Fleming County Court Orders

Copied by William M. Talley


These are abstracts from court order books which would be useful in genealogy.

Fleming County Order Book D 

Park, Ann G., grdn. of James W. Parks, inf. orph. of Hugh Park, dec. May, 1816, p. 5.

Cary, Isaac and Wm. Cary, orph. of Wm. Cary, dec. chose Anthony Swim as grdn.  Both over 14.  May, 1816, p. 8.

Averal, Jacob and wife, Elizabeth, late Dunbar, grdn. To inf. Heirs of James Dunbar, dec., removed from that position and Alex. Dunbar appointed grdn. To Clarinda, Joseph, and James Dunbar, inf. orphans of James Dunbar, dec., July, 1816, p. 9.

Patton, Andrew, grdn. of son, John, Hugh W. Campbell, security, July 1816 (p. 11).

Pollett, James (over 14), inf. orphan of Jonathan Pollett, dec., chose Nicey Pollett grdn. Nehemiah Pollett, sec. (p. 13) July, 1816.

Williams, John, inf. orphan, of John Williams, Jr., dec., bound to Jacob Helvanstine.  John then abt. 12.  July, 1816 (p. 13).

Minor, Peggy and Bartlett, summoned to show why they do not bind out Anny and Polly Minor, inf. children of Peggy Minor.  Aug., 1816 (p. 19).

Allender, Jacob and Jinney, inf. orph. of William Allender, dec., bound out.  Jacob aged 10, on June 27, 1816 and bound to Peter McCullough.  Jinney was about 7 and bound to Andrew Plank.  Aug., 1816 (p. 22).

Power of atty. from Mary DeBell, late Mary Hutchinson, and widow of Wm. DeBell, to Jeremiah DeBell.  Proved by John DeBell and Wm. DeBell.  Dec., 1817 (p. 127).

Taylor, John P. granted license to perform marriages.  He was Methodist.  Salathiel Fitch, sec. Jan., 1819 (p. 202).

Moss, Polly appointed grdn. of Mordecai and Milton Moss, children of Elijah Moss, dec., sd. Children being over 14.  Polly also appointed grdn. of Sephronia, Lusinda, Elijah, and Daniel Moss, inf. orphans of Elijah Moss, dec., these being under 14.  Stephen Moss and James Cochran, sec. May, 1816 (p. 5).

Moss, William bound to Abraham Magowen to learn art of tanner.  May, 1817 (p. 79).

Walton, Sally apptd. grdn. to Elizabeth Walton, her dau., age 19.  Reuben Hunt and Aaron Rice, sec. Oct., 1818. (0. 174).


Order Book A

This book was misplaced when the records of the Clerk’s Office were moved and is not on file there at present.

Brown, Francis, son of Thomas Brown, about 12, had his ear bitten off by a dog. (p. ?).

Rush, Joel, inf. orph. of Wm. Rush, bound out.  Joel over 14.  1803 (p. 3).

Shackle, Mahalaleel given license to perform weddings.  1798.

Downs, Selah, inf. orph. Of Henry Downs, chose Jasper Seybold as grdn.  She is over 14.  1799.

Fry, Rachel, inf. orph. Of Christian Fry, dec., chose John Faris grdn.  1799.

Steele, Alex. Inf. orph. Of David Steele bound to Joseph McIntire 1803.

Moss, William, granted license to perform weddings.  1803.

Oliver, Margaret, inf. orph. of John Oliver, dec., chose Samuel Wishard as her grdn.  1804.


Order Book B

Jones, Elliner, dau. of Thomas, abt. 10, bound to Bennett H. Evans.  1807.

Jones, Elizabeth, abt. 13, dau. of Thomas, bound to John D. Fleming.  1807.

Davis, William, son of Mary, permitted to stay with her until 21.  1807.

Jones, Wm., son of Thomas, bound to Wm. Goddard.  1807.

Spencer, James, apptd. grdn. of Charles, Richard, John, Philemon, and Elizabeth Spencer, his children.  1807.

