First owned by Joseph Porter. Now owned by Mrs. Robert Waller, near Sherburne, KY. Printed by New York Bible Society, 1848.

Copied by William M. Talley


House, Carline, M. born June 13th, 1863.

Porter, Mary Ellen, born July 15th, 1863.

House, Nancy Ann, born April 26th, 1865.

Porter, Eliza, born Dec. 19th, 1865.

Harmon, John Hasro (?), born Oct. 2nd, 1865.

Harmon, Margaret E., born July 15th, 1867.

House, Sarah A., born April 2nd, 1867.

Porter, Mahala L., born March, 1867.

Porter, John, born Fleming Cty, Kentucky. Jan. 8th, 1810.

Moren, Angeline, born Fleming Cty., Kentucky, May 19th, 1819.

Porter, Mary Ann, born Fleming Co., Mar. 22d, 1839.

Porter, Hannah Jane, born Fleming Co., April 4th, 1843.

Porter, Sarah Elizabeth, born Fleming Co., June 22nd, 1846.

Porter, Thomas Leonard, born Dec. 17th, 1848, Fleming Co.

Porter, Andrew Murray, born April 4th, 1843, Fleming Co.

Porter, Martha, born Nov. 22, 1852.

Porter, Joseph, born July 18th, 1854.

Porter, Ruth, born Mar. 25th, 1857.

Porter, John William, born Aug. 30th, 1859.

Porter, Nelson Fant, born May 29th, 1863.

Porter, Sarah, died Sept. the 20th, 1935.

Porter, John And Angeline Moren married Nov. 2nd, 1837, Fleming Co., KY.

Porter, Andrew M. and Sarah M. Chadwic married Sept. 11th, 1862.

House, George and Hannah J. Porter married Sept. 11th, 1862.

Harmon, William T. and Mary  A. Porter married Dec. 22nd, 1864.

Porter, Nelson and Jennie Prater married Dec. the 24th, 1886.

Moran, Edward, died April the 15th, 1874.

Moran, William, died July the 27th, 1874.

Rice, William Wallace, died Sept. the 4th, 1875.

Porter, Thomas Leonard, died Nov. the 27th, 1887.

King, Marth, died the 31st day of March, 1895.