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This may include abstracts of Revolutionary War Soldier Pensions, for soldiers & widows, or other information about Revolutionary War soldiers of interest or pertinent to Anderson County, Ky.

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ATKINS, Edward  - Certificate number 12196              Issued July 15, 1819

Edward Atkins was a private in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Stephens of the Virginia line for the term of two years . -     inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of 8 dollars per month to commence on the 7 of Sep 181 - Cert of pension issued 15 of July 1818 and sent to R M Johnson Esq. , Great Crossing , Scott County - On 7 Sept 1818 soldier was a resident of Franklin County, KY aged 62 years - Soldier was discharged at Valley Forge , was in battles of Longbridge, Brandywine & Germantown -    On 8 June 1819 Edward Atkins aged 62 years appeared again in Franklin County court says he was honorably discharged at Middlebrook in the state of New Jersey in 1779 -    On 4 December 1820 , Edward Atkins age 63 appeared in Mercer County, Ky court - says he joined at Valley Forge , had 5 years service at discharge and served as a Sergeant

Blackwell, Robert  - On the 10th July 1831 Robert Blackwell appeared in Anderson County Court regarding a Rev. War Pension said he was a resident of Anderson & Franklin Counties - claims he was a sergeant under James Wilkerson  against the Indians north of the Ohio River in 1791 - He states he was a resident of Virginia at time of being drafted into service - states he was about 16 years of age & was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown ,  and at that time was a substitute for his father -  David Egbert gave affidavit for Robt Blackwell at this time - The pension states that Robert was the son of John Blackwell - he was allowed land of 160 acres on July 10, 1855 he was age about 90 , bounty # 58,888 - He had been allowed a pension on Sept. 21, 1818 - It was stated he was a resident of Culpeper County, VA at time of enlistment - states he was born Dec 28, 1760 - in 1830 he resided in Garrard County, KY - In 1830 he  resided in St. Louis Missouri and that he died Feb. 27, 1837 - In July 1820 he stated he had himself , a wife and 2 children at home  ( Garrard County, KY ) - His pension cert. # was 34.653 -


Bond, William -      From Luther @     William Bond Revolutionary soldier born Hanover County , Va. enlisted September 1777 in 1st Va. Regiment  , married in 1779 Cumberland County to Francis Ballou and they had 4 children, but she died before moving to Ky. He later relocated to Anderson County and settled on land about 5 miles from Lawrenceburg, He remarried and has several decendants still residing in Anderson County.


BOSTON, Reuben   S -16330 -              Issued 1 February 1833

Reuben Boston of Anderson County, state of Ky was a private  in the company commanded by Captain Daniels of the Regmt commanded by Col Stubblefield in the Va line for 15 months from 1779 -   Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 50 dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834 -  Certificate of pension issued 1st day of Feby 1833 and sent to R M Johnson House of Rep  - August 1832 , Anderson County, KY Ralph appeared in in court , says he was discharged near Williamsburgh - says he was born in Orange County , Va and enlisted there and remained there until about 1792 when he came to Kentucky - He enlisted summer of 1779 & served 3 months as a private in Capt Garland Burrley's Cp - Col Francis Taylors Va Regmt -   - Soldier says he enlisted June 1780 and served 9 months in Capt Robert Daniels & _______ Comp , Col G Stubblefields Va Regmt  and was in Battle of Camden - Enlisted in July 1781 and served 3 months in Capt James Hawkins Company  Col Thomas Barbours Va Regmt  - Soldier was allowed pension in his application executed Aug 13, 1832 a resident of Anderson County, KY 

Cardwell, John - From Luther @ -

John Cardwell born in Prince Edward County , Virginia . He was the 2nd of 4 brothers to move this area and a Revolutionary Veteran from Virginia. With his large family, moved to Mercer County around 1795 to locate land grants received for military service, first settling on McAfee Farm where he lived as a tenant for some time, but later acquiring his own land located on Hickory Nut Creek in what is now Anderson County about 1 1/2 miles from it's mouth at Salt River. His son John R. Cardwell was an officer of War of 1812 and Daughter Mary, was wife of Lt. Governor Robert B. McAfee who was also a hero of War of 1812.


