Newman Cemetery

Location: 3.2 Miles Off Ky. 32 on 1013 South, Watson Rd.,Plummers Mill, Fleming Co., Ky. 

Compiled & Updated July 2009 by Daniel Wyatt

Definition Keys: 

1. Names, Dates & Notes in (Brackets) are Additions, Maiden Names & 
Corrections. 2. SS=Single Stone, DS=Double Stone, SS/NS=Single Stone New Section
DS/NS=Double Stone New Section. 
4. Inscriptions enclosed in “Prentices.” 
5. H/o Husband of
6. W/o Wife of
7. D/o Daughter of
8. S/o Son of
9. B/o Brother of


Born Died Stone Notes

Ackers, Clayton 18Oct1925 28Oct2007 SS/NS “Tec 5 US Army WW-II” H/o Ilene Ham

Baker, Effie L.(Hamilton) 28Jul1921 18Aug1997 SS D/o Sam & Ethel Hamilton 
Bays, Johnnie 11Apr1917 10Apr2005 DS/NS H/o Gladys Bays 
Bays, Gladys 23Oct1920 Living DS/NS W/o Johnnie Bays
Bowling, Faye Marie 02Jun1950 07Dec2002 SS/NS “ Wife & Mother” 
Boyd, Nannie E. 07Mar1905 03Dec1907 SS D/o E. & Z. Boyd 
Boyd, Lewis E. 29Jan1895 18Jan1914 SS Next to Nannie E. 
Boyd, Ray 27Dec1939 15Nov1941 SS S/o Ezra & Ida Boyd
Boyd, William 20Mar1915 23Mar1915 SS S/o J.A. & Pearl Boyd 
Butcher, Albun Forrest 22Aug1924 24Mar1998 DS H/o Doris (Fraley) Butcher & S/o Isach & Bertha(Kiser)Butcher
Butcher, Doris (Fraley) 29Jun 1928 17Jul 2004 DS W/o Albun Forrest Butcher
Butcher, Tammy Joe 1964 1965 SS D/o Albun F. & Doris Butcher
Butcher, Bertha(Kiser) 06Jul1897 12Dec1990 SS/NS W/o Isach Butcher 
Butcher, Herbert Woodford 31Mar1924 27Nov2008 DSNS H/o Genevieve Butcher
Butcher, Genevieve 03Feb1927 01May1999 DSNS W/o Herbert Butcher
Butcher, Leo E. 20May1920 Living DS B/o Herbert Butcher 
Butcher, Jennie Ester(Cooper) 30Mar1925 27Jun1995 DS W/o Leo E. Butcher
Butcher, Larry Gene 08Jul1955 26Feb2002 DS S/o Leo & Jennie Butcher 
Butcher, Steve Wayne 02Aug1961 14Sep1961 SS 
Butcher, Milton Dewey 23Dec1925 07Oct1997 SS S1 US Navy WW-II 
Butcher, Jean 11Apr1935 16Jun1973 SS Next to Milton Butcher 
Butcher, Raymond E. 22May1931 08Mar2004 DS/NS S/o Isach & Bertha Butcher 
Butcher, Velma 11Apr1928 Living DS/NS D/o Isach & Bertha Butcher 

