.> I feel certain the four girls listed came to Henderson with their new> mother, Anna Mira Samuels(rin 74), my grandfather's grandmother.> In the 1850 cenus, W.H. WEBSTER is listed with his wife, Margaret. His> occupation is listed as shoemaker owning 400 acres. page 312, Sherbourne> township.> Also listed is John A. WEBSTER but no evidence yet that they were> brothers but their ages make it likely.> Please note also they were in Fleming Co. for a brief time where they show> up in the 1850 census>> Always willing to share,> Randy WEBSTER> WEBSTER@mail.firn.edu>> Henry F. WEBSTER (24 Mar 1785 - 22 May 1860) & Sarah M. Howard (4 Jun 1787> - 20 May 1856)>     William Henry(1) WEBSTER* (17 Sep 1822 - ) & Margaret H. MANZEY ( - 28> May 1853)>     William Henry(1) WEBSTER* (17 Sep 1822 - ) & Catharine TRIPLETT BOISE (> - 27 Nov 1854)>     William Henry(1) WEBSTER* (17 Sep 1822 - ) & Susan M. TRIPLETT ( - 21> Feb 1868)>             Mary E. WEBSTER (12 Sep 1857 - 21 Apr 1931) & James Mohead> HAWKINS>                   Thomas M. HAWKINS (7 Jan 1893 - 3 Oct 1977) & Lalah KERR>             Annie E. WEBSTER (22 Mar 1862 - )>             Sarah E. WEBSTER (1 Jan 1865 - )>             Susan B. WEBSTER (13 Feb 1868 - )>     William Henry(1) WEBSTER* (17 Sep 1822 - ) & Anna Mira SAMUELS (9 Oct> 1831 - 15 Feb 1933)>             Robert J. WEBSTER (2 Oct 1869 - ) & Laura Bell KEOWN (3 Aug> 1877 - 7 Feb 1946)>             William Henry(2) WEBSTER (19 Oct 1871 - 22 Jan 1946) & Florence> Myrtle WALKER>>                 (17 May 1879 - 22 Oct 1943)>                   Henry Arnold WEBSTER Sr. (6 Dec 1902 - 30 Oct 1989) &> Wanda Hazel OVERFIELD>                   Blanch Elmer WEBSTER (23 Oct 1908 - 21 Oct 1988) & J.> Lloyd CHAPMAN>>                  (14 Apr 1905 - 13 Feb 1988)>             John Edward WEBSTER (17 Feb 1876 - 27 Jul 1967) & Adah LIGON>>                  (16 Feb 1882 - 30 Oct 1969)>             Acsah Bell WEBSTER (7 Apr 1878 - )>             Radford Dunn WEBSTER (29 Jan 1881 - 20 Jul 1963) & Ada HANDLEY>>                  (25 Feb 1889 - 24 Feb 1964)>             Emma WEBSTER (25 Sep 1893 - ) & Edward Thomas LIGON

> Charles R. Bright Sat> Aug 24 09:11:42 1996
> I am searching for any information on the family of Michael High who> resided in Fleming County from at least 1804 until about 1836 and may> have moved to Brown County, Ohio.  He had a daughter, Cynthia High, who> married a Michael Bentley in about 1834.  It is believed that he had two> sons, William V. and Michael Thompson, who resided in Brown County, Ohio.

> Tom Hesler Sat Aug 24 19:46:07 1996
> I am researching the Hesler family. William Hesler was a> Revolutionary soldier (Hessian) who desserted and joined> the Colonists. He had two sons, Jacob and John by his first> marriage that are said to have been in the Fleming Co. area.> Jacob Hesler later was in Owen Co.and founded Heslerville, the> first county seat of Owen Co. and then into Fountain Co., Indiana> in 1834. His wife was Celia Lightfoot.> John moved to Parke Co., Indiana about 1834. I have very little> information on him.> Any help on either would be appreciated, I will be glad to share> the information I have.> Tom Hesler> 16 Floral Street

> Martin Rigdon Thu Aug 22 18:46:04 1996
> I am trying to find some information on a James HURST that was> born in the 1700's and married Phoebe GARDNER in 1801 and had> a son William HURST born in 1802. I would like to know where> James came from and who his parents were.

