Ramey's Chapel Cemetery

Brushy Fork, Fleming Co., Ky.

Location: Approximate 1 ½ miles North of Muses Mills, Ky. on Rt. 1013 
(Muses Mills Rd) on hill by Rameys Chapel.

Compiled & updated 2009 by Daniel Wyatt & Brenda Lewman Olsen 2nd G-Granddaughter of James Perry & Charlotte W. (Davis) Lewman.

Cemetery History: “Samuel Bennington Henry & Martha Ellen Plummer Jones deeded one acre of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church July 14, 1875 for a Graveyard at Brushy Fork.
Samuel Bennington Henry Jones was born in Miller’s Station in Bourbon County, Ky. He served in the War of 1812 as a Pvt. with Capt. Phillips in the Kentucky Militia, Boswell Regiment. He enlisted May 29, 1813 and discharged October 15, 1813. Record # wc33722. He was at the battle of the River Basin and at Fort Meigs. He attended his last meeting of the Veterans of the War of 1812 when he was 95 years old according to the “Yoman”dated November 10, 1883. He married Abigail Hester on January 23, 1816 in Fleming Co., Ky. She died in 1841. A son died in Infancy, Four daughters died of Scarlet Fever in 1842, with another daughter dying six years later. Only two of his children by Abigail grew to adulthood. He married “Widow Martha Ellen M. Plummer, widow of ? Plummer on July 31, 1849. She had two children from her first marriage. In the 1850 Census a Rueben age 6 and Abigail age 3 are listed as being in household, they more than likely were Martha’s children from the first marriage.” “The above information is quoted from Jones genealogy by Sue Jones Simpson.”

Definition Keys: 

1. Names, Dates & Notes in (Brackets) are Additions, Maiden Names & Corrections.
2. Head Stones: SS=Single Stone, DS=Double Stone,TS=Trible Stone, MS=Multiple Names on stone,
NS=No Stone, UK=Unknown, FS=Foot Stone, BS=Broken Stone, RS=Rock Stone
3. No date in birth or death block indicates the date is missing, living or could be buried elsewhere.
4. Inscriptions enclosed in “Parenthesis
5. H/o Husband of
6. W/o Wife of
7. S/o Son of
8. D/o Daughter of
9. B/o Brother of

Laid to Rest Here
Name Born Died Stone Notes

Armstrong, Brenda Jean 03Dec2004 SS Next to James & Winifred Engle

Baker, Eric 08Mar1989 04May2007 SS
Bebee, Mattie R. 13Sep1881 02Jan1885 SS D/o Roswell & Matilda J. Bebee
Beckman, Harold Lee Jr. 10Jan1939 14Aug1991 SS “Pfc US Army Korea”
Boggess, Sidney 26Feb1894 20May1895 SS S/o G.W. & M.E. Boggess
Buckley, Alpha W. 10Jul1918 02Jan1979 SSMilitary Sgt US Army WW-II
Buckley, Charles E. 1924 15Dec1978 DS Age 54 H/o Sarah E. Buckley
Buckley, Sarah E. 1935 DS W/o Charles E. Buckley
Buckley, Clarence S. 23Aug1910 04Jul1938 SS 
Buckley, James F. 1873 1962 DS H/o Elizabeth Ann Buckley
Buckley, Elizabeth Ann (Eliza on stone) 1884 1963 DS W/o James F. Buckley 
Buckley, John L. 25May1915 04Dec2000 SS FS Military S Sgt US Army WW-II
Burns, Georgia Marie (Edmond) 25May1955 21Oct1988 SS 

Caudill, Daniel P. 24Jun1864 22Jan1933 DS H/o Fannie (Whalen)Caudill
Caudill, Fannie(Whalen) 1867 1945 DS W/o Daniel P. Caudill
Caudill, Vester 31May1908 21Jul1925 SS S/o D. & T.T. Caudill
Conrad, Boyd M. 24 Apr1921 31Oct2005 SSMilitary Pfc US Army WW-II
Conrad, Opal (Gulley) 12 Jun1936 15Mar2000 SS
Crawford, Garfield 1883 1966 DS H/o Maude E. Garfield
Crawford, Maude E. 1885 1964 DS W/o Garfield Crawford