Cassidy, Emma (Butcher) 26Feb1884 26Feb1884 DS Sister to Isach Butcher
Cassidy Butcher, Allen Jr. 23Dec1898 3 Jan 1982 DS S/o Emma (Butcher) Cassidy
Coffee, Thomas F. 13Aug1922 13Aug1997 DS/NS Pfc US Army WW-II 
Coffee, Chlorine E. 08Dec1927 Living DS/NS W/o Thomas F. Coffee
Colliver, Infant 27Mar1904 SS D/o S.E. & L.F. Colliver 
Conley, Kermitt Lane 1958 1962 SS Next to Shilla 
Conley, Shilla Kay 1954 1962 SS Next to Kermitt 
Conn, Audra W. 01Mar1918 07Oct1979 DS H/o Alma I.(Harris) Conn 
Conn, Alma Iolene(Harris) 28Jan1921 06Oct1992 DS W/o Audra W. Conn 
Conn, Mary Catherine 03Dec1943 16Nov1944 SS D/o Audra & Alma Conn 
Conn, Beulah M. 26Sep1939 28Sep1939 SS D/o Audra & Alma Conn 
Conn, Johnnie W. 03Dec1969 03Dec1969 SS Infant S/o Sterling&Paulette Conn 
Cooper, Calvin G. 25Jan1921 Living DS H/o Naomi Cooper 
Cooper,Naomi C. 04Apr1923 21Jan2000 DS W/o Calvin G. Cooper 
Cooper, Vanda D. 1943 1943 SS D/o Calvin & Naomi Cooper 
Cooper, Rev. Delmore 25Nov1906 16Sep1977 DS H/o Gladys Cooper 
Cooper, Gladys 22Sep 1909 13May1983 DS W/o Delmore Cooper 
Cooper, Elizabeth Ann 01Nov1949 27Jun1982 SS “Crickett”
Cooper, George W. 1872 1938 TS H/o Emma S. Cooper 
Cooper, Emma S. 1882 1941 TS W/o George W. Cooper 
Cooper, Lura F. 1879 1941 TS “Sister” 
Cooper, Georgia Nell 01Nov1917 02Nov1917 SS D/o Geo. W. & Emma Cooper 
Cooper, Abram Welty 12Jul1909 03Jun1915 SS S/o Geo. W. & Emma S. Cooper 
Cooper, Ivy 14May1904 06Feb1907 SS D/o Geo. W. & Emma S. Cooper 
Cooper, Clarence B/D 28Aug1889 SS S/o Geo. W. & Emma S. Cooper 
Cooper, George T. Sr. 25Oct1907 15Sep1976 DS H/o Arzona R. Cooper
Cooper, Arizona (Riddle) 18Dec1910 25Apr1979 DS W/o George T. Cooper
Cooper, Glendall D. 09Apr1931 09Apr1931 SS B/D S/o George& Arizona Cooper 
Cooper, Ovie O. 09Apr1938 09Jul1938 SS S/o George T.& Arizona Cooper
Cooper, Fielding 1812 28Mar1891 DS H/o Susanah Cooper
Cooper, Susanah 25Jun1816 25Mar1879 DS W/o Fielding Cooper
Cooper, John G. 1881 1948 DS H/o Ive (Newman) Cooper
Cooper, Ive (Newman) 1887 1952 DS W/o John G. Cooper
Cooper, Clifford 16Feb1913 26Sep1914 SS Next to John & Ive Cooper 
Cooper, L. H. 02Jun1839 21Jan1906 DS H/o Mary A. Cooper
Cooper, Mary A. 23Dec1840 ? DS W/o L. H. Cooper
Cooper, Mariety 27May1877 03Jun1877 SS D/o L.H. & Mary A. Cooper 