Bridges, Wm., orphan of Dillon Bridges, dec., chose Catherine Bridges grdn.  1807.

Faris, James, abt. 15, son of Will Faris, dec., chose Elisha C. Berry as grdn.

Faris, Ephraim, abt. 17, son of Will, dec., bound to Samuel Stockwell.  1807.

Orange, John, son of Wm., bound to William Goddard.  1806.

Truitt, Eli, minister of Methodist Ch., given license to perform weddings.  1806.

Lakin, Benjamin and John, orphans of John, dec., bound to Joseph Truitt.  1806.

Beck, Samuel, son of Anthony, dec., bound to Michael Hedrick.  1806.

McMahill, James, son of Arthur McMahill (or McMahin), dec., bound to Michael Hedrick.  1806.

Harris, Nancy and Thomas, orphs. of Samuel Harris, dec., chose James Spencer as grdn.  1806.

Farrow, Thornton, minister of Baptists, given license for weddings.  1807.

Kinkead, Andrew given license to perform weddings.  1804.

Day, Truman makes statement he was in 58th Reg. KY. Militia.  Daniel Ficklen and Evan Mills sec.  1804.

Wills, Nancy, over 14, chose John N. Stout and Christian Smedley grdns.  1804.

Johnston, Ebenezer, inf. orph. bound to Ephraim Burwell.  1805.

Miller, Robert, of Methodist Ch., given license to perform weddings.  1805.

Walker, John, son of Robert, exempt from paying taxes.  1805.

Callahan, Samuel, son of Catherine, bound to James Goodman of Fayette Co., KY.  1805.

Hunt, Reuben, of Methodist Ch., given license to perform weddings.  1805.

Hamrick, Thomas, orph. of Will Hamrick, dec., chose William Hamrick grdn.  1806.

Walker, Robert, of Foxe’s Cr., apptd. grdn. to Nancy, his dau. 1806.

Mills, Thomas, inf. orph. of Thomas, dec., chose John Mills grdn. Orphan over 14. Jan., 1800. (p. 134)

Winans, Sarah Williams and Mary Dorytha, inf. orphs. of Josiah Winans, dec., bound to Levi Tharpe. Feb. 8, 1802 (p. 146).


Order Book C

Summons directed to James Porter and Wm., Landsaw or one of them being next of kin to Bridgett Porter, late of Fleming Co., to cause them to show why certain testamentary words of Bridgett’s may not be established as nuncupative will.  July, 1809. (p. 130).

Summons directed to sheriff of Montgomery Co., to summon Wm. Landsaw the said Wm. Being the next of kin to Bridgett Porter, late of this county.  Oct., 1809. (p. 141). John D. Elbert made adm.

Taylor, Ayres gives consent for dau., Margaret, to be bound to David Hopkins for 4 yrs. From Jan. 5, 1816, to learn housewifery.  Nov., 1815.  (p. 521).


Order Book D

Ziler, Esther late Chadwick, inf. orph. of Israel Chadwick, chose her husband Jacob Ziler, grdn.  Apr., 1817. (p. 66).

Madden, Anna, dau. of Levi, bound to Wm. Givens.  Feb., 1817.  (p. 63).

Wilson, James, Mary Malvina, Angelina, Catherine, and Lewis Dudley, inf. heirs of Abraham Wilson, dec. Jan., 1819 (p. 202).

Houghton, Polly and Eliza, dau. of Joab Houghton, chose father as grdn.  Both over 14.  Jan., 1819 (p. 201).

Tout, Abraham, apptd. grdn. to Wm., Lydia, Margaret, Elijah, Guyan, James, and Abraham McKee, inf. orphs. of Robert McKee, dec.  All under 21.  Oct., 1817 (p. 102).

Stockwell, James, grdn. to Minerva, Wm. H., Eliza, Tabitha, and John M. Stockwell, inf. heirs of John N. Stockwell, dec. July, 1819.  (p. 236).

Fleming, Thomas W., grdn. to Nancy, Sarah, John, Rebecca, and Eleanor West, inf. heirs of Thos. West, dec. and Nancy West.  May, 1819. (p. 231).