Davis, John M.* 30Aug1812 30Jan1900 DS H/o Sarah H.(Penland) Davis “ Civil War Vet. Union Co. F, 24th Ky. Volunteer Infantry”
Davis, Sarah H. (Penland)* Dec1816 02Jan1900 DS W/o John M. Davis
Davis, Alfred Norwood* 24Apr1857 27May1929 SS H/o Mary F. (Leman) Davis
Davis, Mary Francis (Lewman)* 01Apr1849 26Jul1900 BS 1th W/o Alfred N. Davis
Davis, Morton* 10Aug1888 18Jun1894 SS S/o Alfred N. & Mary F. Davis “I’ll take these little lambs and lay them in my breast, Protection they will
find in me. In me be ever blest.”
Davis, Flora M.* 02Aug1892 02Jul1907 SS D/o Alfred N.& Mary F. Davis “A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in  our home, which never can be filled.”
Davis, Maggie* 19Mar1875 05May1941 SS D/o James W.( Polk) & Nancy E. (Nancy Margaret Jackson) (Boyd) Jackson 2nd W/o Alfred Norwood Davis
Dodd, Austin M. 18Oct1903 09Jul1904 UK S/o I.F. & M.A. Dodd
Dodd, Shawyer E. 19Mar1899 24Sep1899 BS S/o I.F. & M.A. Dodd
Dodd, Joseph S. 05May1838 21Jun1874 SS 

Engle, John Oliver 23Dec1944 DS H/o Winifred Jean Engle
Engle, Winifred Jean 20Aug1945 26Nov2003 DS W/o John Oliver Engle

Dunaway, Alfred Roy* 25Dec1839 17Dec1919 SS H/o Cintha Abbie (Jones) Dunaway & Emma Dunaway
Dunaway, Cintha Abbie(Jones)* 27Sep1846 04Dec1890 SS 1thW/o Alfred R. Dunaway
Dunaway, Emma* 20Aug1871 05May1897 SS 2nd W/o Alfred R. Dunaway
Dunaway, Arvie Raymond* 12Oct1908 24Sep1990 DS H/o Edith (Fields) Dunaway
Dunaway, Edith (Fields)* 26Dec1912 23Jan1996 DS W/o Arvie Raymond Dunaway 
Dunaway, George Benjamin* 29Nov1872 22Mar1937 DS H/o Sudie (Billiter)Dunaway
Dunaway, Sudie (Billiter)* Nov1973 1944 DS W/o George B. Dunaway
Dunaway, Walter A* 03May1893 12Mar1895 SS S/o B.G.& Sutie(Billiter) Dunaway 
Dunaway, Dona 1872 1921 SS 
Dunaway, Emma 1901 SS 
Dunaway, Emma L. 20Aug1891 14Dec1891 SS D/o J.F. & D.O. Dunaway
Dunaway, Evert W. 22Apr1905 03Aug1905 SS S/o J. F. & D. O. Dunaway 
Dunaway, Howard L. 27May1895 29Jul1896 SS S/o J. F. & D. O. Dunaway 
Dunaway,Joseph Fowks* 08May1870 15May1933 SS H/o Laura E. Dunaway
Dunaway, Laura E.* 1878 1938 SS W/o Joseph F. Dunaway
Dunaway, Alma L. 01Jul1893 22Jul1894 SS D/o J.T. & D.O. Dunaway 
Dunaway, Robert F. 29Jun1880 02Mar1901 SS
Dunaway, James W.Sr.* 22Nov1846 05Feb1910 DS H/o Helda (Niece) Dunaway
Dunaway, Helda (Niece)* 21Mar1859 No Date DS W/o James W. Sr. Dunaway
Dunaway, Margaret W.(Jordan)* 26Sep1808 09Dec1889 BS W/o Benjamin Dunaway New SS Marked Margaret W. Jordan 
Dunaway, Johnnie 08Oct1898 DS H/o Annie Dunaway
Dunaway, Annie 06Aug1902 27Nov191? DS W/o Johnnie Dunaway
Dunaway, Dallas* Oct1895 1973 DS H/o 1th Osa B. Dunaway 2nd Flora Mae(Stidom) Hensley
Dunaway, Osa B.* 1898 1953 DS W/o Dallas Dunaway
Dunaway, Arvel Estell* 17Oct1914 22Jul1918 SS S/o Dallas & Osa B. Dunaway
Dunaway, Lonnie (Alonzo)* 18Oct1885 09Mar1977 DS H/o Annie B.(Whistman)Dunaway
Dunaway, Annie B.(Whistman)* 06Aug1902 27Nov1919 DS W/o Lonnie Dunaway
Dunaway, Mefford* 25Nov1920 04Aug2005 DS H/o Thelma (Butcher)Dunaway
Dunaway, Thelma (Butcher)* 08Aug1922 Living DS W/o Mefford Dunaway
Dunaway, Donald Eugene* 12Oct1941 12Oct1941 SS S/o Mefford & Thelma Dunaway
Dunaway, Charles Patrick* 25Jan1973 26Jan1973 SS Next to Mefford Dunaway S/o Russie 
Dunaway, Clayton H. 01Jun1925 20Aug1990 SS
Dunaway, Edna 17Jan1908 02Mar1909 SS
Dunaway, Myrtle C. 18May1921 17Dec1945 SS
Dunaway, Naomi 11Dec1938 20May1939 SS
Dunaway, Ronald Clyde 20Aug1949 02Jan1950 SS
Dunaway, Vickie Lynn* 13Nov1970 13Nov1970 SS Next to Mefford Dunaway D/o Russie & Elam, Orman 18May1941 27Dec1988 DS H/o Leanor Ellen (McKee) Elam FS “Pv 2 US Army Vietnam”