Cooper, Sarah M. 31Jul 1863 09Feb1866 SS D/o L.H. & Mary A. Cooper
Cooper, Samuel F. 16Jan1865 21Feb1866 SS S/o L.H. & Mary A. Cooper
Cooper, Roedolph 13Mar1869 20Dec1870 SS S/o L.H. & Mary A. Cooper 
Cooper, Lowell C. 25Jul1933 29Jun1934 DS
Cooper, Loren H. 10Oct1922 3Mar1923 DS
Cooper, Millard Lee* 05Sep1870 04Jan1929 DS H/o Jennie L. Cooper
Cooper, Jennie Lee(Dolton)* 04Feb1877 30May1952 DS W/o Millard L. Cooper
Cooper, Ada E. 22Jun1902 05Aug1902 SS D/o Jennie L. Cooper 
Cooper, Clinton 25Nov1919 16Mar1920 SS S/o M.L. & J.L. Cooper 
Cooper, Rebecca Elizabeth 13Apr1909 16Nov1914 SS D/o M.L. & J.L. Cooper 
Cooper, Millard G. 1911 1969 SS Next to S. N. Cooper 
Cooper, S. N. 1900 1953 SS Next to Millard G. Cooper 
Cooper, Millard L. 11Nov1935 15Dec1998 SS/NS Next to Ottis & Dollie Cooper
Cooper, Linda L. 09Feb1943 Living DS/NS Next to Ottis & Dollie Cooper
Cooper, Ottis* 04May1911 15Oct1987 DS/NS H/o Dollie Cooper
Cooper, Dollie* 03Oct1913 13Dec2000 DS/NS W/o Ottis Cooper
Cooper, Roy C. 04Jun1900 02Apr1968 DS H/o Lucy E. Cooper
Cooper, Lucy E.(Holbrook) 30Jun1904 17Jul 1989 DS W/o Roy C. Cooper
Cooper, Gloria Sue 06Mar1941 12May1995 SS D/o Roy C.&Lucy E.(Holbrook)Cooper
Cooper, Omer B. 1903 1964 DS H/o Alice (Butcher) Cooper
Cooper, Alice (Butcher) 1906 31Jan2008 DS W/o Omer B. Cooper
Cooper, Oral D. 1935 1968 DS H/o Mary E. Cooper
Cooper, Mary E. 1943 DS W/o Oral D. Cooper
Cooper, Vera V. (Watson) 1917 1995 DS W/o Oral Cooper Cooper, Oral Espie 1917 1977 DS “US Army WW-II” 
Cooper, Wendell 09Apr1931 24Dec1996 DS H/o Golda Cooper “US Army Korea” 
Cooper, Golda (Newsom) 27Mar1934 Living DS W/o Wendell Cooper
Cooper, Wendell Gordon 06Aug1936 16Oct1992 DS/NS H/o Roberta (Gorman) Cooper & S/o Omer & Alice Coper
Cooper, Roberta (Gorman) 28May1943 Living DS/NS “ Married 22 Jul 1961” 
Cooper, Virgil E. 21Jan1926 14May1991 SS “Son & Brother” by Omer & Alice (Butcher) Cooper
Cox, Stirl 27Jun1916 14Nov2005 DS/NS H/o Lovell (Hurst) Cox
Cox, Lovell (Hurst) 20Feb1914 25Jul2004 DS/NS W/o Stirl Cox
Craig, John 1955 2008 SS
Crisp, A.J.( Jack) 07Aug1873 29Aug1970 DS H/o Elizabeth(Hall) Crisp
Crisp, Elizabeth(Hall ) 24Sep1879 04Sep1942 DS W/o Andrew Jackson Crisp
Curtis, Jerry Lee 07Dec 1943 07Nov1993 DS/NS H/o Bonnie (Cox) Curtis
Curtis, Bonnie (Cox) 26Jul1945 Living DS/NS W/o Jerry Lee Curtis