Lee, Benjamin apptd. grdn. to dau., Sally M., aged abt. 9.  Apr., 1819 (p. 213).

Stoker, Silas, aged 3 on Dec. 2, 1818, inf. son of Nancy Wallingford, bound to Joseph Goddard.  Feb., 1819. (p. 204).

Cary, Nancy, inf. orph. of Wm. Cary, dec., bound to Wm. Shockley.  Jan., 1819. (p. 202).

Alexander, Matilda, dau. of Jane, bound to Uel Hurst.  Apr., 1810. (p. 296).

Wishard, John, grdn. of James, Samuel, and Henry Alexander, orphans of Wm. Alexander, dec., and Susan Alexander.  All over 14.  Jan. 1820.  (p. 287).

Emmons, Jilson, inf. orph. of James Emmons, dec., bound to Thomas D. Andrews.  Oct., 1819. (p. 266).

Rummonds, Harvey, inf. child of Mary Rummons, bound to Appleton Ballard.  Harvey, aged 11 on May 13, 1819.  Aug., 1819.  (p. 249).

Nickells, Kesiah, inf. orph. of John Nickells, dec., chose Peter Akers grdn.  Kesiah over 14.  Aug., 1819.  (p. 246).

Jackson, William, over 14 son of John Jackson, chose Stephen Smoot grdn. for purpose of securing a legacy left Wm. By his grandfather, John Lovejoy, of Prince George Co., MD.  Dec., 1820.  (p. 346).


Order Book E

McKee, John, Revo. War statement.  Dec., 1832.  (p. 410).

Rigdon, James and John Frasuer state they were in the Revo. War.  Dec. 1832.  (p. 412).

Proctor, Wm. And Hugh Drennan (p. 413); John Fons (Fawns) (p. 416); James Crawford (p. 411); Archibald Gorman (p. 442); and John Ross (p. 464), all make statements that they were in Revo. War.

Robertson, Wm., Revo. Pensioner, died 9 Apr., 1833.  Sarah Robertson, widow, Oct., 1833.  (p. 479).

Oath of John Ferguson saying Geo. Lordon, a Revo. War pensioner, died Nov. 14, 1832.  (p. ?).

Belt, Dennis, pensioner, died 22 June, 1833.  Rebecca Belt, widow.  (p. 513).

Blair, Wm. W. said he was acquainted with Geo. Lordon dec. for 15 years, that he was thought to be a Revo. Soldier and died in the fall of 1832 and left neither widow nor children.  Mar., 1834.  (p. 527).

Williams, Jarrett makes statement he was in Revo. War.  Joseph D. Farrow and Lawrence Williams, security.  Aug., 1832. (p. 371).

Williams, Gerard (or Jarrett), Revo. Pensioner, died 21 June, 1833, leaving a widow, Rutha Anne Williams, who resides in Fleming Co.  Statements made by Eli and Dorsey Williams.  Jan., 1834.  (p. 508).

Moss, Margaret, over 14, chose James Rice as grdn.  Wm. H. Moss, sec.  May, 1838.  (p. 366).

Moss, Moses makes statement he was in Revo. War.  William H. Moss and Samuel Mers confirm it.  July, 1835.  (p. 86).

Finley, Majr. John, of Fleming Co., states he was well acquainted with David Duncan, who died in Pittsburgh in 1792, that David Duncan purchased a land warrant for 3,000 acres from David Holmes.  Land on Darby Cr., Ohio; Mill Creek, and Bokes Creek, all in Ohio.  Warrant laid by Lucas Williams and the heirs are Hannay Finley, Margaret Holvey, Margaret Christy, and Abram Clarke, the two first being children of David Duncan, and the last two are David’s grandchildren, being children of Mary Clarke, late Mary Duncan, dau. of David Duncan.  Hannah, wife of John Finley; Margaret, wife of Rutherford Christy and all of them reside in KY.  Nov., 1828.  (p. 86).

