Banfield/Mays Deed

Submitted by Margaret Mays Hasson


Willis Banfield & Als.                         This quit claim deed, make and entered into

To  --  Deed                                                     this 26 day’Sept. 1905, between Willis Banfield

Peter Mays                                                    and his wife Charity Banfield, part of the

                                                                        First part and Peter Mays, party of the second


Part all of Plummers Ldg.Ky.


                                                           That for and in consideration of $50.00 Fifty dollars cash in hand the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the party of the first part bargain, sell and convey and forever quit to the following property, to whit:  Situated on Stockton Creed in Fleming Co. bounded & described as follows:  On North by G. W. Swinford, east by land of the late W. B. Evans, decd. On south by said Evans & W. S. Fant, land to contain 50 acres more or less.  The party of the first part quit claim to the above described land this day conveyed to the said Peter Mays and his heirs & assigns.                                                                                                

Witness our hands this September 26th 1905                                        


                                                                                                  Willis Banfield

                                                                                                  Chartie Banfield


State of Kentucky

County of Fleming


                                     On this 26th day of Sept. 1905, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the County of Fleming, & State aforesaid, Willis Banfield and his wife Charity Banfield to deed Peter Mays known to me to be the individuals described within and who executed the within conveyance who acknowledged the same to be their free act and deed.  Witness my hand & seal this Sept. 26, 1905.  My commission expires Jan. 21, 1906


                                                          (SEAL)                 W. A. Hinton,  Notary Public, Plummers

                                                                                                                  Landing, Kentucky .



State of Kentucky

-         Sct.

   Fleming County

                                         I, Chas. M. Lee,  Clerk of Fleming County Court, certify that the foregoing deed to Peter Mays was this day lodged for record.     Whereupon the same with the foregoing and this certificate has been duly recorded in my office.

            Witness my hand this February 28th 1910.

                                                                                                  Chas. M. Lee,    Clerk

                                                                                    By                   L. P. Lee    D. C.        




This Peter Mays is Duren Calvin Mays, son of David & Susannah Click Mays of Elliott Co. KY.


From deed book at Flemingsburg Courthouse, Fleming Co. KY.  Property situated in Plummers Landing.  Pgs. 489 & 499.  Other deeds on these two pages include the names; Eugene S. Cohen, Notary public El Paso County, Colorado for Dora Breeze wife of A. M. Breeze, H. D. Seamonds, P. O. Grimes, Louella Grimes his wife, & T. T. McRoberts, George Stone, M. C. Saunders, & U. G. Saunders.