 COWGILL   Goghill , Ralph  * Link to Anderson County Archives 

Ralph Cowgill or Coghill of Anderson County , Ky was a private in the Co commanded by Capt Harrison  for 2 years in the Va line - Mary Coghill, widow of Ralph was inscribed on the line of Ky for the rate of 80 dollars per annum to commence on 3 Feb 1853 - Certificate of pension issued 23 Aug 1853 and sent to J P Sparks , Midview in Henry County, KY -

18 Mar 1832 - Anderson County, KY , Ralph Coghill stated he was a private in Capt Harrisons Regt of the Va Militia

12 Apr 1853, Anderson County Court - Mary Cowgill age 55 yrs appeared in court - she states she is the widow of Ralph Cowgill and that the marriage took place on 31 Jan 1821 - and that her said husband Ralph Cowgill died October 1836 - and that remains his widow -

28 March 1855 -Anderson County Court - Mary Cowgill appears in court to obtain pension

The pension states that Ralph Cowgill died in Anderson County, Ky on Nov 9, 1836 and that he married Mary Poindexter in Franklin County, KY on Jan 30, 1821 - IN 1837 a reference to a Robert Poindexter is made on pension files -


 FRANKLIN, Stephen

Stephen Franklin of Anderson County , Ky was a private for 1 year in NC & VA lines - Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at $40 dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of Mar 1834 - Certificate of pension issued 7th day of February 1834 - Stephen Franklin appeared in Anderson County Court,  29 October 1833 , aged about 70 years - said he was at Battle of Kings Mountain  and Cahawba River , mentions he was an Indian spy- that he was born in Orange County, Va and lived in Wilkes County NC at time of enlistment

Hawkins , James ( filed by his widow Jane )

Soldier was born in Virginia , while residing in Orange County, VA he entered the service as a Captain in January 1778 - In 1789 he moved to the area that would become Anderson County, KY and he died there March 2, 1819 - He married Jane in Culpeper County Va on April 12, 1789 ( or 1781 )  Jane was allowed a pension dated December 12, 1838 when she was aged 73 years - Their 1st child ( who is not named but referred to ) was born March 9, 1783 - The following children survived their mother , James Hawkins, Jane Buckley , Elizabeth Foster , Ohio Coleman, Sarah Boston, and Mary Jordan - In 1838 , Reuben Boston of Anderson County , formerly of Orange County, VA stated he knew James Hawkins , in the same year Martha Jordan ( again no relationship given on application , same as that of Reuben Boston ) stated she was born in Orange County, VA and removed to Anderson County in 1795 and that she was present at the marriage of James & Jane Hawkins  -


Herndon,  Alvin -   

From Luther @    

Major Alvin Herndon 
settled a land claim on Puckett Rd. near Alton , Anderson County,Ky. This farm was a land warrant for services during the Revolutionary War


Hill, William ( filed by his widow Anne or Anna )

William Hill also of Washington County, Ky , Anna , age 75 years , appeared in Washington County Court on 15 December , 1838 - she stated her husband William had died 25 Jul 1831 and that they married in Fayette County Ky on 25 March 1783 and that her maiden name was Searcy -

William Hill had appeared in Washington County Court in 1818 and 1820 - He stated he enlisted in Stanton , Va and was a private -

Anna Searcy Hill died 7 Sept 1848 - In 1843 a Sarah Hill age 36 yrs resided in Washington County and made an affidavit for Anna Hill , but no relationship was given -  In 1843 Mrs. Hannah Hazelrigg age 62 years , of Shelby County  also made an affidavit saying she was present of marriage of William Hill and Anna Searcy

Hockersmith, Michael

Contributed by Michael Mossburger

There is a Revoplutionary War soldier buried in Anderson Co. Kentucky. His name is Michael Hockersmith and he has a marker in the Salt River Baptist Church Cemetery. It was placed there by the Sons of the American Revolution. If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail.

Michael Hockersmith was born July 14, 1743 in Lancastor County, Pennsylvania. His family later moved to Maryland and he was a resident of that colony when in the fall of 1775 he enlisted in Captain William Shields' Company of Maryland Militia and was elected 2nd Lieutenant by the men in this company. He received two commissions of this rank during the course of the war. This company participated in the battles of Quibbletown, Paoli, Brandywine, and Germantown and were likely involved in the battle of Yorktown. By 1791 Michael had moved to Kentucky and in 1794 joined Captain William Kavanaugh's Company of Kentucky Militia and participated in the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Michael died between June of 1811 and June of 1812 after moving to Franklin County, Kentucky which later became Anderson County.