> Martin Rigdon Thu Aug 22 18:55:04 1996
> I am looking for the ancesters of Eli Truitt RIGDON. All that> I know for sure is that he was born in 1813 and died in 1896.> He was married twice that I know of, first to Dice HURST then> to Louisa PLUMMER. He was my great-great-grandfather. If you> can help I would appreciate it.

> I would appreciate anything from or about the Terhunes that used to> live in Fleming County.  One of my great grandfathers lived there in> the early to mid 1800's.>> Jim Terhune  pterhune@intellinet.com

QCart@aol.com wrote:>> Looking for info on the following person and family: Bellville H. Gardner b.(> maybe around 1858??) married Alice B. Hopper b.1858??  Know of 2 children> Sudie Bell Gardner b. 9-25-1878 and Earl Gardner b.??. Sudie married James> Evan Meadows 1902. Earl married  Mary Crump. I have a lot of info on the> Meadows. Looking for info on the Gardner"s, parents, sisters and brothers,> including dates of all. They may have changed their name from Garner to> Gardner.Please e-mail with any info. Does anyone  have access to census in> Fleming Co. They lived in Fleming Co, possibility Flemingsburg. Thanks, I'd> greatly appreciate any help. Thanks. QCART@aol.com.  Laquita Carter

QCart@aol.com wrote:>> Am looking for any info on the following people:> George Robert Doyle b.11-30-1864 d. 11-16or17-1925 Lived in Flemingsburg Ky> Married Lydia Ann Helphenstine(Helphentine) b. 2-8-1871 d. 11-16-1954. They> had 7 children, Mary,Ida,Eva,Clarence,Earley,Homer,Elmer. All born in Fleming Co.> Looking for info on George Roberts family,his parents, brothers & sisters.> Also looking for Lydia's parents and brothers and sisters if any. E-mail> QCART@aol.com. Thanks for any help. L.Carter

AThrasher@aol.com wrote:>>  I need information on Veney/Viney/Vina/Vena family residing in Fleming, Co.> Kentucky around 1780 to 1800.  Free People Of Color or Native American.> Thanks> Albert Thrasher> 1111 Park Ave #3> Racine Wisconsin 53403> AThrasher@aol.com

> I am searching for any information about Gooding families in Fleming> Co. about 1790-1820, especially William Abraham Gooding and> Cornelius Gooding.  I know that Cornelius and several other Fleming> Co. families relocated to St. Clair Co., Illinois.  In particular, I> am trying to establish the children of Cornelius Gooding who md> "Peggy" Scott.  Any help or clues whatever would be appreciated.>> William Abraham GOODING, b~1730, Bucks Co.,Pennsylvania>        md> Elizabeth RANDLE, b  ,Bucks Co.,Pennsylvania>>       --CHILDREN-->  1-Cornelius GOODING Maj.  md Peggy Scott>  2-Jane GOODING>  3-Mary GOODING "Polly">  4-Joseph GOODING>  5-Richard GOODING>  6-John GOODING>  7-James GOODING>  8-Lewis GOODING>  9-Thomas GOODING> 10-David GOODING> 11-Thomas GOODING> 12-Joseph GOODING> 13-Abraham GOODING> 14-Elizabeth GOODING "Betsey"> 15-Isaac GOODING> 16-Samuel GOODING>> Dan Page> dpage@ipa.net

> Russ Pollitt> Fri Aug  2 11:33:38 1996
> I am seeking any information on any POLLITT families that  lived in the> Burtonville and/or Epworth areas of Lewis County, KY.  I'm a descendant> of Thomas POLLITT who married  Nancy MINEER.  I would like to corespond> with anyone and share information.

