This Bible now owned by B. M. Hunt, near Sherburne, Fleming Co., KY.

Copied by William M. Talley


Smith, Henry was born Aug. 9th, 1825.

Smith, Mary E., wife of Henry Smith, was born Feb. the 3rd, 1830.

Smith, Susan E. was born Jan. 1st, 1851.

Smith, Nancy R. was born April 5th 1853.

Smith, Isaac Wm. was born April 23rd, 1855.

Smith, John H. was born Sept. 15th, 1857.

Smith, Sarah E. was born January 2nd 1860.

Smith, Mary T. was born June 26, 1862.

Hunt, Beckie died Aug. 18th 1880.

Hunt, Reuban died ---------

Hunt, Elizabeth died Feb 16, 1901.

Smith, Mary E. died Feb. 6, 1901.

Hunt, Minnie died May 4, 1901.

Smith, Henry died June 3rd, 1879.

Humphries, Susan E. died Nov. 23rd, 1873.

Smith, Sarah E. died Nov. 12th, 1876.

Sapp, Mary T. died June 22nd, 1896.