Newspaper Articles

Colonel Joseph Hamilton Daviess

This article was sent in by Martha Richards, who found it while transcribing items of genealogical interest from the Village Register Newspaper, Adams County, Ohio. It was dated Tuesday 7 October 1823, pg. 3. This man was supposed to have settled in Danville before 1811

"Colonel DAVIESS, who fell in the battle of the Wabash, was a man of high character, a native of Kentucky. He was a Lawyer, whose character was tinged with those eccentricities that indicated future genius. There was a difficult question to decide before the court of Kentucky, involving an important question in regard to the title of an estate. The case embraced a long concatenation of facts and sundry technical niceties. When the case was called, a Kentucky hunter, with his musket and bird-bag, loaded with provisions, all equipped and complete, entered the hall and took his seat among the lawyers. There was a grin on the faces of the Bar, Court, Jury and Spectators. He, all unconscious, took out his provisions and began to eat with the most perfect composure. The Lawyer, on the side of the plaintiff, rose and made a long argument. And who answers for the defendant? inquired the court. I do, replied the Hunter, and rising, broke forth into a torrent of eloquence that astonished the court and jury. Away went the plaintiff, law and evidence; and so complete was the discomfiture, that the opposite counsel made a most piteous reply.

The jury found a verdict for the defendant without retiring from their seats, when the court adjourned and invited the stranger to their lodgings. "No, I thank you, gentlemen; and unless you will take a cold cut with me, I must be gone" so saying, he shouldered his musket, and with great sang froid departed. Such a man was Colonel DAVIESS."