1840 Fleming County Kentucky Heads of Household


Revolutionary War Pensioners

Below are the names of the Heads of Household for the people in Fleming County Kentucky in 1840.  This information was transcribed by Marvin Hall from the microfilm, which he rented from the National Archives Microfilm Rental Program. P. O. Box 30, Annapolis Junction, Maryland  20701-0030.  You may rent any extant United States Census through their program.  Only those through 1930 are available.  The 1840 Fleming County is Series "M704 Roll #110."  The information includes only names of the head of household, and the Special Census of Revolutionary War Veterans.  No other people were named.  The wives, children, etc., who lived in the house were listed only by sex and age range.  There is a section listing "FREE COLORED PERSONS" and another listing SLAVES, by age and sex.  No names were given for slaves or "Free Colored Persons."  There are many households in which "Free Colored Persons," were listed after a household of "Free White Persons."  None of the households had separate listings of the head of the "Free Colored" families.  Consequently, none of those appear to have been named.  If you find a name of someone who you think might be a relative, you may view the film by renting it for about $4.00 and taking it to the library.

The names below are all "Free White Persons."

Head of Household

Shepard, James

Rush, G. W.

Crandall, Ira

Feemster, Samuel

Andrews, Delinda

Means, Joseph

Hall, W. T.

Joy, Halary

Faris, Hugh

Pratt, John

Goodwin, William Jr.

Caldwell, Jane

McDowell, James E.

Carter, Milton

Sleigh, Joseph

Walker, William

Ficklin, William

Warder, Joseph

Dudley, James

Metcalf, William

Anderson, L. D.

Reid, William

Belt, Hickerson

Donaldson, John

Curry, A. G.

Stockton, Narcissa

Cavan, John A.

Dorsey, John

Andrews, L. W.

Carter, Joseph

Hunt, William

Young, Bay L.

Dudley, William T.

Payne, John G.

Bridges, Dillon

Lee, Richard R.

Delong, I. H.

Bowman, Harrison

Dent, Isaiah

Hudnut, Ival

Stockwell, Sam

Throop, Thomas

Boyd, Wilson P.

Rock, Abel

Stockton, Richard T.

Stockton, Phoebe

Porter, Thomas

Thomas, I. H.

Cooper, M. W.

Moffett, H. I.

Fant, W. O.

Brozee, Jacob

Botts, William

Hall, Nath. P.

Bishop, Henry

Bean, P. R.

Paxton, Daniel

Cady, James

Robertson, W. L. 

Chapman, William T.

McDonald, William

Yertman, Harry L.

Durrett, Huldale

Thompson, Samuel

Botts, William L.

Moss, Vincent L.

Ward, Jamas

Patterson, Joseph

Maltby, Henry

Fleming, Thomas W.

Wayne, David

Davis, John W.

Andrews, F. A.

Forman, George W.

Mills, Henry B.

Threskeld, Elijah

Kelly, Jeremiah

Tully, Leonard

Proctor, Thomas

Harris, Thomas

Huddleson, John

Emmons, Sinclair

Goddard, John

Steele, Soloman

Dickey, William

Oakerson, William

Keith, Elizabeth

Lander, Charles F.

Wallingford, James

Planck, James M.

Botts, John H.

Williams, Alonzo

Pearce, Lewis C.

Pearce, Elias B.

Oliver, Thomas

Fiser, Daniel

Demoss, Lewis

Fant, B. L.

Grimes, Avery

Hughs, William

Evans, Robert

Ringo, Burtis, Pensioner Burtis Ringo-78 y/o

Shirley, William

Babbs, William

Leforgee, Ayres

Emmons, J. B.

Spurgin, Jeremiah

Bridges, Charles K.

Estill, David R.

Overly, John C.

Emmons, William

Pearce, Samuel C.

Fant, James P.

Stockwell, John W.

Terhune, William

Jones, Edmond

Hampton, John

Bramble, David

Filson, Samuel B..

Ward, Thompson

Kennan, James M.

Darnall, Thomas

Harrison, Elizabeth

Bateman, Newton B.

Elston, Jonathan

Cunningham, Reuben

Caldwell, Job

Cunningham, Thomas

Belt, Dennis

Harrison, James B.

Belt, Osborn

Fitch, Henry

Jones, Armon

Hannaclaugh, Henry

Dudley, William

Andrews, N(?). L.

Andrews, Robert

Andrews, Amelia

Stuart, James

Broward, Benjamin

Stuart, Charles D.

Stuart, Robert

Jones, Nancy 

Bishop, Jacob G.

Chord, Garrett

Slicer, Thoriston

Chadwick, Hannah

Darnall, John L.

Mills, Thomas P.

Darnall, William H.

Cartwell, Nancy T.

Jones, James

Hart, Amsa

Wrenchy, James

Terhune, Abram

Young, James H

Young, Jolin

Hood, James

Evans, Alexander

Pouge, Josiah B

Summers, Robert

Dudley, Thomas

Davis, Theophilus

Barnes, Joshua P.

Terhune, Daniel, Rev War Pensioner Daniel Terhune-81 y/o

Matthews, Mary

Stockton, Dorsey K.