JORDAN ( Jorden ) , George

George Jorden of Anderson County ,Ky was a private in the  Virginia line for 2 years - Inscribed on roll of Ky at the rate of 80 dollars per annum to commence 4 Mar 1834 - Certificate of pension issued  12 April 1833 and sent to N C Johnson at Lawrenceburg -

Notes from his pension Brief 1832 - he was 76 yrs of age , resided in Culpeper County, VA at time of enlistment , engaged in Battles of Trenton, Princeton & Brandywine under Capt Thornton & Col Mercer

August 1832 - George Jorden appeared in Anderson County Court in order to obtain a pension , he says he received an honorable discharge at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania ,

From pension records : the only family info that is stated in pension is that in 1894 , Thomas R Jordan of Tacoma Washington stated that George Jordan was his grandafther 


McBrayer , Hugh
He appeared in Anderson County Court on 12 October 1835  , aged about 67 years old , to obtain benefits of Rev. War Pension - He states he moved to KY about 1779 with the McAfee family and settled around Harrodsburg - He states about 1781 the Indians overcame him, took him to Detroit and sold him to the British - he states he remained a prisoner until 1783 when he was sent to Niagara , then to Montreal - and that he returned back to KY by way of Botetourt County, VA where his father had taken residence- and then he came with his father and the family of Robt McMillan who were moving to KY -

McBrayer , William -

From Luther @ William McBrayer Revolutionary soldier  settled on land  about 2miles west of town of Lawrenceburg, buried in family plot located on farm and this graveyard is found on highway 44 on left side surrounded by well kept stone wall

McGUIRE, James

James McGuire of Franklin County, Ky was a private under Col McClenhan in Va for 2 years - Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 80 dollars per annum to commence the 4th day of Mar 1831 ( or 4) - Certificate issued 21 Day of Mar 1833 and sent to ___ Johnson, Anderson County Court -   James McGuire appeared in Anderson County Court on 13 August 1832 , late a citizen of Franklin County, Ky , states he is aged 85 years - From pension the following is stated , he enlisted March 6, 1776 in Botetourt County, Va for the length of 2 years service, he moved to Kentucky about 1783 and took part in Clarks Campaign in 1786 , he was allowed a pension executed on Feb 2, 1820 while a resident of Franklin County, KY , by 1832 he was residing in Anderson County, Ky and that he died August 28, 1838 

MILLS, Menin ( Menan)

Menan Mills of Anderson County was a private in the Virginia line ,Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 20 dollars per annum to commence the 4th day of Mar 1834 - Certificate of pension issued January 1833 - He was aloowed a pension on Dec 9, 1833


The answers of Menan Mills asked by the Court of Anderson County, Ky as contained in the regulations under the Act of June 7, 1832 - He stated he was born in the County of Caroline in Virginia in 1750 - He stated that he was living in the County of Caroline when he volunteered for service - He stated he lived in the state of Virginia till 1811 when he removed to the State of Kentucky  - He states the 1st time he went in service he was a volunteer , the 2nd time he was drafted - He states he received a discharge under Capt Robert Sharp -

9 December 1833 - Anderson County Court - Menan Mills aged 83 yrs appeared in order to obtain benefits of pension - a resident of the town of Lawrenceburg in Anderson County, KY - He states he volunteered in 1776 in the company of Capt Nicholas Lewis - He says he marched to Hanover town, to New Castle , to Williamsburg , to Burrels Ferry on James River where he remained 5 or more months when he was marched back the same counties to Reads Creek near New River against the Cherokee Indians - he then hired a substitute and returned home to  Albemarle County  Virginia where he resided when he volunteered - In the year 1781 still a resident of that county he was drafted under Capt Robert Sharp as a Militia Man and marched to Yorktown where Cornwallis had surrendered - He states he was born in Caroline County, but living in Albemarle when he was called into service -

Menan had a son J J T Mills residing in Lawrenceburg in 1834 - The certificate number for Menan Mills is 25449

