Roll of the Field And Staff Officers of the Third Regiment Kentucky Foot Volunteers – Mexican War

Manlius V. Thompson   Colonel

Thos. L. Crittenden       Lieut Col.

**John C. Breckenridge           Major

Ben. F. Bradley                        Adjutant

Enos H. Henry              1st Lieut, R. Q. M.

John A. Logan              1st Lieut, R. Com.

William Cromwell         Asst. Surgeon

John T. Simmeral          Sergeant Major

James Neal                   Qr. M. Sergt

Thos B. Martin             Prin’l Musician

Otho P. Simms             Prin’l Musician

** Later would be elected the youngest Vice President of the United States and become General John C. Breckenridge of Civil War fame.





All were mustered in on October 4, 1847 at Louisville, Ky & unless noted were mustered our 21 Jul 1848 at Louisville, Ky.

This company was organized by Captain L. M. Cox at Flemingsburg, in September 1847 & marched thence to Louisville, Ky. where it arrived on the 3rd of October, a distance of one hundred and thirty five miles.

Leander M. Cox           Captain

William T. Walker        1st Lieut, resigned June 3, 1848

Walter J. Lacy              1st Lieut, promoted from 2nd Lieut when Walker resigned, promoted from private 12 Jan 1848

John M. Heddleson      2nd Lieut, resigned 12 Jan 1848

Marshall L. Hone          2nd Lieut

Daniel Runyon              2nd Lieut, promoted from private, 26 Jun 1848

James L. Crain             1st. Sgt

Elias Markswell                        Sgt

Samuel Sweet               Sgt

Alexander R. Andrews Sgt, promoted from private, 10 Jan 1848

John F. Jones               Corp

John Wood                  Corp

Simon P. Carpenter      Corp

John M. Evans              Corp

Frank C. Morh             Musician

Milton Goodwin           Musician

All the following are privates – unless noted

Henry B. Asberry

Ambrose P. Alexander

James W. Atchison

William Beckner

William Bridges

Robert W. Bradley

Edward Barnaby

John B. Bullion

Alexander Byers

William P. Clary

Alfred Clary

Edmund Cary

Thomas Cole

Moses Coleman

Joseph S. Clark

James Cary

William A. Craine

William P. Cox

John Crinzer

Hiram P. Crair

Samuel Davis

Darius Dixon

John Donaldson

William Donaldson

William Fowler

Jefferson Fondry

Joshua Foster

Samuel Gorman

Andrew Glass

Wallace Gale

Alfred Graham

Henry Helvertine

Joseph W. Henderson

Rolan T. Hedrick

James Hedrick

Barnabas Hayden

Samuel Hawes

Thomas Harper

William Jones

Ferdinand Kirkham

William Kelly

Hezekiah Linthicum

Robert G. Lewis

Elijah Mahan

Robert W. Morrison

James McCracken

George W. McIntyre

James Nealis

James L. Nealis

William Obannon

Parker W. Prater

Robert Ringo

William M. Ringo

Thomas L. Ringo

James D. Ringo

Jackson Roe

John Ricketts

Nicholas Sutton

Hoblay Stockton

William Sullivan

Richard Schenck

John W. Schenck

James D. Taylor

Greenberry Traylor

John P. Umstedholt

Mordecai Wells

Joseph M. Williams

William E. Welch

Eli. C. Wilson

Dillard Zimmerman


DISCHARGED – all on surgeon’s certificate of disability

John Balbs?                  at Vera Cruz, 25 Nov 1847

William O. Piper           at Pueblo, 12 Dec 1847

George W, Markewell  at City of Mexico, 15 Jan 1847 (NOTE: this should be 1848)

Wilson T. Kirk             at Vera Cruz, 3 Jan 1848

John T. Farris               at Vera Cruz, 10 Jan 1848

John B. Rock               Sgt – Vera Cruz, 10 Jan 1848

John D. Combs                        at New Orleans, 17 Jan 1848



John T. Sumerall - private – transferred to Staff & promoted to Sgt Major – Nov. 11, 1848 (?1847)



St. Clair Emmons          at Jalapa – 10 Dec 1847

Henry B. Dudley           at Jalapa – 12 Dec 1847 - musician

Thomas Beatman          at Jalapa – 12 Dec 1847

Alvin Markwell             at Pueblo – 12 Dec 1847

John Goddard              at Pueblo – 13 Dec 1847

Washington Fondray     at Pueblo – 13 Dec 1847

John Bradley                at Pueblo – 14 Dec 1847

George Main                at Pueblo – 25 Dec 1847

Alfred Cline                  at Pueblo – 28 Dec 1847

Silas Morgan                at City of Mexico – 24 Dec 1847

John Lawson                at City of Mexico – 27 Jan 1848

John T. Gross               at Pueblo – 26 Jan 1848

James D. Allonder        at Pueblo – 29 Jan 1848

Elijah Reed                   at Pueblo – 3 Feb 1848

John P. J. Helvestine     at City of Mexico – 4 Mar 1848

William Hughes at City of Mexico – 7 Apr 1848

Mordecai Preston         at City of Mexico – 25 Apr 1848

James Cassidy              at City of Mexico – 24 May 1848

William Collins              at City of Perote – 9 Jun 1848

Thomas Snim                on the Gulf of Mexico - 2 Jul 1848