Hedgcock, Jonathon

Moore, John J.

Williams, Lawrence

Spencer, Henry

Rist, Allen

Vaughan, John W.

Carpenter, Simon

Murphy, John

McCart, Robert

Rigdon, Clabourn

Jacobs, Delila

Shireman, Martin

Evans, Gabriel Sr.

Evans, Gabriel Jr.

Carpenter, William T.

Doyle, Nicholas

Thompson, Matthew

Cochran, John

Butler, Robert

Shannon, Wallace

Strahan, Samuel

Nelis, Charles Jr.

Mills, Andrew

Thompson, Allen T.

Thompson, Andrew

Mayne, John

Story, Charles

Harnann, John

Marsey, Thomas

Morning, Edward

Crew, William

Porter, Samuel

Leforgee, Abram

Williams, Lewis

Jones, Samuel

Pearce., John

Newcomb, Robert

Harman, Simeon

Overly, Joseph

Bruce, Henry Jr

Bruce, Henry Sr

Burnes, Dennis

West, Russell W

Kincaid, John

Proctor, John

Buckley, William

Carpenter, Davis

McIntire, Joseph

Dixon, Frederick

Allen, Elizabeth

Hixon, Rachel

Mills, Henry

Hixon, Benjamin

Barnes, Axel D

Collins, Vincent

Sanders, George

Capstock, Soloman

McAden, Andrew

Roberts, Samuel

Green, Nancy

Shepherd, Robert

Clary, Richard

Power, Walter

Power, John

Silvy, Rachel

Wallingford, William

Belt, Soloman

Hendeson, Alexander

Bell, Lewis D

Dixon, John

Lee, Alexander

Weir, Eli

Weir, Dorsey

Cruisar, Margaret

Hendeson, Alexander

Ross, George W.

Ross, Joseph

Rennick, William

Mills, John

Allen, William

Miller, William

Fitzgerald, Fanny

Willett, George

Fitzgerald, Cassander

Lamar, Barnett

Dys, Mary Ann

Rawlings, Nancy

Summers, Martha

Burris, Rachel

Browning, William

Browning, Benjamin

Dale, John Sr

Morgan, Woodson

Wells, Abram

Summers, William

Darnall, Ezekiel

Wiggins, Lawson

Knight, Wesley

Johnson, Elijah

Bruce, Henry Sr.

Browning, L. D

Johnson, James E

Bell, Benjamin

Henderson, Robert

Steel, M. D.

Adams, Gilbert

Bell, William

Porter, John

Kenner, Leroy W.

Cooper, Apollens

Lewman, John 

Taylor, John B.

Gullick, John H.

Logan, Eveline

Roberts, Lewis

Wallingford, William

Williams, Eli

Moss, Daniel D

Prater, William

Wrenchy, Anthony

Taylor, George

Simmons, Lewis

Kelly, William

Moss, William G.

Kelly, Ann

Gill, James M

Butler, Francis

Mills, Benjamin T

Wallingford, Sarah

Farrow, Joseph

Applegate, Benjamin

Seward, Richard

Yancy, William

Manier, John

Dixon, James

Clary, William

Ingram, Robert W

Thomas, James

Glascock, Joseph

Norman, Oliver

Tibbs, Thomas R

McIntire, Thomas B

Darnall, Isaac

Cassidy, Mary

Hiatt, John

Robertson, William A

Givens, Alexander

Duffe, Susan

Inlow, James

Howe, David D

Cassidy, Francis

Miller, Thomas

Planck, Andrew W.

Shepherd, Michael

Chrisman, Mary

Planck, Isaac C

Planck, Abraham H

Jones, John C

Lawson, John

Gardner, Thomas

Humphries, Thomas L

Givens, William

Givens, Elbert

Power, Joshua L

Power, Richard

Bell, Thomas C

Warder, Sekah

Strode, Michael

Asbury, Cornelius G

Becket, Prudence

Coulter, Margaret

Lucens, Joel

Ditro, Josiah

Sparks, Mary Ann

Cropper, George

Wallingford, Richard

Foxworthy, John

Foxworthy, Samuel

Turner, Joel

Rose, James E

Bateman, Mary

McClary, John

Hart, Matilda

Hutton, John

Prudence, Anza

Bell, Edward

Robertson, Simeon W.

Logan, Ethelbert

Bell, Jeremiah D

Bell, Joshua D

O'Bannon, Susan

Power, Walter

Seybold, Jasper

Bell, Ann D

Darnall, Jackson

Howe, David J

Robertson, Martha

Robertson, Thomas

Walker, John T

Smith, William H

Tarlect, Robert

Hughes, Thomas

Finley, John

Jones, John

Jones, Thomas

Howe, John D

Jones, Samuel

Griffith, Willoughby

Griffith, Mason

Nute, Obed P

Goslin, Harrison

Norwood, James

Northcutt, Benjamin

Day, Truman

Pepper, Enoch

Markwell, James

Hinton, Eli

Crain, William

Jackson, Henry

Prather, Charles

Williams, Benjamin

Chandler, Henry

Harvey, John

Taylor, John M

McLean, John

Asbury, Henry

Boyd, Samuel R

Taylor, George W.

