Emmons Deed

Contributed by Renee Schaeffer

Fleming Co., Kentucky
Deed Book 38, p 133:

This deed between John W. Emmons and Martha A. Emmons his wife and Thomas T. Emmons and Sarepta Emmons his wife of the county of Fleming and State of Kentucky parties of the first part and James M. Emmons of the aforesaid county party of the second part Witnesseth that the said party of the first part in consideration of seven hundred and Sixty Seven Dollars ($767) to be paid in manner following, Three Hundred and ninety Two dollars ($392) to be paid on the 25th day of December 1869 and Three Hundred Seventy five dollars ($375) to be paid on the 25th day of December 1870 notes being executed therefor bearing even[?] date herewith the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby sell grant and convey to the party of the second part James M. Emmons his heirs and assigns the following described property upon which a lien is retained for the said purchase money Viz it being their undivided interest in and to the premises on which James M. Emmons now resides the land of which Joseph Emmons dec'd seized of and willed by the said decedant to Susan Emmons during her natural life then to revert back to the legal heirs of said Joseph Emmons deceased the said farm lies on the west side of the Turnpike road and contains One Hundred and Nineteen Acres be the same more or less and the undivided interest of the said party of the
first part is two sevenths 2/7 of the said Heirs on farm or one Seventh to each heir there being seven legal heirs of the said decedant Joseph Emmons. To have and to hold the same with all the appertanencees thereon to the second party James M. Emmons his heirs and assigns forever with consent of General Warranty.  In testimony whereof we have herewith fixed our signatures this 5th day of January 1869.

F. R. Davis
Thomas T. Emmons
Sarepta Emmons
Martha E. Emmons
John W. Emmons

State of Kentucky
Fleming County [seal]

I Joseph Throop Clerk of the Fleming County Court do verify that the foregoing deed was on the 23rd day of January 1869 produced to F. R. Davis deputy for me and acknowledged by the Grantors to be their act and deed that the same is duly stamped as the Law requires and that I have recorded it with this certificate in my office.  Given under my hand this 29th day of March 1869.