Will of John Jameson Armstrong

Contributed by Renee Schaeffer

Will Book I, Fleming County Kentucky, 1849, page 485

John J. Armstrong

In the name of God Amen, I John J. Armstrong of the town of Flemingsburg County of Fleming and Commonwealth of Kentucky being now in my 70th year and desirous to dispose of my entire estate real and personal and mixed do now by these _______ make and ordain the following as my last will and testament.

First, I will and desire to my wife Mary Armstrong the sum of $1500 dollars in money to be paid to her at my death should she survive me or in the event of her dying before me to be paid to such person or persons as she my wife may be willing to designate. This sum being an amount received by me of her when we were married. Reference is here and to arrangement by me and my said wife before we were married and recorded the date ________ Mason County Clerk's Office. This said sum of $1500 dollars to go and be disposed by my said wife. Second, I give and desire to wife Mary Armstrong , from and to be disposed of forever by her as she may think best ____ ____ _____ may or have for life now about 45 years. Third, I desire to my wife Mary Armstrong forever _____ by her and ____ of by her all my household and kitchen furniture of every kind and ______.

Fourth, I desire to my wife Mary Armstrong during her married life the use and benefit of my house and lot in town of Flemingsburg in which I now reside as also my lot I use as pasture also one horse and milch bow. Fifth, whereas I have endeared to advance each of my children sons and daughters equally as they have grown _____ Although I may have under particular circumstances advanced to some of them in a small degree more than other yet I now declare them all equal and I therefore now devise to all of them equally all the balances of my estate real, personal or mixed to each share equally all I may have after she aforesaid devises to my wife Mary are paid off and satisfied that is to say, Hannah Asberry, Robert Armstrong, Jane Asberry, William T. Armstrong, Abner E. Armstrong., Elizabeth Howe and daughter Martha, James L. Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, John S. Armstrong, Mary Throop, Elizabeth Atchens. Each of them or their heirs to have an equal portion and division of my estate and should any of my aforesaid die without heirs and shall make no will, I desire that their shares of my estate go to survivors of the above named children and grandaughter. Sixth, it is my will that my negro boy _____ now about ten years old serve my wife Mary should she survive me. I do hereby authorize her by will or deed to emancipate said boy but should my wife not think proper to do so , then said boy is to become a part of my estate to be divided among my aforesaid heirs. Last, I appoint my son Robert my sole executor with full power to execute this my last will and testament and do authorize him at the death of my wife Mary to sell and convey by deed all my real estate dividing the proceeds as directed in the fifth clause of this will. I do by these presents and anvil and revoke any and all former wills by me made. In testimony where of I have unto set my hand and seal this first day of May 1849.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of L.W. Andrews and

J.H. Thomas


At a court held for Fleming County on the 10th day of April 1858. This writing purports to be the last will and testament of John Armstrong, dec'd was provided and proven by the oath of L.W. Andrews subscribing and witnessed there to who also proved by attestation of J. H. Thomas another subscribing and ordered to be recorded to which is done.

W. Dudley, Clerk