Samuel Dean b 1799 probably Loudon Co., VA, d. 1858 Owen County, IN
Married† 1824 to Sarah Hughes, b. 1800 d. 1880 Owen County, IN
Note: 4-22-03 The 1830 census for Fleming Co., Ky lists Samuel and Sarah but not the 1840. The 1840 census for Fleming Co., Ky lists Joseph Dean, but not in the 1830. The marriage book 00 in Flemingsburg lists Joseph Dean marriage to Prudence Boyd on 2-10-1831. The bondsman was William Boyd. Family connection? Furthermore, Edward Dean is on the marriage bond with Isaac Constant for his marriage to Amy Dean in Clark Co., Ky in 1811, a sister of Samuel Dean. 

May 9, 2001 Received the following info from the Flemingsburg Court House from the Index of Marriages: 
Samuel Dean married Sarah Hughes Aug. 26, 1824 Volume 00 pg 57.
June 1, 2001 Rcvd. confirmation of marriage date from book " Marriage Records of Fleming Co., Ky" 1798-1851, publ. by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, Chillicothe, Missouri

Note: 4-22-03 Just returned from Flemingsburg, Ky courthouse. The preacher at the wedding of Samuel and Sarah Hughes Dean was Anthony G. Houston, a Methodist minister. The witnesses/bondsmen at the wedding were John B. Hughes, Thomas F. Hughes, Nathan W. Hughes. 

Note: other Hughes marriages at Flemingsburg, Ky included Allen B. Hughes to Elizabeth Tilton on 12-20-1800. Bondsman Richard Tilton; and Robert Hughes to Sally Wilson 10-19-1805 Bondsman William B. Wilson. All were listed in Book 00

Note: 4-22-03 The recent trip to Flemingsburg court house answered another question about Samuel Dean and his money. It appears that he and his brother-in-law Jacob Hughes purchased 140 acres from Thomas F. Hughes in 1831 for $500.00. They then purchased another 56 acres from the estate of Wm Fleming from Thomas Fleming in 1835 for $423.00. In 1838 they sold all of the land to John T. Walker for the sum of $5,000.00. I can only assume the profits were divided equally. Jacob was married three times and the purchase contracts do not list the names of the wives. The sale contract does† list Sally for both Jacob and Samuel's wives names in 1838.

Note: 1830 Federal Census Fleming Co., Ky Eastern District lists Samuel Dean age 30-40 and female age 20-30 plus one female child age under 5.† Also noted in the review of this district were the following surnames: Gardner, Hughes, Barnes, Dooley, Scott, Hall, all these family names then show up in Clark Co., Ky. Note: there are no other Dean's in the eastern district of Fleming Co., at this time.† Also, there are NO Hendricks, Milby's, Washburn's, Russells or Constants, all men who married sisters of Samuel Dean.

There is also an index of Deeds which shows the following:
Samuel Dean Oct 29, 1831†Thomas Hughes
Samuel Dean May 23, 1835†Wm. P. Fleming
Samuel Dean Sep 22, 1836†Vol. U, pg 84 to Elizabeth Kenton the former wife of Simon Kenton and† John Constant

Note: the following is an abstract of the Dowery release of Elizabeth Kenton former wife of Simon Kenton and John Constant and living in Logan Co., Ohio for a note due March 1, 1837 for the sum of three hundred dollars for land "various tracts and parcels of land now occupied by them in the county of Fleming,† lying upon the waters of Fleming Creek within the preemption of John Jones and dated September 22, 1836 to Samuel Dean, Thomas Hughes, Joshua Sweet, Andrew Finley, John Walker, John Howe, James Vanzant, Ellen Faris and others
Note: Simon Kenton was the famous pioneer of KY written about in the Draper Manuscripts. His brother John Kenton married Catherine Russell, their daughter was† Mary Kenton who married Berryman James the parents of Martha Jane James (the grandmother of Oscar Shultz).

Note: 1840 Cenus Taylor Twnshp, Owen Co., IN lists Samuel with two males under age 5, plus one male age 40-50 in addition to Samuel. It also lists one female under age 5, two females 5-10, and one female 10-15 and one female age 30-40.
John Dean (Samuels brother)† is also listed on this page with his family. Robert (Samuels second brother) is not listed in the 1840 Census in Montgomery Twnshp. on Ancestry Census images, however a second man is in the Samuel Dean household age 30-40 and Samuel is listed as age 40-50. The odd thing however is that only one woman is listed as age 30-40 and none of Roberts children are listed either.

Note: Samuel Dean purchased 68.79 acres from Robert Dean Dec. 8, 1841. This land was located in Taylor Twnshp, W 1/2 qtr N.W., Section 3, Township 11 Range 3.
Samuel then sold this land to James Hubbard on Oct. 30. 1849. However, it also appears that Samuel sold 20 acres of this same piece of land to John M. Craddick in 1857.