Newcomb, Thomas, grdn. of Nancy, J. N., and Eliza Crain.  Nov., 1833.  (p. 492).

Freeman, Belmont, bound to Joseph Patton to learn the art of a tanner.  Nov., 1829.  (p. 156).

Emmons, Daniel, over 14, chose Garrett Freeman grdn.  Ayers Leforge, security. Jan., 1830.  (p. 177).

Moffett, James, grdn. to Thos. M., Eliza J., Louisa R., John A., Charles A., and Samuel W. Crain, inf. children of Jane Crain.  James Stone and Caleb Ratliff, securities.  Jan., 1829.  (p. 96).

Ferguson, Thomas, Revo. War soldier, makes application for pension.  James Markwell and John DeBell, securities.  (p. 421).

Beckner, Brittania, Chas. McDurmott, Orlester McDurmott, Angeline Moore, Bethena Slagan, Asonath Williams, Jason McDurmott, and Mrs. Cordelia Jones are the sole heirs of Francis McDurmott.  Apr., 1834.  (p. 531).

Howe, David, Revo. pensioner, died 30 Oct., 1833, in Fleming Co. Joseph Howe, David D. Howe, Robert Howe, Polly Murphy, Sally Howe, Margaret Jones, and Mahala Dougherty are his children and reside in Fleming Co.  He left no widow.  (p. 542).


Order Book F

Oath of Joseph Madden, Jr. that Joseph Madden died between the 20th and 25th of Aug., 1837.  Elizabeth Madden, widow.  Joseph Madden was a Revo. pensioner.  (p. 313).

Power, Joseph and Famous Mortimore make statements that they were in the Revo. war.  1834.  (p. 6).

Green, Mary K., grdn. of her inf. son, John (under 14).  Also her son, Thomas Green.  Oct. 1839.  (p. 476).

Rawlings, Rebecca and Amanda, daus. Of Thos. Rawlings, dec., chose Alonzo Williams, grdn.  Nov., 1839.  Both over 14.  (p. 486).

Williams, Polly, late widow of Lawrence Williams, died Aug., 1839.  (p. 492).

Ordered that the children of Susan White be bound out to some honest trade and that the court take her son, Wm. Owens, and teach him the blacksmith trade till he is 21.  Feb., 1838.  (p. 349).

Cline, Wm. bound to James B. Shockey for 16 yrs. From 1 Apr., 1836.  (p. 99).

Walton, Elizabeth, widow of Mark Walton, dec., refuses to adm. on the estate.  Aug., 1839.  (p. 463).

Mills, Thos. P. appt. gardn. to Henry Smith, Geo. Reeve, sec.  Jan., 1835.  (p. 45).


Order Book G

Todd, Sally, over 14, chose Jacob Lawson grdn.  Dec., 1841.  (p. 146).

Newman, John, grdn. of John, Isaac, and Elizabeth Skinner, heirs of Richard Skinner, dec., Jan., 1842.  (p. 148).

Emmons, Edmund H., grd. to Charlotte and Robert Emmons (both under 14), inf. orphs. of Alexander Emmons, dec.  St. Clair Emmons, sec.  Jan., 1842.  (p. 153).

Staggs, Alfred (over 14), and Miles, Hiram, Malinda and Lewis Staggs (all under 14), inf. orphans of Hannah Staggs, dec., bound to Thomas Staggs.  Jan., 1842.  (p. 153).

Proctor, Wm. and Sarah gave oath that Wm. Proctor, late a Revo. pensioner, died Jan., 22, 1842.  Elizabeth Proctor, widow.  Mar., 1842.  (p. 161).

Crow, Mariah J. (over 14), chose James L. Williams grdn.  Mar., 1842.  (p. 162).

Rock, Susan, grdn. of Geo. A. and Elvira Rock, inf. orphs. of John Rock, dec. Mar., 1842.  (p. 162).

Robertson, Simeon W., grdn. to Robert P. and Parthenia A. Robertson (both under 14), inf. orphs. of Rachel Robertson, dec. Apr., 1842.  (p. 172).