Elam, Leanor Ellen (McKee) 16Feb1936 DS W/o Orman Elam
Everman, Baby Billy 17Oct1940 03Apr1941 SS 

Fritz, Pearlie (Jordan)(McKee) 03May1906 23Mar1981 SS 1th Husband R.Y. McKee 2nd Husband Unk. Fritz

Gaines, Sarah J. 06Jul1828 14Dec1877 BS W/o Robert Gaines 
Gaines, William A. 23Jun1858 05Jun1877 BS
Gulley, Christopher 13Jul1977 04Jun2001 SS 
Gulley, Edna L. 17Jan1908 02Jun1909 SS D/o M.E. & M.H. Gulley
Gulley, Howard C. 04Sep1902 01Apr1903 SS S/o M.E. & M.H. Gulley
Gulley, Russel H. 31Jan1901 12Jan1902 SS S/o M.E. & M.H. Gulley
Gulley, Infant* No dates or sex known SS R.C.& Elizabeth E.(Mckee)Gulley
Gulley, Infant* No dates or sex known SS R.C.& Elizabeth E.(Mckee)Gulley
Gulley, McKinley* 1898 1946 DS H/o Lula Bell(Smalley)Gulley
Gulley, Lula Bell(Smalley)* Apr1899 1985 DS W/o McKinley Gulley
Lantern, Henry* 1908 1990 DS B/o Richard R. Gulley S/o Wm.& Vivian(Whalen)Gulley 
Gulley, Richard R.* 18Jan1918 03Jul1979 DS B/o Henry Lantern 
Gulley, Rickey D. 15Aug1955 30Apr1994 SS
Gulley, Riley Sherman* 10Jan1871 07Jun1946 SS H/o Martha E. Gulley
Gulley, Martha E.* 27May1879 17Sep1936 SS W/o Riley S. Gulley
Gulley, John Osel * 04Oct1904 22Jan1977 DS H/o Maggie Gulley
Gulley, Maggie (Lantern)* 30Sep1906 04Oct1975 DS W/o John Osel Gulley
Gulley, John Osel Jr.* 02Jul1925 31May1991 SS S/o John & Maggie Gulley
Gulley, Mildred & Millard 14May1946 DS On same Stone
Gulley, William A. 03Jul1936 09Sep2001 DS H/o Justine Gulley
Gulley, Justine 16Nov1937 DS W/o William A.

Ham, Ella Fountain(Lewman)* 09Apr1862/1864 24Jul1890 SS W/o John Franklin Ham
Ham, Authur Stanley* 28Jan1884 16Dec1901 UK S/o John F.& Ella(Lewman)Ham
Ham, G. W.(George Washington)* Dec1843 1933 MS H/o 1th Elizabeth J.(Lewman)Ham 2nd Emily Hester (Muse) Ham
Ham,Eliza(Lewman)(Elizabeth Jane)*28Sep1847 04Feb1904 MS 1thW/o George W. Ham
Ham, Bessie Mae* 04Aug1878 21Jan1904 MS D/o G.W.& Elizabeth J. Ham
Ham, Francis Lucien* 08Dec1873 27Jan1904 MS D/o G.W.& Elizabeth J. Ham
Ham, Joseph William*(Edgar) 22Sep1883 1954 SS S/o G.W.& Elizabeth J. Ham
Ham, Leonard Elwood* 22Jul1918 06Jul1919 SS S/o Bert G.& Letha A.(Lee) Ham
Hester, Douglas Lee* 12Oct1934 04Mar1996 DS H/o Eddis Hester
Hester, Eddis* 10Dec1942 Living DS W/o Douglas Lee Hester
Hester, Evan Victor* 13Aug1900 07Nov1987 DS H/o Dora B.(Dunaway) Hester
Hester, Dora B.(Dunaway)* 13Sep1905 19Mar1996 DS W/o Evan Victor Hester