Davis, George Jr. 13Feb1928 03Dec1972 SS
Davis, Randy 31Oct1958 31Oct1958 SS S/o George Davis “ B/D” 

Eldridge, Chester F. 01Apr1910 23Sep2001 DS/NS
Eldridge, Nella Gay 21Jul1935 Livng DS/NS
Eldridge, Pamela Lynn 16May1967 ? SS/NS Next to Chester & Nella Eldridge 
Evans, John 1877 1960 DS H/o Elizabeth Evans
Evans, Elizabeth 1885 1976 DS W/o John Evans
Evans, Minor M. 09Jan 1908 20Oct1994 SS

Fannin, Lytle T. 08Oct1922 Living DS H/o Geneva E.(Newman) Fannin
Fannin, Geneva E.(Newman) 31Oct1925 16Apr2007 DS Sister to Maurice Newman

Hall/Sellers Elinor J. 10Sep1933 27Jul2001 SS/NS D/o Pete & Sara (Harris)Hall
Hall, James Lowell 06Feb1946 25Jun1991 SS/NS H/o Garnet (Bays) Hall
Hall, Thomas 04Mar1935 24May2006 SS/NS S/o Pete & Sara (Harris)Hall
Hall, James D. 27Dec1933 29Sep1997 SS/NS “SSGT US Airforce Korea” 
Hall, Willie M. 12Mar1905 13Dec1968 DS
Hall, Beulah F. 29Sep1914 02Feb2002 DS
Hamilton, Clester 06May1921 02May2000 DS/NS
Hamilton, Geneva 02Jun1937 24Apr1993 DS/NS
Hamilton, Everett 13Oct1924 12Nov2002 DS/NS “S1 US Navy WW-2” 
Hamilton, Anna L. 22Aug1931 23May1997 DS/NS W/o Everett Hamilton
Hamilton, Mike L. 23Apr1890 ? DS
Hamilton, Minnie W. 06May1895 ? DS
Hamilton, Mike L. 23Apr1890 10May1981 SS 
Hamilton, Sam 10Jun1884 03Mar1973 DS H/o Ethel Hamilton
Hamilton, Ethel 01May1894 04Aug1976 DS W/o Sam Hamilton
Hamilton, Rosie Mae(Watson) 01Sep1917 09Jun2003 SS W/o William Elmer Hamilton D/o Melvin Watson 
Hamilton, William Elmer 06Apr1917 18Apr2004 DS/NS B/o Samuel Earl “US Army WW II” 
Hamilton, Samuel Earl 09Aug1936 Living DS/NS B/o William Elmer Hamilton
Ham, K. Lyle 14Apr1921 05Nov1999 DS/NS H/o Ilene “Pec US Army WW-II” 
Ham, Ilene 05Jun1930 Living DS/NS W/o K. Lyle Ham&Clayton Ackers
Ham, Mary J. 27Oct1839 04Mar 1861 SS W/o J. Ham& D/o I.& M. Hargett
Hamm, Sam 1882 1965 DS H/o Pearl Hamm
Hamm, Pearl 1892 19-- DS W/o Sam Hamm
Harris, Donald G. 09May1916 09Jun1987 DS H/o Naomi “Married 26Nov1936” 
Harris,E, Naomi (Cooper) 07Nov1917 04Apr1998 DS W/o Donald G. Harris
Harris, Thomas Wilson 09Dec1890 11Nov1964 DS “Mess Sgt WW-I” 
Harris, Lottie Lee(Cooper) 12Sep1896 02May1930 DS W/o Thomas Wilson Harris
Harris, Millard Leo 05Oct1922 02Nov1922 SS S/o Thomas Wilson & Lottie Harris 
Harris, Willie O. 09Dec1929 07Apr1993 DS H/o Mary C. Harris
Harris, Mary C. 04Jul1935 Living DS W/o Willie O. Harris
Hay, John P. 03Jun1925 02Sep2001 DS H/o Nelva Hay “MaM 3/c US Navy”
Hay, Nelva 05Oct1922 Living DS W/o John P. Hay
Helphenstine, Shirley 11Nov1937 11Aug1996 DS/NS H/o Joyce “AB US Air Force” 
Helphenstine, Joyce 12Apr1947 Living DS/NS W/o Shirley Helphenstine
Helterbrand, David Bruce 27Apr1948 23Jul1992 DS H/o Marsha(Newman)Helterbrand
Helterbrand, Marsha(Newman) 07Jul1950 Living DS W/o David Bruce Helterbrand 
Helterbrand, Joseph A. Dec1960 DS Infant 
Helterbrand, Karen May1964 DS Infant 

Johnson, Robert O. Sr. 28Apr1936 25Nov1981 DS H/o Doris J. (Thomas) Johnson
Johnson, Doris J.(Thomas) 26Dec1938 26Feb2005 DS W/o Robert O. Johnson Sr.

Knapp, Clell 31Mar1945 Living DS/NS H/o Peggy Sue Knapp
Knapp, Peggy Sue 03Sep1948 19Feb1997 DS/NS W/o Clell Knapp

Maxey, Chester R.* 1899 1972 DS H/o Beulah M. Maxey
Maxey, M. Beulah (Cooper)* 10Sep1898 08Apr1978 DS W/o Chester R. Maxey
Maxey, Robert E.* 1930 1972 DS S/o Chester & M. Beulah Maxey
Maxey, Shelia L.* 1940 Living DS W/o Robert E. Maxey
Maxey, Teddy C.* 23Oct1922 19Aug1997 SS B/o Robert E. Maxey S/o Chester & M. Beulah Maxey
Muse, Theodore “Ted” 07May1917 06Dec1997 DS/NS H/o Elma Muse
Muse, Elma “Cricket” 19Apr1922 14Nov1995 DS/NS W/o Theodore Muse
Muse, Danny Lewis 1955 2006 SS/NS Next to Ted & Elma Muse 
Muse, Rev. William R. 07Nov1915 18Oct1992 DS H/o Alma Ruth Muse
Muse, Alma Ruth(Cooper) 23Sep1915 26Dec1992 DS W/o William R. Muse