Porter, Thos. Mentioned as bro. of Mrs. Mary Dobyns.  Jan., 1843.  (p. 230).

Perkins, Susan, orph. of Thos. Perkins, chose Richard Vanlandingham grdn.  She is over 14.  Feb., 1843.  (p. 237).

Ward, Thomson and James Keith gave othas that Margaret Drennan is the widow of Hugh Drennan, a Revo. soldier, who died 26 Dec., 1842.  Mar., 1843.  (p. 241).

Smith, Wm. H. and John T. Walker give oaths that Hannah Smith is widow of Redmond Smith, a Revo. soldier who died Dec. 3, 1842.  (p. 245).

Robertson, Robert, orph. of Joseph Robertson, dec. chose Matthew Thompson, grdn.  He is over 14.  May, 1843.  (p. 255).

Faris, Mariah J. (over 14), and John T. and Kerilla Faris (under 14), inf. orphs. of Joseph B. Faris, chose John F. Fleming grdn.  May, 1843.  (p. 255).

Atchinson, Silas, grdn. of George A. and Wm. A. Atchinson, children of Wm. Atchinson, dec.  May, 1843.  (p. 258).

Hammons, John, Revo. soldier, died 13 June, 1843.  (p. 279).

Filson, Wm., grdn. of Daniel S. Reeves, inf. orph. of Ignatius Reeves, dec.  Daniel under 14.  Sept., 1843.  (p. 283).

Hopkins, David, pensioner of U. S., died in Fleming Co., Mar. 28, 1843.  Left sons, Benjamin and James, but no widow.  Oct., 1843.  (p. 286).

Todd, Margaret (over 14), orph. of Patrick Todd, dec., chose J. W. Hull grdn.  Nov., 1843.  (p. 295).

Davis, Charlotte (over 14), inf. orph. of Wm. Davis, chose Benj. G. Plummer grdn.  Nov., 1843.  (p. 295).

McRoberts, John, Jr., grdn. to Thomas, John, William, and James McRoberts, orphs. of Alexander McRoberts.  Aug., 1844.  (p. 366).

Davis, Francis R., grdn. of John and Jane Walton (both over 14), orph. of Mark Walton, dec.  Aug., 1844.  (p. 366).

Harrison, Elizabeth (over 14), orph. of James Harrison, chose Wilson P. Boyd grdn.  Sept., 1844.  (p. 381).

Story, Manerva (over 14), orph. of Wm. Story, dec., chose James Story grdn.  Oct., 1844.  (p. 395).

Helphenstine, Rebecca, late pensioner of U. S., died Mar. 4, 1845.  Widow of Philip Helphenstine.  (p. 426).

Tribby, Eliza J. (over 14), orph. of Jason Tribby, chose John G. Hicks grdn.  Dec., 1843.  (p. 307).

Montgomery, Samuel, Alexr. Montgomery of McCoupin Co., Ill., John E. Morgan and wife, Elizabeth, of Pickeway Co., Ohio, Wm. Kennedy and wife, Maria of White Co., Ind., and George Boyer and wife, Nancy, heirs of Wm. Montgomery, who was a private in the late war, in the 22nd Reg. Inf. Feb., 1844.  (p. 320).  On p. 333 it mentions the heirs as being Wm. Montgomery’s brothers and sisters.

Lee, America, Charlotte T., Rebecca A., and Elizabeth, children of Wm. and Elizabeth Groves.  May, 1844.  (p. 351).

Maddux, Tarpley (over 14) and Thomas and Nancy Maddux (over 14), chose Edward D. Maddux grdn.  John Newman, security.  Sept., 1840.  (p. 20).

Cornwell, James, grdn. to Caroline and John Plummer (both under 14), orphs. of Isaiah Plummer, dec.  Oct., 1840.  (p. 28).

Bishop, Henry, grdn. of John H., Emeline, and Hazel Weare (age 14), inf. heirs of Hazel Weare, dec.  Nov., 1840.  (p. 40).

Hedgecock, Jonathan, grdn. of Nathan and Martha Ellen Weare, inf. heirs of Hazel Wear.  Nov., 1840.  (p. 41).