Jackson, Infant* 21Oct1892 SS D/o Wm R.& Mary.W(Gulley)Jackson
Jones, Samuel Bennington Henry* 14Feb1794 06Nov1883 SS H/o 1th Abigail Hester & 2nd Martha M. Plummer
Jones, Wm, B.*(William Benton) 1855 1928 SS H/o Martha Ellen (Spradling)Jones
Jones, Martha Ellen(Spradling)* 1857 1924 SS W/o William B. Jones
Jones, Oda J.* 15Dec1882 14Oct1883 SS D/o Wm. & Martha E. Jones 
Jones, Infant Son* No Dates SS S/o Richard A. Jones Jones, Unknown 1837 1867 SS
Jones, Opa* SS S/o J. B. Jones
Jones, Rosanah 22Jun1915 10Apr1917 SS “Another little Angel before Heavenly throne”

King, Wm. (colored) 05May1849 05Mar1929 BS H/o Margaret King
King, Margaret 27Aug1850 09Oct1922 BS W/o Wm. King
King, Henry M. 04Ju1881 25Jun1890 SS S/o Wm. & Margaret King
King, G.W. 19Jul1879 28Jan1911 SS

Lamb, 1894 1942 UK
Lanter, Mary A. 16Apr1832 26Oct1876 SS W/o I. N. Lanter
Lantern, Henry* 1908 1990 DS Same stone as Richard R. Gulley S/o Henry & Vivian (Whalen) Lantern
Lee, Bonnie Faye & Donnie Ray 29Jan1944 20Feb1944 DS S&D/o Ernest H.& Zella(Jackson)Lee
Lee, Edna Opal J. 11Aug1921 01Apr1946 SS
Lee, Douglas F. 24Aug1954 26Dec1954 SS
Lee, Cora Evelyn 20Nov1940 02May1941 SS
Lee, Lida Josie 01Sep1913 01Sep1914 SS
Lee, Robert Edward* 04Apr1870 03Apr1946 DS H/o Susie Mae (Rouse) Lee S/o William M.& Mary Lee
Lee, Susie Mae( Rouse) 18Jan1888 29Mar1945 DS W/o Robert Edward Lee
Lee, Robert Edward Jr.* 01Feb1907 01Feb1907 SS S/o Robert & Susie (Rouse) Lee Twin Brother of Harry Lee
Lee, Robert S. 16Sep1914 22Nov2003 DS H/o Dorothy M. Lee
Lee, Dorothy M. 16Oct1922 07Sep2002 DS W/o Robert S. Lee
Lee, Wm. M. Easterly* 05Dec1837 02Oct1924 DS H/o Mary C.(Clark) Lee
Lee, Mary C. (Clark)* 14Feb1838 10Jul1922 DS W/o Wm. Easterly Lee
Lee, T. P. (Tivis Preston)* 01Jan1864 01Apr1947 SS S/o Wm.& Mary (Clark) Lee
Lewman, James Perry* No Dates on Stone 1827 05Dec1896 RS H/o Martha Jane Anderson
Lewman, Mary Ann(Jackson)(Hurst*17Oct1841 13Apr1923 SS 2nd W/o Alfred Wesley Hurst 3rd W/o James Perry Lewman
Lewman, Lemuel M.* 10Jul1880 04Oct1904 BS S/o James P.& Mary Ann Lewman
Lewman, E.S. (Rev)* 17May1819 27Mar1895 BS H/o Harriet (Hickerson)Lewman ( Elihu Strivers)*
Lewman, Harriet (Hickerson)* 16nov1823 02Dec1888 SS W/o E.S. (Elihu Strivers Lewman)
Lewman, Joseph Bunyon* 27Nov1862 20Dec1885 BS S/o Elihu S.& Harriet Lewman
Lewman, Maurice Garland* 04May1889 24Jul1890 SS S/o Wm. A.& M.A.(Muse) Lewman
Lewman, Jennie F.* 08Jan1897 17Jan1897 SS D/o Richard B.& Elizabeth (Walden) Lewman
Logan, Garlen Lee* 30Jul1922 10Dec1988 DS H/o Edith Logan“Pfc US Army”
Logan, Edith Margaret (Dunaway)* 10Feb1926 03Jul1995 DS W/o Garlen Lee Logan
Logan, Herbert E.* 11Mar1925 19Feb1992 SS “Pvt US Army Korea” S/o Willard & ?(Hardy) Logan

