Bible first owned by David McCabe, Sr.

Copied by William M. Talley


McCabe, Lydia was born Nov. 22, 1789, departed this life Apr. the 10th, 1790.

     Amos was born January 17, 1791, and departed this life July 18th, 1793.

     Jane was born Dec. 21st, 1792, and departed this life July 19th., 1793.

     Sally was born Apr. 6th, 1795.

McCabe, William was born Apr. 5th, 1797.

McCabe, Eli was born Sept. 22nd, 1799, and departed this life Sept. 2nd., 1816.

The above are all children of Thomas and Ruth McCabe.


McCabe, William died Sept. 18th, 1854, in Illinois.

McCabe, Eli died Sept. 2nd, 1816, at Greenupsburg, KY.

McCabe, David, Sr. died Aug. 29th, 1887.

McCabe, David was born Jan. 17th, 1802.

McCabe, Margaret, daughter of David and Rachel (Knight) McCabe, was born Jan. 28th, 1826.

     Ruth was born July 19th, 1828.

     Elizabeth was born Oct. 9th, 1829.

     Maryann was born Jan. 10th, 1831.

     Sarah Jane was born Oct. 8th, 1832.

     William Thomas was born Aug. 2nd, 1835.

     The above are all children of the same parents.

     Mary Ann died Oct. 7th, 1833.

     William Thomas died Apr. 17th, 1836.

McCabe, Rachel (Knight), consort of David McCabe, departed this life Oct. 19th, 1837.

McCabe, Ruth, mother of David McCabe, departed this life, Sept. 20th, 1836.

McCabe, David was married to Maria Jane Finley Tilton, May 29, 1838.

     McCabe, David Duncan was born May 27, 1839.

     McCabe, Alice was born June 15th, 1841.

     Vinetia was born Mar. 8th, 1844.

     McCabe son was born Nov. 9th, 1846.

     Ann Maria was born Sept. 18th, 1847.

     The above are all children of David and Maria Jane McCabe.

     McCabe, Ann Maria died 13th of July, 1849.

McCabe, Mary Jane, wife of David McCabe, departed this life Sept. 7th, 1874.

     Alice Emmons died July 5th, 1876.

     Vinetia Dillon died Dec. 13th, 1874.

     The above are all children of David and Mary Jane Finley.

McCabe son died Nov. 9th, 1846, still-born.

McCabe, David Sen. Died Aug. 29th, 1887, at 10 A. M., Monday. Buried at Gilead.

McCabe, Ruth died Dec. 11, Tuesday night at eleven o’clock, 1894.