Dickens/Mays Deed

Submitted by Margaret Mays Hasson

The following deed was handwritten, and I followed the format of the original. MCMH

             This Deed of conveyance, made and entered into this 4 day of September 1901, between Stephen Dickens and his wife Agnes Dickens of Fleming Co. Ky party of the first part, and Peter Mays of same county and state, party of the second part.

Witnesseth: That said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty-two 10/100 Dollars ($62.10) Paid and to be paid as follows, Forty Dollars ($40.00) cash in hand, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and the remainder Twenty-two & 10/100 dollars ($22.10) on or before 1st day of July 1902 with 6% interest from Date, and for which deferred payment he has executed his note of above date, do hereby sell and convey to the party of the second part, his heirs and assignes, the following described property, to wit

A certain tract or parcel of land in Fleming Co. Ky. on the waters of Fox’s Creek and bounded as follows:

            Beginning a chestnut oak stump on the mountain side, and corner to W. H. Bishop, Thence with his line N. 16 W 38 ˝ poles to a stone in line of same.  Thence S 41 W. 35 2/3 poles to a red oak in the bottom.  Thence S. 3 E. 14 1/3 poles to a bush on side of road.  Thence S 10 E 11 1/3 poles to clump of small sycamores.  Thence S 15 W. 22 4/5 poles to a small hickory and thorn bush on a ridge, Thence S 42 E 3 4/5 poles to stake former corner to Peter Mays.  Thence with his line N 42 E 53 poles to the beginning and containing 8 7/8 acres also in a former deed by first party to second party, the right of way through the lands of first named party were granted to second named party. Now said route is surveyed and runs as follows, beginning in line N 2 of this deed about 12 ft. from the red oak corner, Thence N 20 W 40 poles, Thence N 27 in. 37 4/5 poles. Thence N 81 W 42 poles, with A. Brown road to the County road.

            To have and to hold the same together with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever and the said party of the first part hereby covenants with the said party of the second part, that he will warrant the title to the property hereby conveyed unto the said party of the second part and his heirs and assigns forever.  A lien is retained upon the property hereby conveyed as security for the payment of the said unpaid purchase money.

            In Testimony whereof, the party of the first part has hereunto subscribed name, the day and year aforesaid.

                                                                                    S. M. Dickens

                                                                                    Agnus Dickens


State of Kentucky

County of Fleming

            I, W. A. Hinton a Notary Public in and for the County and State aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing Deed from S. M. Dickens and his wife Agnus Dickens to Peter Mays  was this 4 day September, produced to me in Fleming County and deed acknowledged by said S. M. Dickens and his wife Agnus Dickens to be their free and deed for the purposes therein contained.  All of which is certified to the proper office for record.

            Witness my hand and official seal this Sept 4”1901. 

My commission expires March 3rd 1902. 


Seal                                                                              Notary Public Fleming Co.

                                                                                    Plummers Ldg., Ky

State of Kentucky

Fleming County             Sct.

            I Geo. P. Dudley Clerk of the Fleming County Court, do hereby certify that the foregoing Ded from S. M. Dickens & wife to Peter Mays was this day lodged for record.  Whereupon the same and with the foregoing, together with this certificate hath been recorded in my office.

            Witness my hand this 27”  day of October 190_

                                                                                    Geo. P Dudley Clerk

                                                                          By    J M. McIntire   D.C.

Note:  This Peter Mays is Duren Calvin Mays, son of David & Susannah Click Mays of Elliott Co. KY.