Howe, John

Watson, Rice

Cox, John

Duty, Simpson C

Williams, Joseph

Turner, William W

Overly, John

Overly, Peter

Jackson, Thomas

Smith, Thomas P

Overly, Mary E

Hughs, John

Trimble, Robert

Triplett, John H

Trimble, James

Lee, John R

Drennan, Thomas

Wrenchy, James

Sanders, Mary

King, Enoch W.

McIntire, Duskin

Steele, Soloman

Williams, Basil

Spencer, Mary

Lee, Sarah

Sampson, Aquilla

Hitt, William

Cord, Zacheus, Rev.War Pension Zacheus Cord 64 y/o

Courtney, Elzy

Fields, William

Summers, Benjamin

Burns, William

Smitson, Matthew

Patton, John P

Cochran, James

Groves, Michael

Burton, James H

Williams, John W

Courtney, William F

Williams, Basil

Metcalfe, Hiram

McCord, Michael

McBurns, Robert

Alexander, Zacheus

Alexander, George L.

Reeves, Thomas

Sullivan, Amos

Reeves, Daniel H

Norris, Joseph G

McKee, Ginain

Ball, Silas

McCarty, Thomas

Payne, Francis

Boyd, William

Prater, Jeremiah

Nichols, Henry

Skinner, Benjamin

Prater, Hiram

Porter, Joseph C

Bishop, Richard M

Summerville, SP

Worrick, Henry

Williams, Lorenzo

Baker, Wesley

Berry, William H

Bishop, Alexander

Bishop, John

O'Bannon, Aleanon

Weir, Sarah

Allen, George T

Hall, Gregory

Berry, Mary

McDaniel, Mary

Taylor, Hannah

Ficklin, Daniel Jr

Mayne, Hugh

Mahan, George

Jones, William

Armstrong, William

Quaintance, William

Burns, William

Hall, Jeremiah

Arnold, John

Summers, Jesse

Glascock, Newman

Stockton, George

Reed, William

Markwell, George

Powell, David

Graves, Rebecca

Goslin, Nathan

Dobyns, Thomas

Duvall, Henry

Early, John

Duvall, Thomas

McCord, James B

Barton, Richard

Stockdale, John

Cord, George

Callahan, Elizabeth

Newcomb, Daniel

Powell, William

English, James

Harper, Robert

Dean, Joseph

Howser, Thomas

Hunt, John

Caywood, Benjamin C

Prater, Franklin

Allen, Simeon B

Cowan, John H

Biddle, Stephen P

Collins, Stephen

Collins, William

Collins, Amos

McCord, John Sr

Blair, William M

McCord, William K

Patton, John L

Hammond, John

Howe, John M

Cole, Joseph

Hays, Barton

Callahan, John

Christman, Philip

Callahan, John P

Williams, Peter

Rice, Henry

Bradford, Rosanna

McCabe, David M

Spencer, Richard

Spencer, Eliza

Scott, Daniel

Leforge, William A

Shockley, William

Collins, John

Collins, Russell

Purdern, John

Knight, John T.

Galliher, William

Hackley, Daniel

Campbell, Edward H

Jones, Stephen

Scott, William

Duncan, Margaret

Williams, Margaret

Kirk, James M

Kirk, Nelson

Hyson, Adam

Branch, W. F.

Ross, Elizabeth

Morrison, William

White, Asa L

Philips, John

Walker, Alexander

Dickey, Allen C

Myers, Enoch

Weir, William

Strode, John

Wyatt, Micajah

Marshall, John

Weir, Joshua

Williams, Jared E

Dickey, James H.

Dobyns, Rebecca

Higgins, Hannah

Summers, Elijah

Browning, Amos

Walker, Eleven

Goodwin, F. L.

Wallingford, Prudence

Taylor, Henry

Bell, John 

Mark, William

Willett, George

Willett, James

Wallingford, Hiram

Mortimore, Emanuel

Ubanks, William

McCarty, Mary M

Bruce, George

Dollis, Henry

Kendall, Jesse L.

Madden, Jeremiah, Rev. Pensioner Elizabeth Madden 87

Huter, Alexander

Bryan, William

Parish, Robert

Young, Hugh L.

Price, William G.

McCord, Nelson

Allen, Robert

Wise, John

McCord, James

McCord, Jane

Stockdale, James

White, Matthew

Johnson, Thomas

Stockdale, William

Olmstadt, George

Allen, John J

Cord, William H.

Metcalf, John P

Bridges, James

Groves, Samuel

Porter, Rolla

Ringo, Ludwell R

Prater, James

Porter, Henry B.

Bell, Rolla P.

Stickrod, Julia Ann

Rose, Charles W.

Foxworthy, Baldwin C.

Marshall, Martin P

Collins, Elias

Walker, William

Bell, Joel D.