Note: 6-28-2011 Just discovered 1843 Owen Co., IN Assessors Book located at Court House in the Cartographers office, which lists all the Dean men, John, Robert, Samuel and their land holdings. Samuel† had† a total of 240 acres of which† Sec 2 Twnshp 11 Range 3 for 80 acres and Sec, 3 Twnshp 11 Range 3 with 160 acres. The first portion had improvements of $156.00 and the second portion had improvements of $300.00. At that time the land was in Montgomery Twnshp.† "Total of Taxables" at $1,476.00

Samuel also sold three other properties between 1852-57. The problem is that the transfer books for 1850-1870 are not to be found at this time. (info from Debbie Drescher 3-4-2002) Debbie indexed the Deed Index Book 1† (1819-1843) in Feb. 2003 and came up with the following info:
Samuel Dean purchased land from John Lockridge: SE Section 3, township 11, range 3, (160 acres).
Also W 1/2 SW qtr (section 2, township 11 range 3) (80 acres). Of this 80 acres, 40.25 was still owned by Samuel at his death, and then at Sarah's death James A. Lyons ( a son-in-law) purchased this land from the heirs. The bulk of the 39.75 acre remainder (37acres and 137 rods) was sold to John D. Montgomery March 6, 1857.
John D. Williamson purchased one acre in SE corner of W1/2 SW on Jan 21, 1852 and Stacy R. Youngman purchased what is described as bounded ( approx. 2 acres) on Jan 17, 1852† The transaction was listed as 240 acres. Note: 1850 census lists Stacy Youngman as a neighbor of Robert Dean. Stacy was listed as a physician and his wife and family were with him.
Deed date Oct. 6th, 1838, recorded Oct. 25, 1838 Amount of sale $2,600.00 
Warrantee deed† Book 6, page 193

Note: the ages of Samuel's children comes in part from the 1850 Federal Census for Taylor Twnshp., Owen Co., In as follows:
Samuel 50, Sarah 49, Isaac 15, Rachel 12, William 10, Amanda 7.† Samuel, Sarah, Isaac and Rachel all born in Kentucky, William and Amanda born in Indiana.

In the year 1858, Samuel, his son Isaac, and† Robert all died within six months of one another.
Iíve never found a cause of death of these men, but have learned of the world-wide influence epidemic of 1857-59, and of a local hog cholera epidemic in Owen County, IN in the 1857 time frame. Perhaps this is was killed these three men. 

Note: the following is an extract of the Will of Samuel Dean written unkn date, filed 10 April 1858... to my wife Sarah... my entire estate as long as she remains my widow... after wife's death, property to be sold and proceeds distributed equally to my children taking into account advancements... to my daughter Elizabeth Jane Jones, $270.50; to my daughter Rebecca Margaret Lyon $270.50; to my daughter Nancy Ann $171.00; to my son Isaac $76.00; Exec; Wife Sarah, and after her death my son -in-law James A. Lyon. Witnesses: S.R. Youngman, William Payne Book 2, p556 Since Robert's will is in book 2 p 58, Samuels may be in 55 or 56 rather than 556

The 1860 Federal Census Harrison Twnshp (later to be included in Taylor Twnshp), Owen Co., IN lists Sarah Dean age 58 and daughter Nancy A. age 25.† Mathilda Dean (sister in law)† was an immediate neighbor. On the other side of Mathilda was the family of John D. Montgomery age 42 and wife Elizabeth Devore. John and Elizabeth had eight children including a son Frank Montgomery (1858-1926) who married Anna Hensley.† Frank and Anna† had three children including a son named Forrest ((1900-1970). Forrest married Edna Morris and they had two children John David b. 1938 and Martha Lynette b. 1940. This line of Montgomery's would continue to have an impact on Samuel Dean's GGGgrandson in the years to come.

The neighbors on either side† in 1860 were: 
James A. Lyons age 26,wife Rebecca M. Dean Lyons age 19, and four month old daughter Sarah A. Lyons. 
On the other side was the Steele family of† Samuel and wife Sarah Steele each age 51; and children Louisa age 24, J.A. female age 21, A P male age 19, W. H. male age 17, S.J. female age 15, Elvira age 13, George Girten age 6. 
Also close by was John Duncan age 40 b. New York, and wife Lucinda age 46 b. Ky,, and eight children ages 19 thru 6

Note: 4-7-2011 Met with Earl David Sheese at his home this afternoon and went with him to his neighbor to the west of his place on Truesdale Rd† Earl David's place is† just west of McCullough Rd intersection. Met Mr Bob and Andi Ashcraft and asked to go and look at the Lyon Cemetery just north and east of their house. Andi told me the house was built by Valentine Lyon in 1846. She is obviously interested in the history of her place. The cemetery has some briar growth and tree limbs down but is generally in good shape otherwise. Several of the stones are broken and laying down or badly tilting. Many are now unreadable due to age and dirt and moss. I talked with the owners and they agreed to let me go back and work on the stones and clean up the property. The major surprise was the discovery of Samuel and Sarah Dean's stone. A nice white and upright stone nearly in as good a condition as the day it must have been installed. I've taken a picture of the stone and will get it printed soon. I would like to have a duplicate stone created and installed at Hudson Hill where the rest of the Dean men in my line have been buried over the past 150 years. 

Note 11-1-2002 received the following note from Jane Chrismer:
I found a George Dean 1840 receiving pension from the Revolutionary War. Note: Canít be Samuelís father, he died in Clark Co. KY 1832. However Jane also found a Samuel Dean who received the pension for the relative living in his household in Fleming Co., Ky. Unfortunately she doesnít say what year. If it is 1840, then that canít be our Samuel either.

Submitted by Mike Dean