Cary, George, Edmund, and James (all over 14), and Joshua and John Cary (both under 14), heirs of John Cary, dec., chose Sarah Cary grdn.  Nov., 1840.  (p. 44).

Hart, Frances, grdn. to Virginia M. Hart (under 14), inf. orph. of John Hart, dec.  Jan., 1841.  (p. 59).

Hunt, Patsey summond to bind her son, Samuel.  Feb., 1841.  (p. 66).

Campbell, Edward summoned to bind his children Jemima, David, Rebecca and Stephen Campbell.  Feb., 1841.  (p. 69).

McDonald, Mansel B., grdn. of Elizabeth and Mary Browning (under 14), heirs of Eli Browning.  Feb., 1841.  (p. 70).

Bell, Wm., grdn. of Wm. and Mary L. Pepper (under 14), heirs of Wm. O. Pepper, dec.  Mar., 1841.  (p. 86).

Maddux, Amanda, over 14, chose Simon Carpenter grdn.  Apr., 1841.  (p. 94).

Hicks, John G., grdn. to Mary Danaldson, under 14.  June, 1841.  (p. 108).

Atchison, Silas L., grdn. of Wm. Ann Atchison and George Ann Atchison.  Aug., 1841.  (p. 121).

Shockley, Wm., Sr., grdn. of Amanda Shockley, over 14, heir of Wm. Shockley, dec.  Sept., 1841.  (p. 126).

Shockley, Wm., Sr., grdn. of Amanda Shockley, over 14, heir of Wm. Shockley, dec. Sept., 1841.  (p. 126).

Andrews Zelinda J., grdn. of Alex. R., Catharine T., James, Ella, and Caroline H. Andrews.  Nov., 1841.  (p. 135).

Maddux, Mary J., (aged 10 yrs. On Dec. 26, 1841); George M. Maddux (aged 8 on Sept. 23, 1841); Sarah E. Maddux (aged 6 on Dec. 18, 1841); and Lucinda C. Maddux (aged 2 on Dec. 5, 1841); bound to George Taylor.  Nov., 1841.  (p. 136).

Riggen, Simpson, grdn. to Richard Riggen (under 14), orph. of John W. Riggen, dec. Oct., 1845.  (p. 474).

Gardner, Cynthia A. (over 14), orph. of Henry Gardner, chose Robert G. Lewis grdn.  Oct., 1845.  (p. 474).

Sweet, Joshua, grdn. to Maranda, John, Lemuel, Marlan, Ellen, Lucy, and James Sweet (all under 14) orph. of Hannah Sweet dec.  Oct. 1845.  (p. 477).

Norris, John, of Lewis Co., KY., produced a discharge for 12 mos. Service as soldier in the war of 1813.  He helped in saving the vessel Chipeway on Lake Erie.  Nov., 1845.  (p. 490).

Donaldson, Wm., grdn. of Mary Donaldson and Stephen Donaldson, orphs. of Stephen Donaldson, dec. Dec., 1845.  (p. 494).

Davis, Francis R., grdn. to Hiram, Susan S. A., and Lucinda E. Walton, orphs. of Mark Walton, dec. Jan., 1846.  (p. 503).

Gross, Mariah J. (over 14) orph. of James Gross, dec., chose Wm. Drennan grdn.  Feb., 1846.  (p. 505).

Wilson, Thomas, father of James Wilson (under 14), apptd. grdn. to him.  June, 1846.  (p. 527).

Summers, Agnus, widow of John Summers, dec., who was a private in the Revo. war, makes application for pension.  (p. 531).


Order Book H

These notes being with the year 1852, page 413.

Cavan, John A., grdn. of Samuel and Joseph Howe, children of Thomas D. Howe, dec.  Jan., 1852.  (p. 414).

Dearing, Lydia A., over 14, orphan of Francis Dearing, dec.  Jan., 1852.  (p. 417).