Henderson, Thomas A

Morehead, Alfred

Campbell, David

Bowen, Eleven

Heron, John

Heron, Lawson

Campbell, Arch

Darns, Mary

Turner, Robert C

Turner, John L

Powers, Jacob

Davenport, Thomas

Treakle, Ann

Mortenord, Famous

Turner, Casy L

Cooper, George W

White, William

Cammack, Lemax

Pollet, Tubman

Miller, Ephraim

Wallingford, Samuel B

Alexander, Joseph

Ross, James

Hooper, McMicken

Collins, Edward C

Nute, Charles G.

Shockley, John B

Kirk, Resin L

Parsons, Nancy

Jackson, Jacob

Caywood, Thomas A

Bruce, George

Hunt, Wilson

Mers, Samuel

Botts, Lette

Peed, James

Carpenter, William

Cornwell, Elizabeth

Cornwell, Coonrod

Hester, Henry

Vansandt, Isaiah K

Vansandt, James

McIlvain, Alexander

Leforge, Lewis

Armstrong, James

Estill, William

Armstrong, Robert

Wilson, Gustavus

Tibbs, William T

Ross, William

Arnold, Charles

Peed, William

Lightfoot, William

Green, William

Hanwick, Lewis

Fielding, Green

Magowan, Abram

Mauk, Silas

Magowan, Harvey

Mitchell, Morris

Schenks, Richard

Bailey, John

Gooding, Abram

Stockton, L.D.,

Barnes, George

Hammond, Salathiel

Henry, Elizabeth

Ringo, John R

McClary, Samuel

Fitch, Salathiel

Fitch, John

Harry, Benjamin

Fitch, William

Dalon, Edward

Dudley, Joseph

Wise, Harel

Maguire, Harriet

Browning, Basil

Fitch, James

Chapman, William

Fitzgerald, Samuel

Sparks, Thornton

Walker, William M

Walker, Cintha

Brown, Rachel

Walker, Lewis

Rigdon, Alexander

Swain, William

Metcalfe, Alfred

Sherwood, John

Caywood, Samuel

Bell, Charles

Moss, Kendall

Bright, Lewis

Wood, Henry

Parker, Richard

Denton, Reuben

Prather, Archibald

Moss, Belville G

Vaughn, John P

Lee, Jacob

Owens, William

Barris, Salathiel

Fitch, Nathan

Quaintance, James

Dudley, John

Walker, Jeremiah

Wilson, John

Hord, Alfred

Maddox, Dorsey

Sweet, Joshua

Evans, Marcus

Strode, Nancy

Nash, Charles

Evans, John

Montgomery, Samuel

Peck, Daniel

Callahan, Edward

Burksdale, Daniel

Turner, Redding

McIntire, John

McDonald, Alfred

Andrews, John

Ingraham, Joseph

Dulin, Priscilla

Gross, Jacob

Hendricks, Philip

Blackburn, Samuel, Rev. Pensioner Samuel Blackburn 80 y/o

Dearing, Daniel

Rice, John

Holland, Mary Ann

Williams, Eli

Belt, Fielding

Faris, Elizabeth

Finley, Samuel B

Sapp, Jacob

Ross, Philip

Sapp, Isaac

Pointer, Samuel Jr

Smith, Henry

Bohannon, Jacob

Moss, William H H

Neal, John

Pointer, Samuel

Ishmael, Samuel

Mears, John

Pointer, William

Pointer, Samuel

Chrisman, John

Dailey, Alfred

Planck, Micajah

Sapp, Daniel Jr.

Keel, Jacob

Keel, Henry

White, H E

Hughes, John

Miller, Alfred

McNicker, Sarah

Aitkin, G

Busby, John

Fink, John

Taylor, Richard

Sanders, Oliver

Sanders, William

Sanders, Aaron

Sanders, Asa D

Watson, Harrison

Sanders, Moses

Sanders, Sylverius

McKinney, Thomas

Hart, Mahlon

Dougherty, Thomas

Roby, John

Browning, William

Stuart, Charles

Stuart, Ellen

McDaniel, Henry

Watson, Rice

Watson, Elizabeth

Lawson, Jacob

Mauzy, Peter, Rev Pensioner Peter Mauzy 80

Arnold, Lewis

Rigdon, William

Keenan, John A H

Dillon, Matthew

Taylor, James D

Pearce, Jesse

Hopkins, James

Davis, John

Harman, Daniel

Harman, Jackson

Watson, Henry

Harman, John

Dillon, Michael

Dalrymple, Moses

McClain, James

Harman, Robert

Tribby, Ann

Fuqua, W R

Harman, George

Argo, Alex

McKee, Elijah

McKee, James

Porter, Samuel

Ross, Alex

McCann, John

Hinton, Benjamin

Overly, Isaac

Jackson, James

Rice, James

Beckner, Mary

Chrisman, Christiana

Chitsey, Rutherford

Dunn, James

Francis, Eli

Williams, William

Planck, John

Wilson, Samuel

Porter, John

Porter, Joseph

Porter, David

Dillon, Abia

Dunn, Henry

Beam, Thomas

Planck, Andrew

Rigdon, James

Dillon, Abia Jr

Planck, Jacob

Newman, John

Hopkins, Benj.