> Russ Pollitt> Sun Aug 4 12:38:48 1996
> I'm seeking information about the MINEER/MINEAR family. Specifically I> would like to find the birthdate, birthplace, and parents of John> MINEER/MINEAR of Lewis or Fleming counties KY. John Mineer married> Bathsheba Rummons about 1816 in Fleming County, KY. Their children were> Nancy, Joshua, Jessie, and Mary.

> Russ> Pollitt Sun Aug 4 12:53:01 1996
> I'm seeking information about the MINEER/MINEAR family. Specifically I> would like to find the birthdate, birthplace, and parents of John> MINEER/MINEAR of Lewis or Fleming counties KY. John Mineer married> Bathsheba Rummons about 1816 in Fleming County, KY. Their children were> Nancy, Joshua, Jessie, and Mary.

> Russ Pollitt> Fri Aug  2 11:33:38 1996
> I am seeking any information on any POLLITT families that  lived in the> Burtonville and/or Epworth areas of Lewis County, KY.  I'm a descendant> of Thomas POLLITT who married  Nancy MINEER.  I would like to corespond> with anyone and share information.
>> Russ Pollitt> Sun Aug  4 12:38:48 1996
> I'm seeking information about the MINEER/MINEAR family.   Specifically I> would like to find the birthdate, birthplace,  and parents of John> MINEER/MINEAR of Lewis or Fleming counties KY.  John Mineer married> Bathsheba Rummons about 1816 in Fleming County, KY.  Their children were> Nancy, Joshua, Jessie,  and Mary.
>> Russ> Pollitt Sun Aug  4 12:53:01 1996
> I'm seeking information about the MINEER/MINEAR family. Specifically I> would like to find the birthdate, birthplace, and parents of John> MINEER/MINEAR of Lewis or Fleming counties KY.  John Mineer married> Bathsheba Rummons about 1816 in Fleming County, KY.  Their children were> Nancy, Joshua, Jessie, and Mary.

Annette Smiley wrote:>> Would appreciate any information you may have on the following families:>> Humphries (Samuel)> Calvert (Corella)> Thacker> Lumen (?) or Luman>> Thanks>> Annette (Humphries) Smiley  asmiley@ro.com

rob brammell wrote:>> Hi!>> I am looking for information on a William L. Brammell.  He was born in MD in 1812.  Records show that he married Celia Hinton on  Feb. 10, 1840 in Fleming Co.>> Rob Brammell> 3854 Maidens Larne Dr> Cols. OH  43221>> e-mail: dbrammel@freenet.columbus.oh.us

Dan Page wrote:>> I am searching for any information about Gooding families located in> Fleming Co. about 1790-1820, especially Abraham Gooding and Cornelius> Gooding. I suspect m> Any help whatever, or suggestions, or names of other researchers of> these families would be greatly appreciated.>> Dan Page> Rt 1 Box 244> Arkoma, OK 74901> dpage@ipa.net

beulah white wrote:>> Could someone look to see if there is a marriage license for WILLIAM> STAMPER and SARAH BARE. I was told that they married in Fleming Co. KY.> THANKS> beulah@may-uky.campus.mci.net

Robert_Jane Kenney wrote:>> Greetings!>>         Would like to have info on the parents of John McCarty and> Lucy Ann Comer. John was born in Fleming County around 1808. Lucy> was born in KY around 1820. They had nine children: Margaret, John,> Ann, Charles,America, Thomas,David,George, and Andrew Jackson McCarty.> Have much info on the last child's descendants and would be glad to> share. Please contact Judy Kuhn:> e-mail address:  SAYHEYJK@aol.com> Cincinnati, Ohio

Alan K. Sloas wrote:>> I am looking for any information on the family Sloas in Fleming Co.> Please notify me at:  e-mail   asloas@harold.eastky.com     or by> snail mail at> Alan K. Sloas> 904 Highland Ave.> Jackson, KY 41339

