This Bible was once owned by Ivelia Saunders. Now owned by Mrs. Lida Ringo, Flemingsburg, KY.

Copied by William M. Talley


Haws, Alexander was born 25 January, 1770 and married 14th Nov., 1795.

Haws, Samuel F. was married the 16th June, 1851.

Haws, Judith was born 2nd August, 1797.

Haws, Horace was born 23 January, 1799.

Haws, Arthur was born 1 April, 1801.

Haws, Samuel Ferguson was born 18 Sept., 1804.

Walton, Jos. F. (?) was born in the year 1835, Nov. 7th.

Walton, Lousia was born Aug 8(?)th, 1837.

Haws, Arthur departed this life July the 4th in the year of our Lord 1829. aged 28 yrs., 3 mos., and 3 ds.

Walton, J. G. was born Feb. the 9th, A. D. 1809.

Walton, Nancy, wife of Johnson, was born May the 17th (or 11th) A. D. 1809.

Walton, Johnson G. was married to Nancy Garvin Oct. the 4th (or 9th), in the year of our Lord, 1828.


(The surnames of the following were not written in.)

Rose was born 14th Sept., 1796.

Clara was born 13th Dec., 1816.

Henry was born 14th Dec., 1818.

Anne was born 22 July, 1821.

Montrinelle (?) F. Walton was born Jan. the 22d, A. D. 1830.

Meteruna was born Mar. the 28th, A. D. 1831.

Sarah Jane was born Oct. the 24th, A. D. 1832.

Virginia Lewis was born Feb. the 18th, 1834.