Newman, James M. 31Jan1855 12Apr1937 DS
Newman, Lucretia 27Sep1863 21Jul1925 DS 2nd wife of James M. Newman 
Newman, Cordelia E. 30Dec1854 13Nov1885 SS 1th wife of James M. Newman 
Newman, Flora J. 18Jun1894 18Oct 1901 SS D/o James M. & E.L. Newman
Newman, Hattie May 02Jul1887 13Apr1906 SS D/o James M. & L. Newman 
Newman, John R. 27Apr1963 12Dec1980 SS S/o Johnny Ray & Jean Newman
Newman, John W. 21Oct1835 24Jan1894 SS H/o Malvina Newman 
Newman, Malvina 25Apr1835 02Jan1867 SS W/o John W. Newman 
Newman, Mary M. 28Jul1857 10Dec1860 SS D/o John W.& Malvina Newman 
Newman, Riley M. 14Aug1899 14May1986 DS H/o Nell Newman “US Navy WW-I” 
Newman, Nell (Hinton) 26Oct1899 26Sep1989 DS W/o Riley M. Newman
Newman, Maurice 04Nov1928 Living DS S/o Riley & Nell Newman Newman, Nina (Harris) 15Feb1927 22Jun1994 DS W/o Maurice Newman 
Newman, Cary Mitchell 02 Apr1949 02Apr1949 SS S/o Maurice & Nina Newman “B/D” 
Newman, William M.(Bill) 28Aug1956 24Feb2005 DS S/o Maurice & Nina Newman
Newman, M. Kathryn 09Oct1954 Living DS W/o William M. Newman
Newman, Samuel L. 05Apr1812 21Jan1890 DS H/o Sarah Newman
Newman, Sarah 25Oct1811 05Jan1904 DS W/o Samuel L. Newman
Newsom, Edward 1949 1984 DS/NS H/o Margie Newsom
Newsom, Margie 1948 Living DS/NS W/o Edward Newsom

Parker, Lulie E. 02Jan1905 19Mar1998 SS/NS
Pearce, William F. 03May1889 18Jun1914 SS S/o John O. Pierce&Wife 
Perry, David K. 03May1973 02Apr2006 SS/NS
Porter, David G. 21May1939 22May2002 DS/NS H/o Nancy Joann Porter
Porter, Nancy Joann 05Jul1941 Living DS/NS W/o David G. Porter
Potter, Kathryn I. 07Apr1932 08Mar1984 SS

Rigdon, Frank L. 1907 1978 DS H/o Ruby L. “US Navy WW-II” 
Rigdon, Ruby L (Thomas) 1912 2002 DS W/o Frank L. Rigdon
Rigdon, Frank E. 12May1933 12Feb2003 SS H/o Loretta (Hurst) Rigdon 
S/o Frank L. & Ruby L. Rigdon “US Air Force Korea” 
Roark, Henry H. (Punk) 11Sep1924 28Oct1977 DS “Tsgt US Army WW-2” 
Roark, Olive L. (Cooper) 12Jun1925 25Apr2003 DS W/o Henry H. Roark 
Roark, Nicky D. Sr. 07Dec1952 28Jan2007 DS “Parents of Nicky D. Jr, Deana, 
Roark, Janie 21Dec1956 Living DS Brittany & Grandchild Payton” 
Roark, Deana Nicole 07Dec1983 ? SS Next to Nicky & Janie Roark
Roberts, Charles 01Oct1883 01Nov1914 SS
Roberts, Elbert “Bussie” 29May1922 03Jan1992 DS/NS “Pfc US Army WW-II” 
Roberts, Mae (Molton) 05Mar1930 Living DS/NS W/o Elbert Roberts
Roberts, Lois(Rucker) 1952 2007 Metal Marker W/o Tommy Roberts
Roberts, W. M. 29Jan 1844 19-- SS Not believed to be buried here
Roberts. Nancy A. 20Jun1844 23Mar1891 SS 1st wife W.M. Roberts 
Roberts, Elizabeth 1840 1929 SS 2nd wife W.M. Roberts  Note: W. M., Nancy N. or A., & Elizabeth Roberts names all on same stone. Nancy A. is buried next to with own stone. Unsure if W. M. was buried with 2nd wife or not.
Royse, Roy Elgon 11Nov1930 13Sep1998 DS/NS “MM3 US Navy Korea” 
Royse, Joyce Ann 18Jun1940 2009 DS/NS W/o Roy Elgon Royse
Rust, William D. 1871 1940 DS H/o Nannie J. Rust
Rust, Nannie J. 1875 1942 DS W/o William D. Shields
Rust, M. E. Ines 16Mar1904 31Mar1906 SS D/o Wm & Nannie J. Rust

