Plummer Cemetery

Also known as Evans Cemetery

351 Plummers Landing Rd, Plummers, Landing, KY  41081


Evans, Amanda wife of JR Evans 09-19-1844 – 10-28-1892 Epitaph: Will you come to my grave When my spirit has fled and beneath the green sod I am laid with the dead when the heart that loved you is turning to clay and in Calvary’s cold dews I am passing away Thy will be done 

Evans, Cornelia A., daughter of Isaac and Mina or Vina Evans 5-27-1888 – 9-25(?)-1889 Epitaph: Sleep on in thy slumber Thou________________ child Be _____ unblemished By sin undefiled Like the dove to the ark Thou hast flown to thy rest from this wild sea of strife to the home of the blest.                

Evans, Isaac 2-1-1802 – 6-29-1887

Evans, Oscar L, son of Isaac and Mina or Vina Evans 3-24-1892 – 9-30-1892Epitaph:Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.  

Evans, Marian  H. son of Isaac and Mina or Vina Evans 3-24-1892 – 9-25-1892 Epitaph:  Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.

Evans, Miram 10-18-1802 – 12-3-1880

Evans, Samuel A. 10-13-1836 – 04-06-1907

Evans, Sibba his wife 1842-1929, same stone as Samuel A. Evans

Knapp, Betty, no stone

Knapp, Clyde, no stone

Knapp, Dorothy Kiser, no stone

Knapp, Floyd 1940-1993, metal funeral marker

Knapp, James Lewis, no stone

Knapp, Jr.  James Lewis, no stone Matchett, Alvira, wife of James C.07-06-1838 – 03-04-1867

Matchett, Hiram 06-26-1863  -12-22-1887, Epitaph:  Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep

Matchett, James C.01-22-1835 – 04-22-1869

Matchett, James R. son of James C. Matchett  11-21-1861 – 10-15-1865

Matchett, Luta A.  09-01-1865 – 01-16-1897, Epitaph: A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled.A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled. The boon(?) his love had given. And though the body moulders (?) here. The soul is safe in heaven.

Morrison, Ann L. wife of W. H.11-27-1840 (no death date on stone; same stone as W. H. Morrison), death date 1-28-1925 from another source

Morrison, James D. son of W. H. and A. L. Morrison 9-22-1876 – 3-5-188 Epitaph: Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God calls away when he thinks best

Morrison, W. H.  09-10-1836 – 07-21-1910,Epitaph:  Come Unto Me, Note: William Hyter Morrison

Plummer, Cynthiad. 07-07-1855age 50 yrs 3 mo 29 days

Plummer, Ethelbert L. 01-06-1847 – 03-14-1870

Plummer, Louisa07-30-1838 – 09-20-1856

Plummer, Maranda 09-02-1828 – 10-05-1851

Plummer, Melvina 12-01-1832 – 05-23-1866

Plummer, Reason d. 02-16-1863 aged about 65 years

Plummer, Samuel 11-09-1830 – 03-30-1887, Epitaph:  A sleep in Jesus

Poynter, Lillie M. wife of W.W.08-31-1875 – 12-18-1894

Poynter, Sylvan A. son of W.W. 05-22-1894 – 02-08-1895, On same stone as Lillie M. Poynter

Also 9 field stones which appear to be graves.


Submitted by Elaine Logan