Will of Alvin G. Day

Contributed by Renee Schaeffer

Fleming County Will Book L, page 57, 1859

In the name of God Amen. I Alvin G. Day of the County of Fleming and state of Kentucky being infirm in body but sound in mind do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows:

First- At my death I desire that after burial expenses all my debts or just liabilities shall be paid and all other claims due me to be collected as speedily as possible and any case or cases of litigation in which I may be condemed to be brought to a close as early as practable.

Second- It is my will that all my property, personal and real be sold, the negroes all to be sold as one family to the highest bidder at public auction all sold in a body to the same bidder. Also I desire all my landed property to be sold to the best advantage either as a whole or in parcels as may be deemed most advisable and profitable by my executors.

Third- I desire that my wife Priscilla Day shall have one bed and bedding necessary ___ furnishings, ____, bureau, 1 stand table and carpeting now in the house sufficient to cover a common sized room. In addition to this, I give and bequeath to her one hundred dollars. That is, my executors are to hold this sum for her benefit and reasonable wants and at her death or at the termination of her widowhood, whatever may be left of these bequests to her to be equally divided amongst all my children to receive the parents interest in my estate.

Fourth- My wish is to make all my children equal in my estate. They are by

name: William Merideth Day, Eliza Jane Perkins, Saunders Presley Day, Elizabeth Milton Newman, Arthur Foster Day, Margaret Ellen Emmons, John B.

Day, Truman S. Day, Martha Emeline Day.

After the foregoing bequests the balance of my estate I give and bequeath equally between all my above named children and to their children after them. Any of my children who may be owing me by note or other wise are to account to my executors for the same or to have such indebtedness deducted from their interest in my estate.

Fifth- I further desire that my youngest daughter, Martha Emeline Day, have in addition to being made equal in other respects with her brothers and sisters one bed and sufficiently to furnish it, the D____laimer nero in the house and one hundred dollars.

Lastly, I hereby appoint as my executor James W. Crain and Daniel S.

Barksdale. Witness my hand and seal April 12th 1860.

A. G. Day {seal}

Attest: F. P. Robertson and F. M. Crain

At a court held for Fleming County on the 23rd April 1860. This writing purporting to be the last will of Alvin G. Day, Dec'd. was produced in court and proven by the oaths of F.P. Robertson and T. M. Crain subscribing ______ thereto and the same was ordered to be recorded which is done.

AttL W. Dudley, Clerk