PENNY ( Penney )  , John

Fanny Penney , the widow of John Penney who was a pensioner and died 19 June 1833 and was a resident of Anderson County, KY - who was a private in the Virginia line for 3 years was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 80 dollars per annum to commence the 4th day of March 1836 - Certificate of pension issued 22 April 1839 and sent to Hon J Harlan, Harrodsburg, KY - On Apr 10 1839 a deposition made by Eli Penney for Fanny Penney was made in the Anderson County Court - He was then 45 yrs of age and the son of the Rev John & Fanny Penney - In 1832 a brief on the case of John Penney says he was aged 73 yrs , and that he served for 3 years in 1777 as a private - On 13 August 1833 John Penney appeared before the Anderson County Court to obtain a pension   , he stated he was aged 73 yrs , that he enlisted in the year 1777 in Portsmouth Va , that he was at Valley Forge and the battle of Monmouth in the state of New Jersey , a copy of the marriage bond is enclosed to wit :

Know all men by these presents that we John Penney and Thomas White are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Patrick Henry  Esquire, Governor of Virginia and his successors in the sum of fifty pounds to the payment whereof well and truly to be made for the use of the said Commonwealth we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this   23rd day of February 1785 The condition of this obligation is such that whereas that there is a marriage intended shortly to be had and solemnized  between the above bound John Penney and Bachelor and Miss Frances White Spinster -now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void and none effect else to remain  in full force and virtue

Executed in presence of Robert Pollard                          signed John Penney    Thos White

State if Virginia , Hanover County 

from a copy made 1838

On Apr 10, 1839 , Fanny Penney appeared in Anderson Co, Court aged about 78 yrs , on her oath says she is the widow of the late Rev John Penney , states the date of her marriage and that her maiden name was White , states that John Penney died of the disease cholera on June 19, 1833

The papers on file sate he died in Lexington, KY on June 19, 188 of Cholera  , and that he was a Baptist Minister - It also states that Fanny died April 27, 1839 , place not given - The only child listed in pension was Eli Penney aged 44 in 1839

PETTY, Rodham

Rodham Petty of Anderson County, Ky a private commanded by Capt Lee of the Virginia line for 14 months & 15 days was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky 48 dollars 33 cents per annum to commence the 4th day of March 1831 - Certificate of pension issued 26 Sept 1833 and sent to T J White, Lawrenceburg, KY - Sarah petty the widow of Rodham was inscribed on the Ky Roll at 48 dollars , 33 cents to commence on the 3rd of February 1833 - Rodham had enlisted in 1776 for 8 months , was drafted in 1777 for 3 months 15 days, and drafted again in 1780 for 3 months - in 1832 his age was 80 or 81 - He resided in Prince William County Va when he enlisted - He engaged in battles in the state of Kentucky -

In April 1853 , Sarah Petty aged 71 years appeared in Anderson County Court to obtain a pension on her husband Rodham Petty - and that the said Rodham died on or about the 13th of January 1843 in Anderson County, Ky she declares she was lawfully joined in marriage to Rodham Petty on the 12th of Dec 1819 - and that  Andrew & Sarah McClain of Spencer County can prove this marriage - Wm B Petty & Samuel Petty came to court as well and declare that Sarah is the widow of Rodham Petty - Copy of marriage enclosed to wit : Shelby County, Ky - I Hector Chinn Clerk of Shelby County, Ky do certify that Rodham Petty and Sally Steward were married on the 12th of December 1819 by Adair Hostlater a minister of the Gospel - On 9 Sep 1833 Rodham Petty appeared in Anderson County Court to obtain a pension , said he was aged 81 years , says he was marched to Fredericktown , then on to Philadelphia and was under the command of General Washington - In 1780 or 81 he was stationed on the Potomac and again in Philadelphia - he states he was born in the county of Prince William in Virginia in 1752 -

On Mar 29, 1855 Sarah Petty aged 74 years a resident of Rough & Ready in Anderson County, Ky appeared in Court to obtain  a pension -

On the papers of  James & Jane Hawkins the following info is typed :  Rodham Petty was born 1752 in Prince County, VA -

POLLARD, William

William Pollard of Anderson County Ky was a private commanded by Capt Berry in the Virginia line for 11 months - He was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 36 dollars 66 cents per annum to commence on 4 Mar 1836 - Certificate of pension issed 31 October 1833 ,and sent to _ _ Johnson  Lawrenceburg Ky