Rice, William

Gardner, Thomas

Burgess, George W

Burgess, William

Wadkins, William

Smith, Willis

Ramey, Cassander

Hull, James W

Jones, John

Thomas, Elijah

Galliher, John

Chrisman, James

Taylor, William

Williams, James

Stuart, John

Morgan, Evan

Cox, James

McCann, William

Porter, E M

Campbell, James E

McIlvaine, George

Pitts, William

Cox, Thomas

Wills, David

Williams, Samuel

Scott, Josiah

Shanklin, John

Groves, James

Lorency, N. W

Argo, Chambers

Hale, Van C

Sanders, Sylvenus Jr.

King, John

Dailey, Edmund

Lewman, Amos

Buckley, Charles

Lansdown, Zacheus

Kennan, William

Wilson, James

Holland, Benj.

Clack, Abram

Chadwick, Thompson

Smith, Redman, Rev Pensioner Redman Smith 80

Triplett, Eliza

Butler, James

Butler, Margaret

Drennan, Hugh, Rev. Pensioner Hugh Drennan 80

Bell, Joseph

Bell, William

Tarbett, David

Duley, Henry

Robertson, Benj.

Wilson, Robert

Duley, Susan

Scott, John

Caywood, Randolph

Newman, Madison

Moren, James

Wilson, William

Washburn, W L

Hicks, Levi

White, Mary

White, Hasael

Beam, Eli

Bailey, Charles

Dillon, Britton

Dillon, Abner

Harman, Jackson

Thompson, Arnold

Faris, Joseph

Harman., E F

Preston, John

Fuqua, David

Tribby, William

McKee, Abram

Rankin, James

Burgess, Elish

Thurman, Lewis

Worrick, Hurst

Allen, Henry

Newcomb, Thomas

Keith, Silas

Cragwell, Septimus

Moreland, James

Carpenter, Davis

Metcalf, Hiram

Hood, Stuart

Williams, John 

Parker, Jacob

Howe, William

Standerford, Aquila

Shockey, Isaac Jr

Kendall, Strother

Bentley, George D

Sullivan, A D

Allen, Henry T

Bentley, William

Williams, William

Powell, Nancy

Kirkham, Elish

Crawford, John

Barrett, John

Ball, Silas

McCord, J B

Buckler, Robert

Cummins, Milton

Stout, Iraa

Tollins, William

Stickrod, He, Page is torn through his name

Patton, David

Hinton, H W

Cochran, James Jr

Patton, A D

Patton, Mary

Patton, Joseph

Chappel, James

Scott, Catherine

Caywood, Soloman

Spencer, Eliza

Scott, Daniel

Jackson, Moses

Warrick, Jesse

Hilligoss, Sol.

Jackson, John

Browning, Levi

Sousley, F P

Terhuune, A

Moore, Richard

Russell, S. P.

Duffy, Allen

Wilson, Levi F

Mallory, John H

Parks, John

Skinner, Benjamin

Cochran, Thomas

Reed, Henry

Tribby, G. T

Rhodes, Samuel

Faris, Levi

Alexander, George

Gray, Henry

Goslin, Nathan

Alexander, R G

Rolph, Benjamin

Ferguson, Francis

Moore, William

Barton, John

Hammonds, Caleb

Hedrick, Michael

Shockey, Isaac

Myers, J. M.

Duvall. S.J.,

Moore, J. J.

Weaver, R R

Collins, Amos

Harper, Alex

Price, Elias

Harper, Mary

Price, Elihu

Smith, John

Groves, Rebecca

Tolle, G

Bridges, William

Bridges, James

Stout, William

Stout, Lawson

Morris, David

Manley, Samuel

Jackson, James

Campbell, William

Swart, Samuel

Rankins, Moses

Nichols, Henry

Payne, Robert

Vannoy, Henry

Thompson, Edwin

Burris, Hiram

McFarland, William

Fields, William

Clark, Daniel

Vannoy, Samuel

Washburn, John

Newcomb, Thomas

Callerman, John

Ewing, Robert

Burgess, Henry

Biddle, Stephen

Sullivan, Joseph

Fisher, Fendal

Swain, Gab.

Bentley, Josiah

Lousy, G G

Cornlass, R

Duvall, Mark

White, John

Campbell, -R

Osborne, Wilkins

Fields, Robert

Howard, Jefferson

Kendall, Nancy

Honikan, Alice

Honikan, Jacob

Dennison, D

Pepper, Lucy

Ewing, Joseph

Swain, Nathan

Caywood, Stephen F

Bentley, Michael

Bentley, Geo. D

Caywood, James

Caywood, Thomas

Hopper, Carty

Prather, R H

McIntire, Nicholas

Orsley, Isabel

Lee, Lewis

Nickel, Robert

Nickel, Eleanor

Powers, Henry

Trumbo, John L

Craig, David

Richards, John

Simmons, Barnett

Christy, William

Parish, O P

Parker, John

Pearce, David

Clack, Dixon

Brown, George

Brown, James

Johnson, Anderson

Minahan, John

Myers, Joseph

Myers, James

Myers, Christopher

Myers, Samuel

Olfrey, Adam

Ramey, Archibald

Ramey, Harrison

Jackson, Harrison

Jackson, Houston

Jackson, Samuel

Page, Sarah

Davis, Nancy

Smoot, John

Lyons, Daniel

Lee, Jackson

Day, Thompson

Walton, Sarah

Vanmeter, William

Dalton, Elizabeth

Roe, Joshua

Morrison, Matthew

Evans, William R.

