HOOD Bible

Copied by William M. Talley


Hood, John and Ann Stewart were married Sept. 18, 1786.

Hood, Samuel married Isabella Lee, Mar. 13, 1810.

Lee, Alexander and Ann Hood married Nov. 1811.

Hood, William and Isabella Blare married Sept. 6, 1815.

Hood, Adam and Margaret Hayden married June 28, 1821.

Norris, William N. and Mary Hood married Oct. 17, 1822.

Hood, Stewart and Mary Patton married Dec. 17, 1833.

Hood, John was born 1751 – February.

Stewart, Ann, born 1765 – Aug. 5th.

Hood, Samuel born June 2, 1787.

Hood, Ann was born Mar. 9, 1791.

Hood, Jane was born Jan. 20, 1793.

Hood, Adam was born Jan., 1799.

Hood, Stewart was born Apr. 30, 1801.

Hood, ……… was born Aug. 20, 1803.

Hood, John was born Nov. 18, 1805.

Hood, Ann died Oct 1, 1823, aged fifty-eight this present date, 1823.

Hood, Jane died Nov. 13, 1823, aged thirty years, 10 mos.

Lee, Alexander died Feb. 23, 1814.

Hood, John died Jan. 14, 1831, aged eighty.

Hood, John died July, 1835.

West, Fanny died Mar. 16, 1840.

Lee, Eliza died Oct. 25, 1840.

Hood, Samuel died Jan. 18, 1857.

Patton, Mary died Sept. 30, 1853.

Hood, Stewart died Feb. 1, 1864.

Hood, Chas. Edgar died May 4th, 1864.

Hood, Adam died Jan. 13, 1867.

Lee, Ann died Dec. 26, 1867.

(In more space here several names are either erased or else bad ink made them illegible.)

Hood, William died Nov. 19, 1879, aged 88 years, and 8 mos.

(The following pasted in the Bible)

“Certificate given the immigrant John Hood in Scotland. That John Hood hath always been within the bounds of our congregation since his infant state and he always behaved himself soberly and hoestly in all things, being free from any publick scandal, or church senoure (?) known to me, and may be admitted with Christian privilege, these certified at Cullbacky by order of session this 17th of May, 1772 by Alexr. McMullan.”