Hillsboro Cemetery

Alta Harman Gifford December 19, 1889 October 6, 1987 Wife of Gilbert Gifford
Daughter of Eligah F and Mahala C Harmon
Sophronia Harman April 28, 1850 Sept 6, 1914 Wife of E. F. Harmon
E. F. Harman 1846 1934 Husband of Sophronia Harmon
Elijah F. Harman February 16, 1856 Jun 9, 1942 Son of John Green Harmon and Jane Ross
Mahala C. Porter Harman 1868 1930 Daughter of Andrew M. Porter and Sarah Chadwick
Ollie Mae Harman July 13, 1893 March 12, 1975 Daughter of Elijah F. and Mahala C. Harman
Elza Harmon 1877 1955 Father of Pattie Lee Harmon
Ora Harmon 1881 1972 Mother of Pattie Lee Harmon
Pattie Lee Harmon 1905 1974 Daughter of Elza and Ora Harmon
Sidney Harmon 1876 1938 Husband of Myrtle Harmon
Myrtle Harmon 1882 1912 Wife of Sidney Harmon

Mary Bishop has submitted an enumeration of this cemetery in .PDF format.  Thank you, Mary, for all your hard work.

Updated 12 May 2011