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I have set up this page of the site (finally) It has been on my mind ever since I got the site, and I finally got some photo's to put on it, so it is my pleasure to include the gallery in the site. I encourage you to send your old photo's to me and I will place them here also. Please send larger collections in attachments of 2-4 photo's per e-mail, so my mail box doesn't explode and bounce it back to you. I have it set up to download every 10 minutes when I am online (when is most of the time, unless I am asleep or in the event I have a job to do<g>)

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Junction City depot and Tower Roberta Toby
The McGinnis Family
The Hotel Rosel Roberta Toby
Junction City, KY railroad tower Roberta Toby
Junction City Sawmill Crew Roberta Toby
 Danville & Boyle County Hospital Polly Gaddis
Davenport Tavern Polly Gaddis
1928 Parksville High School Children michael
Parksville basketball team from 1922-1923 michael
1928 Parksville High School Children michael
Gabbard and Penningtons michael
Mens Bible Club at Danville Baptist Church michael
The 1937 Danville Admirals. michael
Team Pictures michael
all the sports teams at Junction City 1914-1915. michael
Junction City basketball team unknown year michael
Shanks home michael
 Dunsmore/ Shanks house in the 1970's michael
Unknown house. michael
Mr and Mrs T S Shepperson michael
Junction City Church? michael
Jimmy Dunsmore and Jerry michael

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