On front page: George D. Sousley’s Bible, Bought the 18th day of October, 1826.

Copied by William M. Talley


Sousley, Isabel death the 11th day of Feb., 1836.

Sousley, George D. death the 26th day of Mar., 1837.

Callahan, Sarah J. died 28th Aug., A. D. 1841.

Cochran, George F. was born May the 10th, 1838.

………… Carraline was born the 21st day of Sept., 1834 (this scratched out).

Cochran, Edward was born May the 13th, 1853.

Cochran, William N. was born March the 20th 1856.

Sousley, George D. and Isabella Cochran was married the ninth day of Oct., 1806.

Sousley, Harreson C. and Mary Cochran was married the 20th Feb., 1833.

Sousley, Nancy Ann and Daniel C. Newcomb was married the 21st day of Feb., 1833.

Sousley, Lovina V. was married to Roland G. Alexander the 21st day of Feb. 1833.

Sousley, Franklin P. was married the 7th day of May, 1835 to Susan Peck.

Cochran, James was married to ……….ed C. Sousley the 10th day of June, 18_3.

Cochran, George F. was born the 10th of May, 1838.

Cochran, Sarah Ann was born the 24th of Nov., 1835.

Cochran, Nancy Jane was born the 6th of July, A. D. 1841.

Sousley, Sophia Mary was born the 6th of April, 1843.

Sousley, Harrison Cochran was born the 12th day of July, 1807

Sousley, Franklin P. was born the 27th day of Dec. 1809.

Sousley, Nancy Ann was born the 17th day of Dec., 1810.

Sousley, Lovina was born the 8th day of Oct., 1812.

Sousley, Isabelle was born the 6th day of Nov., 1814.

Sousley, George D. was born the 20th of Dec., 1816.

Sousley, James D. was born the 31st day of Dec., 1818.

Everman, Sarah was born the 10th day of Oct., 1820.

Sousley, John C. C. was born the 16th day of Oct., 1822.

Sousley, Cochran R. was born the 23rd day of May, 1824.

Cochran, Lovina Isabella was born the 5th day of June, 1845.

Cochran, James Robert was born Feb. the 11th, 1848.

(?), Mary Elizabeth, September the 13th, 1850.

Cochran, George T. was born May 10, 1838, Married Oct. 9, 1864, Died July 20, 1891.

Cochran, Sarah A. was born November 24, 1839; Married November 11, 1858; Died May 20, 1896.

Cochran, Nancy Jane was born July 6, 1841; Married 13 Nov., 1877; Died Jan. 14, 1913.

Cochran, Sophia M. was born Apr. 6, 1843; Married June 17, 1862; Died Feb. 9, 1913.

Cochran, Lovina I. was born June 5, 1845; was Married Jan. 10, 1867; died Oct. 4, 1892.

Cochran, J. R. was born Feb. 11, 1848, was married Sept. 30, 1873.

Cochran, Mary E. was born Sept. 13, 1850; Married Nov. 13, 1877.

Cochran, Ed. Was born May 13, 1853.

Cochran, William N. was born Mar. 20, 1856; Married the 18th of Dec., 1879.

Cochran, James T. was born Mar. 10, 1816; and died Feby. 16, 1886.

Cochran, Isabella Sousley was born Nov. 6, 1814; and died May 4, 1893.