Dickens/Mays Deed

Submitted by Margaret Mays Hasson

This deed (D.B. 62-20) is handwritten.  I am following the original format.  MCMH  

            This Indenture made and entered into this the 13th day of April 1899 by and between Stephin  M. Dickens and Mary A. Dickens his wife of the first part and Peter Mays of the second part.  All of Plummers Ldg. Fleming Co. Kentucky   ___________:  That for and in consideration of One hundred & Ten Dollars cash in hand the receipt which is hereby acknowledged and in further consideration of one house and lot, situated at Plummers Mills, value $200. Two hundred Dollars and for the consideration of one note bearing the date herewith for Forty Dollars said Note being signed by Peter Mays. A lien being retained on the property herein conveyed to secure payment of said note the party of the first part hereby bargains, sells and conveys to the party of the second part a certain lot or parcel of land in Fleming Co. Ky. situated as follows viz. lying in the hollow  Smith of Plummers Ld Ky. beginning at a large leaning Black Oak Corner to H. Brown Butcher. Thence with said Butcher line S 25 E. 37 Rds to a small hickory in Danl Halls line.  Thence with his line to a white Oak Hickory & Black Oak corner to said Hall. Thence with said Hall & C. C. Hintons line S 46 E 128 rds to a white oak Gum & Stone corner to C. C. Hintons and A. J. Rogers line S 80 W 64 Rds. To a large Beach on a bluff at head of hollow.  Thence S. 54 W. 56 rds to a stone on Top of Mountain corner to said Rogers & in Lauderbacks line N. 69 W. 13 Rds to a stake near a white oak stump.  Thence with the old line down the front in a Northerly direction to a small hickory.  Thence on down the front to three stakes on one stump on the front facing Plummers Ldg. Thence Northward a streaight line to an old stump & Stone on the ridge between the two bottoms. Thence to the beginning containing seventy acres more or less.  Said Mays to have a pass way to the County road coming out on the County Road between S. M. Dickens house & Laudon  C. Browns house.  To have and to hold to the party of the second part their heirs and assigns together with all the privileges and appurtenances hereunto belonging forever with covenant of General Warranty.  Witness our hand the day and date above written.   

                                                                                    S. M. Dickens

                                                                                    Mary A. Dickens


State of Kentucky

County of Fleming     Sct.

                        I, W. H. Hinton A Notary Public in and for the County and State oforesaid, do certify that the foregoing deed from Stephen M. Dickens and Mary A. Dickens his wife to Peter Mays was this day produced to me in Fleming County and Duly acknowledged by said Stephen M. Dickens & Mary A. Dickens his wife to be their free act and deed for the purpose therin contained all of which is certified for received given under my hand & seal this April 1899.


                                                                                    W. A. Hinton

                                                                                            Notary Public F. Co.

My Commission Expires March 3rd 1902.                 Plumers Ldg. Ky.

State of Kentucky

Fleming County       Sct.

                        I, Geo. P. Dudley Clerk of the Fleming County Court do certify that the foregoing Deed from S. M. Dickens & wife to Peter Mays was this day produced to me in my office duly _________

And lodged for record.  Whereupon the same together with the foregoing and this certificate hath been duly recorded in my office.  Givein under my hand this May 22nd 1899.

                                                                                    Geo. P. Dudley  Clerk

                                                                                    By   C. P. Cook.  D.C.

Note:  This Peter Mays is Duren Calvin Mays, son of David & Susannah Click Mays of Elliott Co. KY.