Dr. William Henry Conway

Submitted January 14, 2007 by E. Pearl (Carpenter) Anderson

I began looking at the new and improved Fleming County GenWeb site earlier today when my eyes fell upon "Hillsboro 2".  I was born and raised in Fleming County.  My grandfather, Isaac Leslie Conway, lived in Hillsboro. My uncle and family lived in the Sunset/Hillsboro area as well.

As I read the interesting article, I found the name (written incorrectly) of my maternal Great-grandfather in the section on "Doctors"  Dr. Conway was listed as "William E.".  In fact, his name was William Henry Conway (1854-1923).  The article gives only partial information on him.

It says Dr. Conway was a teacher and self-made doctor.  This is true but the rest of the story, even if oral history, must be known.  He practiced medicine in the Hillsboro, Sunset, Eden's Chapel and Buttermilk sections of Fleming County.  Around 1916, he went to Covington, KY where he practiced medicine.

His daughter, Maude Emmons, shared with me that her father was reported to the KY Medical Society for "practicing medicine without a license."  Dr. Conway was called to Louisville for questioning and at the end of the interrogations, he had "answered all the questions correctly" and proceeded to ask questions of his own.  I have a picture of the Certificate Membership (cousin, Les Conway, has the original) for Dr. W. H. Conway of Sunset, KY by the Northeastern Kentucky Medical Association dated May 24, 1894;  "Given under our hands and the Seal of this Association this the 30 day of January 1896."

Signed by W. S. Yazell, Secretary, and the initials of the President.

Thank you very much,
E. Pearl (Carpenter) Anderson, RN
Great-Granddaughter of Dr. William Henry Conway

Another addition is that my mother, Nola Mae Conway Carpenter, told me that "Grandpa" (Dr.) Conway returned from Covington to Hillsboro to treat her and her brother, Raymond, for Typhoid Fever.

Written on back of picture:
"Dr. Wm. Conway married Martha Ann Newman
James Newman and Mary Ann (Havens) Newman
Martha youngest of 11 children"
Ca. 1880s.  (Martha died in 1896)

Dr. Conway's Northeast Kentucky Medical Association Certificate

William Henry Conway
Taken in early 1900s.