Marshall, Arthur T.* 13Sep1890 10Mar1983 DS H/o Maggie B. Marshall
Marshall, Maggie Belle(Caudill)* 09Jun1893 03Mar1963 DS W/o Arthur T. Marshall
Marshall, Josie Lee 29Nov1919 19Oct1923 SS 
Marshall, Zuella Blanch* 03Mar1922 25Jun1922 SS D/o Thomas &Katherine Marshall
Marshall, Clyde M*. 09May1893 23Jan2000 DS H/o Dessel R.(Dunaway)Marshall “Corp US Army WW-I”
Marshall, Dessel R.(Dunaway)* 25Mar1902 02Mar1974 DS W/o Clyde M. Marshall
Marshall, 8 Infants* No Dates SS With 8 Concrete markers Babies of Clyde & Dessell Marshall
McKee, Andrew T. 14Feb1819 14Aug1905 SS H/o Elizabeth McKee
McKee, Elizabeth 14Mar1820 14Mar1886 SS W/o Andrew T. McKee
McKee, Edron Heber 1925 14Feb1980 SS (age 55 died in Chicago, Illinois Born Fleming Co., Ky.) “S 2 US Navy WW-2”
McKee, G. E.(George Ed)* 02Feb1872 17Jul1937 SS&FS with intials D.T.&FS with R. J.??
McKee, Mary Katherine (Bailey)* 1882 1950 SS
McKee, G. H. (George Harrison)* 10May1913 08Apr1979 UK S/o G. E. & M.K.(Bailey)McKee H/o Mary (Shields) Mckee
McKee, George Washington 26Mar1842 MS H/o Nancy Elizabeth McKee H/o Leanor E. McKee, H/o Mary E. McKee
McKee, Leanor E. 15May1834 27Oct1905 MS W/o George W. McKee
McKee, Nancy Elizabeth 05May1866 MS W/o George W. McKee
McKee, Corda 10Sep1899 14Dec1901 SS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Mary Eversole (Downey) 01Nov1860 06Nov1904 SS W/o George W. McKee (Ck dates I have Nov on both could be Mar)
McKee, Flora B. 05Apr1880 14May1901 SS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Fay M. 21Oct1881 16Dec1903 SS S/o G.W. & M.E. Mckee
McKee, Irena 27Nov1883 11Apr1905 SS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Mavill 22Jun1872 22Mar1898 BS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Maggie H. 11Nov1874 02Aug1884 SS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Oletha 05Sep1887 06May1894 BS D/o G.W. & M.E. McKee
McKee, Miles T. 09Jun1876 15Sep1877 SS S/o G.W. & M.E. Mckee
McKee, James P. 11Feb1811 05Mar1891 BS H/o Lenorah (Plummer)McKee
McKee, Lenorah (Plummer) 28Nov1811 29Feb1888 SS W/o James P. McKee
McKee, James A.* 02Dec1844 04May1909 SS H/o Malinda A. McKee
McKee, Malinda A.* 25Nov1857 29Aug1932 SS W/o James A. McKee 
McKee, Arnie Preston* 11Sep1896 19Feb1898 SS S/o Abraham & M.J. McKee
McKee, John N.* 1883 1971 DS H/o Minnie McKee 
McKee, Minnie* 1888 19?? DS W/o John N. McKee FS MEH ? “Gladys, Opal, Golda”
McKee, Robert Yantis 07Jun1867 04Mar1959 SS H/o Susan Elizabeth McKee & Pearlie(Jordan) McKee
McKee, Susan Elizabeth(Wheat) 01Jan1865 14Jan1923 SS W/o Robert Yantis McKee
McKee, Susan A.* 15Apr1838 02Jan1890 SS W/o George S. McKee
McKee, Infant* 21May1854 SS S/o G. S. & Susan A. McKee

Niece, Elbert 25Apr1920 27Nov1989 SS Military F.S. “Pvt. US Army WW-II
Niece, John 1892 1974 DS H/o Sudie Niece
Niece, Sudie 1921 1996 DS W/o John Niece

Pendland, Richard ( Infant) 22Sep1967 SS
Pendland, Thelmar B. 16Dec1919 31Jan1921 SS S/o Charles & Orva Pendland