Lewis, Robert G

Freeman, Gerret

Ulright, Noah

Dale, Jonah

Sanford, F W

Gayle, William E

Williams, Thomas R

Plummer, Benjamin

Lewman, Levi

Williams, John

McKee, William

Barnes, Samuel

Humphreys, Eleanor

Plummer, Reuben

McKee, James P

Anderson, William J

Elliott, James

Hall, Samuel

Lankford, Nathan

Moreland, James L

Rawlings, William

Emmons, Emmund

Foudry, William

Waltz, John

Burton, Samuel

Taylor, John W.

Hedges, David

Ford, Robert

Day, Wiliam

Terhune, Isaac

Nealis, Charles

Nealis, John 

Nealis, Sarah

Nealis, Thomas,

Nealis, Elizabeth

Vice, Nathan

Blue, William

Brown, Zachariah

Boyce, Anderson

Hendrix, William

Sweet, James

Hendrix, Philip

Triplett, James

Groves, William

?Uletnose, Frederick

Sanders, Squire

Powell, Stephen

Powell, John

Jameson, Nancy

Eaton, Benjamin

Matthews, William

Ringo, Henry

Rice, Corban

Demoss, Lewis

Hendrick, John

Denton, F. G

Crain, William

Davis, Francis R

Demoss, William

Newman, James

McKee, John, Rev. Pensioner John McKee 88

Likes, David

Markwell, Lewis

Walton, Rose

Proctor, William, William Proctor 82 Rev. Pensioner

Walton, Job

Kissick, Robert

Estill, David

Johnson, Addage

Myers, Henry

Pickrell, William

Estill, Sylvester

Estill, Samuel

Lee, John N

Etheson, Silas L

Adams, Williams

English, Mary

Jones, Thomas

Crawford, James

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, Zachariah

Cooper, Fleetwood

Logan, William

Hawkins, John R

Logan, E H

Lee, Matthew

Johnson, Lydia

Cassidy, Isaac R, Rev Pensioner Jesse Davis 76

Hawkins, William

Logan, Tobias

Gettes, William

White, Nathan

Lee, Joseph

Phelps, Zachariah

Beal, John

Hurst, Ewell

Hurst, Russell

Wilson, Rebecca

Patterson, Rachel

Markwell, Joel

Hiatt, Esther

Moody, James

Hewell, James

McDaniel, Hezekiah

Johnson, John

Clack, Moses, Rev Pensioner Moses Clack 76

Cahide, James

Ringo, Mary

Smith, Moses RD

Smith, Wiliam RG

Brafford, John

Pearce, Francis

Cline, Peter

Johnson, James

Brazelton, Laban

Pickerill, James

Vannatter, Chanick

Rice, John

Taylor, George W.

Pickerell, Henry

Vanlandingham, Washington

Kirk, William

Callahan, James

Riggs, Samuel

Swim, Robert H.

