Early Flemingsburg Settlers

This article appeared in The Flemingsburg Democrat on November 12, 1879

The Old Settlers--Last week we made mention of the return to this county of Silas Hilligoss of Rush County Indiana, after an absence of fifty-six years. Mr. Hilligoss this week furnishes us with a list of the residents and business men of Flemingsburg, so far as his memory serves him and also what farmers he can call to mind who lived in its vicinity at the time he went way in 1823.

Robert Andrews
Charles Baker
Ballard, the carder
Rev. James K. Burch
John Cochran
Jack Dallison
James Eckles
Thomas Fleming
William Goddard
William Hodges
John L. Lee
Henry McClane
David Morrison
George Stockton
Luke Stockton
Joshua Stockton
John Stockwell
Samueel Stockwell
Thomas Wallace
James Wat

The above are those whom he remembers were living in town.  The following persons lived on the outskirts of town.

Thomas Bennett
William Bennet
Garland Bradford
Benjamin Bravard
John Brown
Squire Cannon
Michael Cassidy
Matthias Chrisman
John Clara
Thomas Cornwell
Charles Darnall
Old man Dorsey
John Hammonds
Samuel Henry
John Hester
Abe Hillice
William Hitt
Dr. Houston
David Howe
John Howe
Samuel Howe
James Inlow
Stephen Jones
Alexander Lee
Jacob Lee
John Lee
Vendel Lee
William Lee
Willie Lee
Henry Little
John Miller
John Moore
Andy Patten
William Patten
Daniel Peck, Sr.
Andy Planck, Sr.
Quiller Sampson
Old man Shadrick
Henry Smith
James Spencer
Solomon Steel
Aaron Vansant
John Warrick
Basil Williams
Garrett Williams
Lavens Williams

Of all these persons but one or two are now living. The list was written by Mr. Hilligoss and is in a clear, plain hand and shows that he is possessed of much vigor for one of his age. Mr. Hilligoss was born in 1800. His father, Jacob Hilligoss was the father of eleven children, five older and five younger than Silas (apparently the name of "Mr. Hilligoss") and all of whom, excepting the one now in our midst, are dead. Mr. Hilligoss is in very good circumstances, financially. He belongs to no church, but contributes liberally to several churches in his community. His religion is "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."