Truman Skinner Day and John W. Emmons Deed

Contributed by Renee Schaeffer

DEED---This deed between Truman S. Day and Lucinda F. Day, his wife, of Hillsboro Fleming County , Kentucky, of the first part and John W. Emmons of the same place, county and state aforesaid of the second part "______path" that the said party of the first part in consideration of the sum of ($1500.00 ) Fifteen hundred dollars ( $510.00 ) Five hundred and ten dollars in hand paid the receipt of which the party of the first part hereby acknowledges the remaining ( $900.00 ) due and payable as follows:  ( $650.00 ) Six hundred and fifty dollars and payable by note June 1st 1869.  Third and last payment due by note by October 1st 1869 ( $340.00 ) Three hundred and forty dollars a lien is hereby retained on the hereinafter
described _____ of _____and promises to secure the deferred payments, hath and doth by these presents, sell a lien and convey unto the party of the Second part, his heirs and assigns 5/8, Five eights of the entire undivided interest in and to the Dower interest or Estate of Mrs. Priscilla Day, widow of Alvin G. Day, deceased Rote of Fleming Co., Kentucky being the following undivided Eighths in said Dowery Estate or interest Viz:  Arthur F. Day and wife, G. F. Freeman and Elizabeth M. Freeman, John W. Emmons and Martha E. Emmons, Charles Emmons and Margaret F. Emmons, Truman S. Day and wife____said____S. Day having heretofore rought and had conveyed to him by deed 4/8, Four eighths of said Dower interest being the first four eighths above mentioned which was conveyed by Deed to said Truman S. Day which Deed are of Record in the Clerk's office of the Fleming Co. in Deed Book No. 37 and on the following pages viz:  396, 397, 398, 450 said dower interest or Estate consists of the Day Tavern _____ in Hillsboro, Fleming Co., Kentucky together withe the Stabling and lots and all appertonary? thereon as set forth in the cor______ allotment of said Widow's Dowery, Recorded in the Clerk's Office of Fleming Co., KY.

To have and hold said undivided interest of (5/8) Five eighths in _______ Dower Estate, hereby conveyed to Said John W. Emmons his heirs and assigns forever and the Said Truman S. Day and wife hereby agree to forever warrant, the Title to the aforementioned dower interests ( being 5/8 of the whole) from themselves their heirs and assigns and from all persons whatsoever it is understood by and between the parties that any Deed or Deeds to the within mentioned Dowery is in operation insuring the lifetime of the Said Mrs. Priscilla Day. In testimony whereof the Said Truman S. Day and Lucinda F. his wife hereunto set their signatures with full relinquishing of Dower. Given under our hands this 18th day of May 1869.

Truman S. Day
Lucinda F. Day

Attest----State of Kentucky
             Fleming County

I, Joseph Throop, Clerk of Court for the county aforesaid, Certify this Deed from Truman S. Day and Lucinda F. Day to John W. Emmons was on the 18th day of May 1869____to F. R. Davis a Deputy for me and acknowledges by Said Grantors to be their act and deed. Said deed was stamped agreeable to them and is with this Certificate duly Recorded in my office. Given under my hand this 8th day of ____1869. Joseph Throop, Clerk