Jo Thiessen wrote:>> Interested in Thomas McDANIEL of Maryland who settled in Fleming Co.> after leaving Bourbon Co. (about 1806).  Several children married into> the George Fightmaster family of Harrison Co. (also from MD).  Would like> to know which McDaniel family Thomas came from, and whether his wife> "Jenny" mentioned in his will was the mother of his children.  If so,> what was her maiden name?  Jo Thiessen  jogt@aol.com  June 28, 1996

MS PATRICIA C KLUSMAN wrote:>> I am seeking information on father of Samuel Sheilds who married> Elizabth Nelis (Nalis) early November 4, 1852. Their daughter Lydia> Shields married John McMannus in 1879. Need parents of both Elizabeth> and Samuel. Many others of the same name were in the county.  John> McMannus was son of Phillip and Ann McManus (Irish immigrants). Their> son Paul Emmet was my grandfather.>> Pat Klusman> CincinnatiZNFX37A@prodigy.com

Roger Johnston wrote:>> Am in need of information on James Johnston, came to Ky between 1786 and> 1829.  Died in Fleming Co., Oct 1829, Flemingsburgh.  Md Margaret Keith,> approx 1781, probably in Va.  Had the following children:> William Bryant, b abt 1786, md 12-23-1816 in Mason Co., Asenath Craig> Cudrilla, md abt Mar 10, 1819 in Fleming Co., Moses Dalrymple> Elizabeth, d bef Aug 5, 1830, md Aug 18, 1810 in Fleming Co, Andrew>         Snyder> Mary, d bef Aug 5, 1830, md abt Dec 20, 1808 in Fleming Co, Cyrus>      Saunders> Peggy, md abt Dec 12, 1801 in Fleming Co., Matthew Dinsmore> Samuel, md abt Aug 22, 1814 in Fleming Co., Mary Hopkins> Orsanus  (no other info known)> James  (no other info known)>> Is there any tie to a James Henry Johnston, b 1820 in Ky (unknown> location).  Do not believe the James listed above is the James Henry> listed in the line above, as James Henry was b 1820 and the father of> the child James died in 1829 at an advanced age.>> Contact:> Roger Johnston> 4805A Dentcrest Dr.> Midland, Tx  79707-5247> rogerh@basinlink.com

Ron & Gerry Hook wrote:>> Researching JAMES JONES b ca 1780 Wales, resident of Fleming> County 1803 through 1825. Married wife Lavina aboard ship> enroute to America.>> Children: Daniel, Fielding, Sarah, Kitty, William M.,> Elizabeth, James and Alfred T.>> Ron & Gerry Hook> PO Box 6697> Jefferson City, Mo 65102> ronhook@socketis.net

Ron & Gerry Hook wrote:>> Looking for information related to ancestors of AMOS SUTTON> resident of Fleming County ca 1800. Amos married Nancy> Penland (dau of Alexander and Mary) 1812 in Fleming County.>> Son Simpson born 1818 Fleming County. Married #1 Elizabeth> Norris,(Fleming Co) #2 Mary J Jones in Buchanan County MO.>> Any information or leads will be appreciated.>> Ron & Gerry Hook> PO Box 6697> Jefferson City, MO 65102> ronhook@socketis.net

MR WILLIAM W MASON wrote:>> Looking for the parents and information on Margaret Day b. 3/13/1781> d. 3/29/1857 in Fleming Co.  Married William Rawlings Jr. b. 10/1775> d. 12/29/1869 in Fleming Co.  Their children were: Drucilla, Elizabeth,> Mary, Middleton, Barbara, Duanna, Presley, Frances & William.  Would> also like to trade information on the Rawlings. Lyons & Hieronymus> families of Fleming Co.>> Bill Mason> 13111 156th Ave SE> Renton, Wa. 98059> dntn07d@prodigy.com

