Hammonds Graveyard 1849-1916

Submitted by Vorease Wilson

Caleb Hammonds had died of cholera as had several of his family.  Caleb was the first one interred there.  One of his sons, Green Hammonds, waited on the cholera victims and as they passed away, wrapped them in their feather beds and hauled them to the spot and buried them.  No one was able or anxious to help for fear the disease was so fatal.  He said they were hauled on a sled drawn by a horse.  Caleb had two brothers, Jack and William.  Caleb had a daughter Rachel and five sons, Ward, James, Edward, John, and Green Hammonds.

Dates found on tombstone in graveyard on farm of Mrs. Mae Cannon, Cowan, Fleming County , Kentucky .

1.  Caroline Matilda Ann Hammond, Jan 24, 1841 – Nov 20, 1916;  “Gone but not forgotten.” This was the last burial in the graveyard.  William Harrison Hammonds preached her funeral.  She was the daughter of William W. Hammonds & Dorcas Spencer.  She was 75 years old and a school teacher, and sister of Eliza Hammonds.

2.  Eliza Hammonds, Jan 24, 1845 – Feb 25, 1878;  wife of A. E. Collins.  She was the daughter of W. W. Hammonds & Dorcas Spencer, sister of Caroline, and 33 years old.

3.  John Thomas Hammonds, Jan 13, 1889 – Apr 11, 1890;  son of John Fleming Hammonds & Hester Ann Reed.  “There lies my sweet babe I Hope to meet In Heaven.”  Brother of Charles Tilton Hammonds, William Harrison Hammonds & Ora Hammonds Furn.

4.  William Hammonds, Jan 22, 1877 – Jun 6, 1878;  son of W. R. Hammonds & V. Howard.

5.  W. W. Hughes, Apr 1891 – 1901.  Walter Hughes, brother of John Hughes who married Mary Rachel Hammonds.  Mary was the daughter of John S. Hammonds.

6.  Infant daughter of J. M. & Zada Hughes, died Aug 3, 1884.  “At rest in the Kingdom of Heaven”

7.  E. C. Hammonds, 1825 – May 8, 1863, Richmond KY.   In Union Civil Cavalry, Co. L 10th KY.  Married to Lucinda Kimes.

8.  Mary Alice Hammonds, Sep 13, 1885 – Dec 16, 1885;  daughter of John Fleming Hammonds & Hester Ann Reed, sister of Charles Tilton Hammonds, William Harrison Hammonds & Ora Hammonds Furn.  “Sleep on dear child & take thy rest in Jesus’ arms forever blest”

9.  W. W. Hammonds , Mar 29, 1818 – Nov 28, 1877;  son of Caleb Hammonds & Rachel Shockey.

10.  Dorcas Spencer, Jul 18, 1818 – Mar 4, 1884, consort of William W. Hammonds