Shields, Delmar H. 17Jul1925 21Sep2007 DS/NS H/o Mildred Shields 
Shields, Mildred 30Nov1926 Living DS/NS W/o Delmar H. Shields
Shields, Larry T. 04Jun1956 03Oct 1989 DS/NS S/o Delmar & Mildred Shields
Shields, Linda S. 09Jan1958 Living DS/NS W/o Larry T. Shields
Shields, Brian 20Dec1973 22Jul1991 SS/NS S/o Delmar and Mildred Shields “My beloved Son”
Smoot, Alice 1936 1997 SS
Smoot, Carlos E. 10Jun1929 05Apr2001 SS “US Army Korea” 
Smoot, William T. 21Jan1883 24Jan1973 SS
Smith, Ovie 1912 1985 DS/NS H/o Emma G. Smith
Smith, Emma G.(Cooper) 1911 2003 DS/NS W/o Ovie Smith
Smith, Woodrow 26May1922 26Jan2009 DS/NS H/o Gladys Smith
Smith, Gladys(Hay) 05May1922 16Aug2003 DS/NS W/o Woodrow Smith
Spurlock, Matthew “Matt” 09Oct1903 31Jul1992 SS/NS
Stanfield, Thomas 10Feb1918 23May2002 DS H/o Oleta Stanfield
Stanfield, Oleta (Cooper) 27Dec1922 Living DS W/o Thomas Stanfield
Swim, George William 16Feb1921 03Jul1984 DS/NS H/o Carolyn Swim
Swim, Carolyn “Mamie” 22Apr1923 28Dec1986 DS/NS W/o George William Swim

Tackett, James A. 26Feb1911 01/2009 DS H/o Sylvia A.(Cooper) Tackett
Tackett, Sylvia A.(Cooper) 03Dec1909 27Jun2003 DS W/o James A. Tackett
Tackett, Joyce Marline 03Feb1934 24Oct1934 SS
Tackett, Gerald D. Sr. 22Apr1931 30Nov1988 DS S/o James & Sylvia Tackett
Tackett, Louraine M.(Thomas) 27Jul1934 Living DS W/o Gerald D. Tackett D/o Roy & Emma Thomas
Tackettt, Mark David 21Nov1961 26Jul1995 SS S/o Gerald & Louraine Tackett
Tackett, Winford Owen 21May1930 09Jun2007 DS/NS H/o Dixie Yocum Tackett
Tackett, Dixie Yocum 02Feb1933 Living DS/NS W/o Winford Owen Tackett
Taylor, Elizabeth M. 23Jul1910 30Jun1997 SS D/o Sam Hamilton ???
Thomas, Clarence M. 22Oct1936 25May1980 SS “Whipperwill” 
Thomas, Robert O. 07Nov1938 23Nov1983 SS 
Thomas, Perry J. 01Aug1878 02Dec1940 SS H/o Lillie M. Thomas 
Thomas, Lillie M.(Pierce) 1880 1958 SS W/o Perry J. Thomas
Thomas, Roy S. 1905 1979 DS S/o Perry J. & Lillie M. Thomas
Thomas, Emma (Day) 1914 2006 DS W/o Roy S. Thomas
Toy, Katherine (Thompson)* 1956 Mar2009 W/o Eddie Toy

Vise, Johnny Russell Sr. 01Dec1925 17May1998 DS/NS “Tec US Army WW-II” 
Vise, Eula F. (DeHart) 04Mar1932 Living DS/NS W/o Johnny Russell Vice Sr.
Vice, Ricky T. 09Apr1959 Living TS S/o Sherwood & Elizabeth Vice
Vise, Sherwood T. 26Aug1909 01May2005 TS H/o Elizabeth B. Vice
Vise, Elizabeth B. 21Mar1912 02Jul2003 TS W/o Sherwood T. Vice

Walker, Floyd E. 24Nov1924 07Jul1981 DS Walker, Carol J. 22Dec1944 Living DS
Watson, L.H. Lilburn 11Oct1897 09Jan1979 DS H/o Grace C. Watson “ WW-I” 
Watson, Grace (Crisp) 21Apr1900 30Apr1986 DS W/o L. H. Lilburn Watson
Watson, Melvin 1874 1959 SS B/o L. H. Lilburn Watson
Watson, Bee 01Dec1912 14May1974 SS S/o Melvin Watson “Pfc US Army WW-II
Watson, William W. 1921 1977 DS H/o Adeline Watson S/o Melvin Watson
Watson, Adeline 1922 2002 DS W/o William W. Watson
Williams, Frank 01Aug1894 09Jun1982 SS

Notes: One unmarked grave in New Section.

Submitted by Daniel Wyatt