Inglis Miller, Jr wrote:> I  am researching the descendants of  John Burk (ca. 1760-180?),> Revolutionary War Veteran from Virginia.  No DAR listing [but there> are several other John Burk(e)s from VA.].  This JB received 200 acres> (VMD Survey #490) in the Virginia Military District of Ohio in Pike> County.  His survivors located there after about 1810. I also have> some information about his military service.>> I note the following 4 Burk's as heads of households in Fleming County> for the Kentucky Census of 1810. I do not have access here to later> Kentucky census information.>> John Burk, p.71; John Burk, p.71; Samuel Burk, p.23; William Burk, p.76.>> Are any of these four families connected?> Are the names of any of their family members known?> Is anything known about the later lives of either John Burk?>> My compliments on a superb Web site. [Thank you!! -Jon]>> Thanks sincerely, INGLIS MILLER> Wake Forest University, e-mail 

MR WILLIAM W MASON wrote:>> -- [ From: William Mason * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] -->> Looking for information on Elizy Lyons born abt. 1854 in Fleming Co.> Married Isadora Thomas b. abt. 1860.  Elizy parents were Maurice C.> (Morris) Lyons b. 11/3/1803 died 8/27/1875 buried in Payne Cemetery.> Drucilla Rawlings b. 2/27/1811.  Elizy & Isadora were living with> Drucilla in 1880 in Hillsboro.  Elizy & Isadora may have moved to> Fayette Co.  I am looking for parents of Isadora.> Elizy & Isadora daughters name was Lillie Belle Lyons.>> Bill Mason> 13111 156th Ave. SE> Renton, Wa. 98059> E-Mail dntn07d@prodigy.com

Roger Goodman wrote:>> Greetings all!  I am researching Goodman descendents in Fleming County,> KY.  looking for descendents of Fielding Lewis Goodman (born 1806, died> 1884) married 1835 to Elizabeth Wallingford.  Have much information to> share.  Contact me at rgoodman@capaccess.org     Thanks, Roger

Teri Pettit wrote:> ------------> Fleming Co. marriage records list marriage of Isaac HALL and> Ann MARTIN, 8 Sep 1826.>> According to "family tradition", Isaac had one sister, Sena,> who m. Joseph SORRELL, 2 Oct 1816 in Bath Co., and one brother,> Jacob HALL who m. Nancy BROWN, 16 Sep 1826 in Morgan Co. The> tradition further goes that the father of Isaac, Jacob, and> Sena drowned in the Licking River at Day's Mill near Sherburne,> in Fleming Co., shortly after the family moved to Kentucky> from Virginia, and his wife died soon after. The orphaned> children are said to have been raised in different families.> Since all three kept the surname HALL and knew each other as> siblings, but the family tradition included no indication of> whom they were raised by after being orphaned, I suspect that> they were not young children at the time, but in their teens.> This would place the date of death of their father ca 1815-1820.>> A probable first name for their father is John, since Sena> named her first child John Hall SORRELL.>> I do not like having only "family tradition" to go on, and> would very much appreciate any help in verifying this story.> It is hard to do Kentucky research from here in CA. I would> be happy to pay for assistance from anyone who has access to> early Fleming Co. records.>> Teri Pettit> pettit@adobe.com

Steve Holland wrote:>> HOLLAND: Researching HOLLAND line in Fleming and surrounding counties.> Will share information info on HOLLAND and related lines.> contact Steve Holland: sholland@iwaynet.net

>Charles A. Barker wrote:>> I am looking for info on John and Sarah COREY of Fleming Co., KY. John> died before 1830. Sarah gave permission in Bath Co., KY in 1830 for her> daughter Sarah to marry Daniel BLEVINS. Any info on the COREY and> BLEVINS families in these areas will be appreciated.>> Charles A. Barker> cbarker@ramlink.net

Fleming County Surnames:CLEAVER, CRAIGJon Hagee, Lexington, KYhttp://www.webpub.com/jhagee/fam-gen.html