Stockwell, John A. (over 14) and Sarah E. Stockwell (under 14), orphans of John W. Stockwell, dec., bound to Louisa Stockwell.  Jan., 1852.  (p. 418).

Davis, John W., grdn. of James B. Davis (over 14).  Jan., 1852.  (p. 419).

Chrisman, Malinda (over 14), orphan of John Chrisman, dec., chose Andrew Chrisman grdn.  Jan., 1852.  (p. 419).

Spencer, Wm. H., grdn. of James H., Elizabeth, Ann E., and Martha Jane Spencer.  Feb., 1852.  (p. 421).

Cord, Wm. H., grdn. of James B., Elizabeth J., and William H. Henderson, non-resident infant children, orphans of George Henderson.  Mar., 1852.  (p. 427).

Rawlings, Cardiff, infant child of Needham and Sallie K. Rawlings.  Sallie K. Rawlings is dead and Needham resides outside of state.  Cardiff is bound to Rachael Burriss, his grandmother, for 18 yrs. From Mar. 2, 1853.  (p. 429).

McIntire, Wm., grdn. of Wm. Duffy, orph. of James H. Duffy.  Also grdn. to Ann J., orphan of same.  Mar., 1852.  (p. 431).

Pickrell, Nancy and Lucinda, over 14, chose James Pickrell grdn.  May, 1852.  (p. 422).

Byram, Augustus, bound to Elbert Givens for 14 yrs. From Aug. 24, 1852.  Ann Madden is mother of Augustus.  May, 1852.  (p. 433).

Moffatt, Irvine to become citizens of U. S.  In U. S. five yrs., in KY. one.  July, 1852.  (p. 452).

McCloskey, Michael to become U. S. citizen.  Age abt. 26, fair complexion, auburn hair, blue eyes, born Co. Tyrone, Ire.  Dated Aug., 1852.  (p. 453).

McClary, Gordon, inf. orph. of John McClary, chose James Shanklin grdn.  Child over 14.  Aug., 1852.  (p. 454).

Ousley, Joseph bound to Benjamin M. Caywood for 11 yrs. from 25 Dec., 1852 till he is 21.  Mrs. Eleanor Hunter is mother.  Also Richard Ousley bound to Joshua T. Power for 13 yrs. from Aug. 3, 1852 till he is 21.  He is son of above Mrs. Hunter.  (p. 459).

Houghton, Reuben (over 14), son of Jacob Houghton, chose Samuel Swart grdn.  Sept., 1852.  (p. 463).

Day, Squire A., grdn. of Louiza and Amanda Foster (both under 14), orphs. of Milton Foster, dec.  Sept., 1852.  (p. 463).

Moore, Rebecca, grdn. of Joshua W., Louiza E., Columbus F., and Mary J. Moore, orphs. under 14, of Jacob J. Moore, dec.  Oct., 1852.  (p. 469).

Howe, Lawrence, over 14, chose Robert Cowser grdn.  Wm. T. Howe, Security.  Oct., 1852.  (p. 475).

Yeazle, John bound to William Williams for 9 yrs. till he is 21.  Nov. 1852.  (p. 487).

Conner, Michael made declaration to become citizen, Dec., 1852.  (Much data recorded), (p. 491).

Armstrong, Amanda Wm. (over 14), orphs. of James L. Armstrong, dec., chose Eliza Armstrong grdn.  Jan., 1853.  (p. 501).

King, Matthew and John Malay make declarations to become U. S. citizens.  Jan., 1853.  (Much data).  (p. 501).

White, John summoned to show cause why the two children of Sarah A. White and the sd. John White shall not be apprenticed.  Feb., 1853.  (p. 505).


Order Book I

This is an unindexed book and these abstracts go to Dec., 1853.

White, Robert apptd. grdn. of John N. McIntire (under 10), Malvina Van McIntire (under 14) and Howard and Sarah E. McIntire (both over 14), orphs. of Van S. McIntire.  Mother of children living.  July, 1853.  (p. 2).

Joyse, Michael to become U. S. citizen.  Native of Ireland, landed at New Orleans about Sept. 1, 1851.  (p. 4).