Million, George

Callahan, Martha

Million, Robert

Ham, Harrison

Sterman, William

McClurg, Robert

McClurg, John M

McClurg, Alexander

Thompson, Edmond

Stillwell, John

McClurg, Joseph

Hawkins, Harrison

Ham, William

McClurg, Samuel

Ham, Alexander

Moore, Alexander

Clarke, Absalom

Alfrey, Fielding

Alfrey, Martha

Cogswell, Jedediah

Cogswell, John

Cogswell, James

Cogswell, Jesse

Cogswell, Henry

Hiner, Samuel

Martin, Jesse

Carey, Sarah

Stanton, James R

Ingram Hiram

Myers, John

White, Robert

McIntire, Howard

Graham, Charles

McIntire, Van

Prater, Thomas

Hurst, James

Swim, Alexander

Hurst, Ezekiel

Brain, James M

Adams, Jefferson

Robinson, Spencer

Reed, Stephen

McIntire, James

Swim, Alexander

Razor, Samuel

Vanatten, Abraham

Frasure, John, Rev. Pensioner John Frasure 78

Hamilton, William

Wiliams, Francis S

Hamilton, Rebecca

Yeazle, John S

Evans, Zackius

Newman, Samuel

Mills, Mary

Mills, Elbert D

Hamilton, John

Crawford, James

Gonell, James

McGregor, James

Likes, William

Foans, Griffins

Gilkerson, Elizabeth

Payne, Zaddoch

Lee, Malinda W

Lyons, John S

Dillon, Isaiah

Daron, Franky

McRoberts, Sarah

Secret, Joseph

Morgan, Daniel

Jones, William

Bramble, Zachariah

Carpenter, William

Jones, William E

Carpenter, Richard

Myers, Anderson

Razor, George

Green, William

Colbert, James

Green, Fielding

Traylor, John

Razor, Jackson

Colbert, William

Traylor, James

Alfrey, George

Razor, Henry

Hedges, William

Kinard, Barnabus

Purvis, Samuel

Hopkins, Mary

Cassiday, Peter

Prater, James

Cassiday, Peter T

Kissick, James

Spurlock, John

Byram, Fielding 

Reeves, Elijah

Highley, Bud

Cassiday, William

Cooper, Fielding

Reeves, Elizabeth

Prinice, John

Barnett, Robert

Lee, William

Frasure, William

Denton, Abraham

Boyd, Jesse

Tilson, Mary

Latham, George

Thompson, Thomas

Day, Alvan

Blankenship, Isham

Denton, Hiram

Davis, James

Vannatten, Samuel

Sever, John, Rev Pensioner William Davis 83

Bradley, Elisha

Penland,Levi E

Penland, James H

Hurst, Nancy

Hurst, Daniel

Hurst, Martha

Gray, John

Gooch, Thomas

Gilkson, William

Hedges, Levi

Markwell, Alfred

Shealos, James

Shealos, John

Gray, Mariah

Markwell, Jesse

Markwell, A. G

Randall, Nathaniel

?Hapus, Harrison

Freeman, Chadwick

Hart, Elijah

Filson, Stephen

Havins, Thomas

Pearce, Jesse

Ficklin, Daniel

Robinson, John

McKinny, Elizabeth

Richardson, Robert R

Strong, Joseph

McRoberts, John 

Hurst, Basil

Graham, Thomas

Reed, Fleming

Dooley, Hiram

Routt, Byram B.

Hawes, Samuel

Markwell, William

Vanlandingham, Richard

Day, Squire

Davis, Bleuford

Gardner, William

Strong, James

Summit, John

Hickson, James

Latham, John

Crawford, John

Routt, Bailey

Snedeker, Lewis

Jamison, John

?Pops, William

Thompson, Mary

Carpenter, Elijah L

Norris, Ignatius B

McIntire, James

Newman, Noah

Lewman, Elijah

Lewman, Aza 

Elliott, John

Carpenter, Robert V

Hinton, David

Hickson, Abel

Carpenter, John

Watts, George

Ross, William

Jones, Samuel B

Lewman, Elijah

Lightfoot, Mildred

Jones, Ann

Shanklin, John Jr

Shanklin, Gordon

Shanklin, Ann

Shanklin, James

Overley, William

Miller, Thomas T

Rednour, Joseph

Plummer, Jeremiah

Hurst, James

Reed, James

Cooper, Nancy

Vansant, William

Humphreys, Samuel

Humphreys, Samuel H.

Cooper, William

Littleton, George

Reeves, George

Phelps, Samuel

Page, John, John Page age 78 Rev. War Pensioner

Laurence, John

Reeves, Jane

Reeves, Ignatius

Argo, Edmund

Harget, Daniel

Harget, Israel

Reeves, Thomas

Rice, William


Rice, Elijah

Argo, Panel

Dewitt, Henry

Ferguson, Thomas

Kissick, John

Highby, William

Dunaway, Joseph

Kissick, Henry

Kissick, William

Cline, William

Filson, William

Haden, Barnabas

Haden, Elijah

Thomas, Abram

Shepherd, William

Crain, James

McKee, William

Crain, Lewis

Crain, Jane B

Scott, John

Nelson, James

Campbell, Morgan

Porter, William

Wells, John

Knox, James

Eaton, James

Harmon, James

Matthews, John

Sanders, Moses

Sanders, Hiram

Strong, Thomas

Jackson, Jeremiah

Rice, Henry

Patton, Jane

Kerns, Joseph

Todd, Margaret

Todd, John G B

Todd, John

Todd, Jane

Roden, Joseph

Vice, William

Grimes, James

Lytle, Samuel

Moore, Robert

Todd, James

Pitts, Samuel

Elliott, George

Garner, James H

Callahan, Anderson

Davis, John

Humphreys, Simpson

Garner, William

Pitts, William

Watson, Joseph

Walker, William

Muse, George

Muse, James B

Tribby, Jacob

Evans, James B

Evans, Evan

Philips, William M

Lewis, Peter B

Gardner, Jonah

Page, Jesse

Toll, William

Plummer, Reason

Glover, James

Page Jesse

Plummer, George

Littleton, Simon P

Hefflin, William

Plummer, Samuel

Reed, James

Hayden, Robert

Henderson, Robert

Ham, George

White, Archibald

White, John

Campbell, John A

McCann, Rebecca

Ham, Samuel

McRoberts, Mary Ann

Devers, George

Thomas, John

Ham, Samuel Sr

Thompson, John

Evans, Isaac

Swim, Ashel M

Grant, James

Garvin, James

Ham, Daniel

Purvis, Matthew

Evans, Isaac Sr.

