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17 Allen, Mullican ? - Munnican ?

Will written 28 Sep 1832 – Names wife Polly Allen, sons Joseph & Charles, grandson Washington Dale son of his daughter Sally Allen dale deceased, daughter Elizabeth Hanks , daughter Susannah Stott ? , daughter Polly Stott,  - names slaves Casandra, Polina, and Lucinda &  Squire – will produced 12 Aug 1832


170 Atkins, Lydia Ann

Allen, Wm (see deed "C" page 139  will) 

10    Bond, Jas

Will written 11 Jan 1831 – speaks of his wife & children but does not name them – speaks of the distillery & stills  given to son David – names brother Anthony Bond – Will produced 10 Oct 1831


35 Burus, Susannah(Burris, Susannah on Will)

Dec 24, 1835 – Names daughters Martha and Jane – if they marry then divided between P ??? , Martha, Jane , James, and William Burris or their heirs – produced 14 Mar 1836


54 Baker, Reuben

59 Bixler, Sally

61 Bryant, Edmund

submitted by: A. Murdock

(margin notation is: No. 55 Edmd Bryant)

In the name of God amen I Edward[sic] Bryant (Transcriber’s Note: the signature appears to be Edmund Bryant) of the county of Anderson and state of Kentucky, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make this my last will and Testament revoking all others heretofore made.

First. I do hereby appoint Robert McMichael my Executor to settle and adjust all my Estate. Secondly, That all just demands and debts due be paid out of my property unless satisfied by the parties herein after named.

Thirdly. I will unto Nancy Ledridge the tract of land on which I now reside containing about one hundred and seventeen acres together with all my household and Kitchen furniture, my stock of any description, Horses, Hogs etc And farming Utensials to have during her widowhood; but should the said Nancy Ledrege[sic] get married, she is to surrender all the above named property and the Executor apply the use of it towards raising the children hereafter named And when they become of lawful age divide it Equally amongst them.

Fourth. I will unto Nancy Ledridge’s three sons Crayton [sic] Ledridge, William Ledridge and James Ledridge the money due me from Walter B. Dominic of the state of Missouri in October 1842 the sum of nine hundred and fifty dollars to be Equally divided amongst them, and should they fail to pay all just demands against, before the money above named becomes due, my debts are to be paid out of it but it is my will and desire that the said Clayton[sic], William and James Ledridge pay my just debts also that they have each of them a Horse, saddle and Bridle worth seventy dollars off the Plantation and out of the stock and property described as above to Nancy Ledridge–It is also my will that they the three boys above named stay with their mother until they arrive at 21 years of age each and assist in raising their younger sister and two Brothers and in the event they fail to do so they are not to be entitled to the property and money willed to them. Lastly. It is my Will and desire that three youngest children of Nancy Ledridge viz. Susan Ledridge, Joseph Ledridge and Edmund Ledridge have all the property above willed to Nancy Ledridge at the death of said Nancy Ledridge, or go in the hands of the Executor for their benefit, when they become of lawful age in the event she should marry as above provided for.

In Testimony Whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the 14th day of August 1841.


Edmund x Bryant (Seal)



L J Witherspoon

David Moore

Robt McMichael

        State of Kentucky Anderson County Oct T

I Jordan H Walker Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid


do certify that at a County Court held for the County of Anderson at the Courthouse in Lawrenceberg, on Monday the 13th day of September 1841 this writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Edmund Bryan[sic] deceased was produced in Court, and proven by the oaths of the subscribing Witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of the said Edmund Bryant deceased whereupon the same was ordered to be filed and ordered to be recorded. Given under my hand this 19th day of October 1841~~Jordan H. Walker Clk

Census records on some of this family may be found at: Ledridge Family in 1860 Census

64 Bayne, Wafer (see Payne)

92 Butts, Samuel

103 Black, Wm David (Blarkwell ?)

125 Bond, Sarah

152 Bailey, Nancy

154 Blakemore, Preston

164 Boggess , Martin

172 Burruss, Samuel

179 Bond, Clabourn

185 Buntin, Thomas

189 Brisher, Margaret

192 Barnes, John

194 Burgaw, Wm G

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