Gross, Braxton M. appt. grdn. of Louisa M. and Joseph A. Hamrick (both under 14), orphs. of Joel Hamrick, dec. Aug., 1853.  (p. 5).

Moore, John J. grdn. of Rusia Dudley (under 14), orph. of Henry Dudley, dec.  Aug., 1853.  (p. 5).

Williams, Robert R. apptd. grdn. of Mary Roberts, Corey Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Malinda Bell, Mary Bell, America Bell, Samuel F. Bell, and Wm. S. Bell, inf. orphs. of Samuel Roberts, dec.  Aug., 1853.  (p. 5).

Diviny, Martin to become citizen of U. S.  Came to U. S. about Apr. 1, 1849, from Ireland.  Age 25, about 5’ 8”, dark hair, blue eyes, born in Galway, Ireland.  Dated Aug., 1853.  (p. 6).

Butlar, Thomas to become U. S. citizen.  Aug., 1853.  Came to U. S. about Aug. 7, 1848.  Age 24, about 5’8”, dark hair, blue eyes, born in Galway, Ireland.  Dated Aug., 1853.  (p. 6).

Gilmer, William (age 27), Michael MacCue, Patrick Croty, Martin Kilday (then a resident of Ogna, Henderson Co., Ill.), to become U. S. citizens.  All born in Ireland.  (p. 6, 8).

Burris, Wm., grdn. of Cardiff Rawlings, orph. of Sarah K. Rawlings, dec. He is under 14.  Sept., 1853.  (p. 12).

Bell, Wm., grdn. of Isham S. Bell (under 14), and Josamuel and Matilda P. Bell (over 14), children of the sd. Wm. Bell.  Sept., 1853.  (p. 12).

Collins, Carrell, Hulda Lamar, Sally Collins, Everett Collins, Lloyd Collins, Vincent Collins, and Clarrisa McCullock, adult heirs of Edward Collins, dec.  Henry P. Collins, Hester J., Allora, Anne E., George L., Thompson, Elvira, Louisa E., Eliza J., Ephraim L., Maranda, and Lucinda Collins, infant heirs and grandchildren of Edward Collins, dec. Sept., 1853.  (p. 12).

Gray, Catharine “so infirm from age and debility of health can not travel 13 miles to the courthouse to make application for pension.”  Sept., 1853.  (p. 14).

Wrenchey, Isaac apptd. grdn. to his children, Mary E. James S. (both under 14). Oct., 1853.  (p. 17).

Beckett, Alex. M., grdn. of Martin M. Wallingford (over 14), orph. of Samuel B. Wallingford, dec.  Oct., 1853.  (p. 17).

Collins, Kassa, widow of Edward Collins, dec.  Oct., 1853.  (p. 19).

Beckett, Sanford C., grdn. of Wm. R., James H., Elizabeth M., and Margaret S. Wallingford (all under 14), orphs. of Samuel B. Wallingford, dec.  Oct., 1853.  (p. 19).

Wood, children of Edward and Mary A., listed.  Nov., 1853.  (p. 31).

Hacket, Patrick to become U. S. citizen.  Nov., 1853.  (p. 33).

Saunders, James H., grdn. of his dau., Mary E., under 14.  Nov., 1853.  (p. 33).

Faulkner, George, to become U. S. citizen, age 21, fair complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, 5’ 8-1/4”, born in Co. Surry, Eng., landed in N. Y. 15 Mar., 1852.  (p. 34).

Hill, Wm. to become U. S. citizen, age 32, fair complexion, 5’ *’, born Hereford Co., Eng., landed in U. S. Apr., 1952.  (p. 34).

Allen, Wm. to become U. S. citizen, age 23, auburn hair, blue eyes, fair skin, 5’ *’, born Hereford Co., Eng., came to U. S. Mar., 1853.  (p. 34).

Ham, Wm., grdn. of Edmund, Jeremiah, and Rebecca J. McRoberts (all under 14), orphs. of Alexander McRoberts, dec. Dec., 1853.  (p. 38).