Evans, John

George, Robert

Evans, Ralph

Purvis, Francis

Cooper, Nancy

Swim, John

McRoberts, William

Gillespie, Jonathon

Yeazle, John

Johnson, Samuel

Rayburn, Henry

Banks, Abraham

Johnson, John

Hart, Henry

Hart, Fanny

Walker, Joseph

Emmons, William

McRoberts, Mary

McKee, Benj

Overton, Thomas

Jones, William

Shaw, John A

Davis, Elia

Cochran, Jonthan

Humphreys, Pernell

Cochran, John P.

Hemlett, Jane

Gavan, Samuel

Sap, Jonathon

Humphreys, William

Skinner, Phineas

Talbert, James

Rice, Aaron

Doyle, Joseph

Page, Allen

During, Burgess

Fawns, James

Smoot, Reuben

Smoot, George

Smoot, Barton

Simmons, Isaac

Prater, William

Argo, James

Reeves, Paul

Armstrong, John

Potts, Edmund

Sutton, Isaac

Cornwell, William

Sanders, Lewis

Plummer, Elizabeth

Mayhugh, Thomas

Hedrick, Joseph

Story, Jeremiah

Loyd, Margaret

Pickets, John

Jones, Rebecca

Strahan, David

Baker, Henry

Morgan, Samuel

Webster, E. G

Terhune, Garett

Little, Rebecca

Denton, Reuben

Sanders, Austin

Lytle, Robert

Jamison, David

McCann, William

Eaton, William

Vanlandingham, William

Vanlandingham, James

Foster, Arthur

Day, Maranda

Boyd, Eleanor

Barber, John

Ferguson, William

Hicks, Samuel

Hicks, Jesse

Reeves, Margaret

Atchison, Silas

Adams, John

Fleming, William

Rice, Sarah

Johnson, Lewis

Atchison, John

Jones, Wilborn

Brazelton, Laban

Adams, ?Arthur

Barbour, Elias

Johnson, Ebenezer

Rogers, Samuel P.

Hawes, ?

Payne, ?Germond

Leman, George

Sibral, William

Collins, Everett

Mauk, Elijah

Collins, ?

Carpenter, William

Eaton, William

Plummer, William

Burriss, James

Vincent, Moses

Hinton, John

Hurst, Landon

Pickerell, James

Freeman, Gamabiel

Rawlings, Sanford

Evans, Jesse

Shanklin, Thomas

Cowser, Robert

Grigsby, David

Swim, Sarah

Harman, William

Stockwell, James

Rawlings, Presley

Gorman, John

Swim, Taylor

Yeazle, Jacob

Helphinstine, William

Helphinstine, Philip

Cooper, Philip

McCoy, Mary

Lewis, William D

Helfenstine, William

Morrison, David

Littleton, Hannah

Littleton, Reuben

Morrison, William

Gardner, Charles

Jackson, Lewis

Watson, Elijah

Gilkeson, Mark

Davis, Robert

Severs, Casper

Plummer, Joseph

Hinton, John

Grigsby, Toliver

Miller, Henry

Jordan, Mary

Jordan, James

Humphreys, William

Jordan, Janet

Fowler, Robert

Hartley, Mary

Patterson, Jesse

Pitts, John

Morrison, Squire

Severs, George

Muse, Delila

Conrad, Jane

Hiner, Rebecca

Triplett, Laurence

Hurst, Elizabeth

Emmons, Joseph

Evans, Eli

Newman, John D.

Hart, Richard

Swim, Trumbo

Foudry, Schewell

Plummer, Benjamin

Newman, John

Howe, Thomas D.

Kidwell, James

Armstrong, John

Walls, Joseph

Oakison, Isaiah

Grigsby, Susannah

Grigsby, Milding

Scroggs, Margaret

McIntire, James

Farris, Job

McCann, Patrick, Patrick McCann Rev Pensioner 80

Goodwin, William

Ross, Richard

Walker, Samuel

McCann, James

Farris, Ephraim

Rigdon, Elizabeth

Ross, Gatesby

Turrell, Madison

Carpenter, Simon

Doyle, John

Jones, Joseph

Gooding, James R

Wallingford, James E

Hurst, John

Cristol, Thomas

Hinton, Ezekiel

Gooding, Samuel

Wilson, James

Deering, Lewis

Grigsby, William

Howe, Elizabeth

Murphy, Neal

Conrad, Susanna

Howe, Robert

Hurst, Anthony

Hurst, John

Emmons, Elijah

Rigdon, Eli

Hurst, Phebe

Taylor, George

Dougherty, Charles

Estill, Lucinda

Conwell, Thomas

Williams, James

Williams, James D.

Williams, David

Kirk, Elizabeth

Hurst, Mary

Sutton, Amos

Davis, Mary

Davis, Anthony

Staggs, William

Staggs, James

Norris, John

Hurst, Robert

Jordan, Mary

Jordan, John

Gardner, Aaron

Hurst, William,

Staggs, Thoms,

Jones, Thomas B

Goddard, Joseph, Joseph Goddard 79 Revolutionary War Pensioner

Barkley, James

Gilkeson, Benjamin

Peck, William

Rickets, John

Graham, Soloman

Butler, John

Story, Elijah

McIlfresh, Nathan

Fant, Nelson

Story, George

Kendall, Rawleigh

Sutton, Margaret