Reynolds, Bessie 22Mar1910 16Feb1911 SS 
Reynolds, Samey 21Oct1915 19Mar1927 SS
Reynolds, Jeff (Rev.)* 1861 1934 SS H/o Judy Reynolds
Reynolds, Judy/Judith(Osborne)* 1859 1915 SS W/o Jeff Reynolds
Rigdon, Jason Lee 21May1981 21May1981 SS Lee Family Plot next to Douglas F. Lee

Sipple, Guss Richard 1886 1951 MM Funeral Home Marker
Smalley, Clifton* 1915 1976 DS H/o Anna B.(Marshall) Smalley
Smalley, Anna Bell (Marshall)* 26Oct1913 18Dec1999 DS W/o Clifton Smalley & Estill Logan
Smalley, Phylis J. (Infant)* 1938 1938 SS D/o Clifton & Anna Bell Smalley
Spradling, Charles Henry* 07Jun1850 25Mar1896 SS H/o Martha Matilda(Humphries)
Spradling, Jasper N.* 09Feb1879 08Sep1941 SS H/o Laura A. Spradling
Spradling, Laura A.(McKee)* 21Dec1871 04May1919 SS W/o Jasper N. Spradling
Spradling, Anna Lorene* Abt 1911 No Dates UK Infant D/o J.N. & L.A Spradling
Spradling, Richard A.* 17Mar1904 19Apr1904 SS S/o J.N. & L.A. Spradling
Spradling, Thomas* 13May1821 12Jun1909 SS H/o Mary Ann(Blunt)Spradling
Spradling, Mary Ann(Blunt)* 27Sep1819 28Jan1875 BS 1th W/o Thomas Spradling
Spradling, Mary J.* 20Jul1840 21Feb1919 SS 2nd W/o Thomas Spradling
Spradling, John S.* 25Nov1881 01Sep1959 SS S/o Thomas & Mary J. Spradling
Stephens, W. Harrison 03Jun1893 24Nov1978 DS H/o Ruth Lee Stephens
Stephens, Ruth (Lee) 22Apr1898 29Aug1977 DS W/o W. Harrison Stevens
Stephens, Arnold V. 15Aug1941 09Nov1959 SS S/o W. Harrison & Ruth L. Stephens

Taylor, John D. 05Jan1810 04Nov1888 SS
Thomas, Johnny F.* 16Jun1924 09Jan2008 MS H/o Eulene (Hester)Thomas Pfc US Army WW-II
Thomas, Eulene F. (Hester)* 23Jul1928 13Dec2006 MS W/o Johnny F. Thomas
Thomas, Johnny Jr.* 22Feb1950 MS S/o Johnny F. & Eulene F. Thomas

Whalen, Earley P. 21Mar1910 19Oct1911 SS
Whalen, Henry 1895 1896 SS FS Located by Johnnie Whalen
Whalen, Johnnie 1897 1897 SS
Whalen, W. H(William Henry)* 12Apr1843 03Mar1924 DS H/o Anna (Gaines)Whalen
Whalen, Anna (Gaines)* 27Apr1847 22Mar1910 DS W/o William Henry Whalen 
Williams, Elijah C.* 1860 1933 SS H/o Anzy(Frazier) Williams
Williams, Anzy (Frazier)* 17Dec1862 11Sep1918 SS W/o Elijah Williams
Williams, Willis 17Aug1923 05Dec1929 SS 
Wilson, Wilma (Stephens) No Dates UK D/o W. Harrison & Ruth Stephens

Yeager, Dorothy B. J. 04Aug1926 11Jun2006 SS “Sister”

Unknown No Name or Dates SS Between G.W. Ham & Jennie Lewman
Unknown No Name or Dates RS By Myrtle C. Dunaway
Unknown No Name or Dates BS By Myrtle C. Dunaway
Unknown No Name or Dates RS By William Benton Jones
Unknown (May be Austin M. Dodd) No Name or Dates RS Between Christopher Gulley & Shawyer E. Dodd
Unknown No Name or Dates RS Next to Richard A. Spradling
Unknown No Name or Dates RS Next to Andrew T. Mckee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with Andrew&Elizabeth McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with George Washington Mckee
Unknown No Name or Dates BS In Row with George Washington McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with George Washington McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS In Row with George Washington McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS By Oletha McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS By Arnie Preston McKee
Unknown No Name or Dates RS Next to Infant Jackson
Unknown, Glaydas No Dates MS Could be tribute by them to some family 
Unknown, Opal No Dates MS member???
Unknown, Golda No Dates MS

Submitted by Daniel Wyatt