Bruce Family Cemetery

This information was contributed by Ann Mefford, of Greenup Co., KY

This came about from a Stubblefield connection in Virginia.  I found the Henry Bruce home in Fleming Co., KY and had a wonderful chat with the man who bought and is renovating it. I have been told the Fleming Co., KY library has a book on the history of the Bruce family and that Henry Bruce's bible and journal are on line as well, but until now nothing on the cemetery.
As you face the two story brick home (built by Henry Bruce from bricks made on the property) the cemetery is behind it down the slope to the right on property  now owned by someone other than the home owners. In the Henry Bruce book the cemetery is clearly surrounded by a waist high stone fence, now the merest shell remains and it is overgrown with old  poke berries and locust trees. The owner said that he built at least 3 houses in sight of his for his daughters when they married. I and my husband found at least 2 of them.

1. An obelisk, fallen in three pieces, Henry Bruce/born in Stafford Co., Virginia/Oct 30, 1777/died upon the farm/where he is buried/July 10, 1855
2. In Memory of/Lucy Laing/who departed this life/June 30th 1831/aged 70 years
3.Sacred to the memory of/William Threlkeld/he was born the 5th of Sept 1769/and died the/ 20th of January 1852/aged 62 years
   and 4 months
4. In memory of Thomas Threlkeld/who departed this life/February 6th 1837/aged 21y 10m and 3 d
5. In memory of William Proctor/died June 17th, 1834
6. In memory of Elizabeth Bruce/who departed this life/ Sept 8, 1833/aged 68 years
7. In memory of Mildred Bruce/who departed this life. Feb 22, 1833 aged 68 years
8. In memory of John/son of.Cornelius &Lucy Waller/who departed this life/Oct 1829. aged about 15 years
9. Elizabeth T. Ficklin/departed this life/ June 7, 1839/aged 40 y, 1 month &3 days
10. In memory of Henry Warrick/departed this life May 22,  ____/ aged 34 y 8 m &21 d
11. Leonary Tully/died Apr 5, 1855/aged 58 years
12. Dr. A. P. Tully/born Dec 29, 1823/died/Oct 9, 1862
13. Double Stone on the left side:In memory of/Eleanor dau/of Thomas &/Lucy Porter/born 22 Aug 1834/died 10 Aug 1837 aged 2 y 1 m &19 days
                    on the right side: In memory of /Elizabeth dau of/Thomas &/Lucy Porter/born 30th Jan 1830/died 5th Aug 1833 aged 3y___ m &6 days
14.Elijah Threlkeld/son of Wm &Polly Threlkeld/departed this life/1st day of April 1841
15. In memory of JA. M. Porter/departed this life May 22, 1846/15 y 2 m 23 d
16. In memory of Benjamin T. Porter/son of Roly Porter/and Nancy his wife.born Dec the 12th 1813 and died/March the 1st 1819
17. William H. Porter/son of/John &Elvira Porter/died Aug 27, 1834/aged 8 months 25 days
18. Sacred to the /memory of / John Threlkeld Jr./born the 4th day of July/1808 and died the/4thof Oct 1830
19. Jane dau of Rolly S./& Ary T. Porter/born April 30, 1833/died April 2, 1850
20. Fanny/wife of John Dougherty/& daughter of/John &Mary Threlkeld/ Born/Mar 9, 1800/died/Dec 15, 1821
21. Ann Threlkeld/born in King George Co.,/Virginia/born 1749  24th Nov/died 16th of Nov 1828/aged 79 years
22. Nancy T./consort of Joseph/Threlkeld/died/June 29, 1817/the 21st year/of her age
To my shame I did  not note which ones were upright stones and which were table types. For the most part all were very clear to read due to heavy carving and inadvertent protection from the elements by the encroaching trees. All were collapsed and in desperate need of restoration. There may have been some I missed due to overgrowth but I do believe I got them all.
The Henry Bruce family is from a very successful family, the book has portraits of Henry and some of his children. He arrived from Virginia with very little though his family owned a Plantation (and I use the big P for plantation here) in Virginia with hundreds of slaves and land. This book makes for wonderful reading, as does his online journal.