12 Sept 1833 - Anderson County Court - William Pollard, aged 72 years ,  appeared in order to obtain pension, he stated he entered the service in Winchester, Frederick County, Va in 1777 , he was about 16 years of age then , the first 2 times he was guarding British prisoners, the 3rd time he was a substitute for Robert Tiler, he was then drafted in the spring of 1778 , ( he thinks the 1st of April ) he was discharged a few miles below Richmond after his term was completed , he then again entered service in July 1781 when he was drafted and there were some Quakers among them, and he was a substitute for one of them ,  he says from the record of his father he was born 27 August 1761  and he lived in Frederick County until 1791 when he came to Kentucky -

William moved to Marion County Missouri on Sept 16, 18 ?? when he made  an application for a transfer of his pension , he stated that his children were generally living here now as his reason for moving ( the other page states he moved to Palmyra , Marion County Missouri  in April 1837 as most of his children has moved there

Robertson, James

James was a private in the Virginia line in 1777 ,  for 9 months in the Company commanded by Capt Clay -  James Robertson appeared in Anderson County Court on 14 Mar 1833 aged 78 years - he signed his name as Robinson - he had also appeared in Court in Sept 1832 - he stated he was born in Rockbridge County Virginia , where he resided when called into service the month of Sept 1777 - he volunteered for service in Sept 1778 -  he was discharged at Petersburg  a few months before Christmas . - He was drafted again in Feb 1781 was at the Battle of Guilford in the State of North Carolina - he was honorably discharged at the Iron Works and in the fall of that year he came to Kentucky - he lived 8 years in Lincoln County, KY - then removed to where he is now in Anderson County - this time he signed name as Robertson -

Sale, Samuel -  From Luther @  - 

2nd Lt. of Capt. Fletchers Company of Virginia Continentals
Born 1758 Essex County VA. but later moved to Caroline County where he married Elizabeth Snead. They remained on Tax List of Caroline County until 1799. moved year 1800 to Mercer County , Ky. at head of Hickory Nut Creek, a tributary of Salt River. He remained here until his death in 1826. When Anderson County was formed In 1827, the Sale farm fell into the portion of Mercer County that became Anderson County



 SEARCY, Richard

Richard Searcy of Anderson County was a private in the company of Capt Shelton , in the Regt commanded by Col. Preston , in the Virginia Militia for 2 years in 1777 -  Soldier was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of $80 dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of July 1834 - Certificate of pension issued 23 Dec 1833 and sent to N C Johnson, Lawrenceburg, KY - Richard Searcy appeared in Anderson County Court on 11 March 1833 aged 73 or 74 years to obtain pension - said he was drafted for 3 months against the Cherokee  Indians in Feb or Mar 1777 - and that he enlisted for a period of 5 months to go into KY against the Indians and to protect the whites  in May or June of 1777 to Boonesborough where Capt Daniel Boone had command -, his term ended in Nov or Dec 1777 - at the end of this term while still at Boonesborough he enlisted for a term of one year against the Indians under Capt Bohanon and while out he was taken prisoner by the Indians and at the same time killed George Linch that was with him , he was kept prisoner with the Indians for about 18 months and taken to Detroit and sold by the Indians to the British and taken from Detroit to Montreal and kept there until the end of the War in 1783 - At the time he was drafted he was residing in the county of Henry in Virginia - He was born in Granville County, NC and informed by his parents on the 17th of March, 1759 - That since the War he has resided in the state of Kentucky and that he is now a resident of Anderson County, KY

On 11 October 1853 Ann Crutcher of Washington County, Ky  Court said she was 58 yrs of age and the only child and heir of Richard Searcy , and that his death occurred June 19, 1838  and that her mother Rebecca Searcy she believes married Richard Searcy on December 12,  1789 in Madison County, Ky by by Isaac Lewis Esq. & she can produce a Bible record of the same - her mother died the 13 of August 1852

Bible record enclosed :  Richard Searcy born March the 17th 1757  - Rebecca Searcy born Dec the 12 1770 - Richard Searcy married to Rebecca Doil ( Dial ?? ) Dec 12th 1789 Madison County, Ky by Isaac Lewis Esq. - Ann Searcy born March the 24 1790 - Richard Searcy died June the 19, 1838 - Rebecca Searcy died August the 13, 1852  ( note at bottom of page - made for the case 1852 ) ( this was obviously made by Ann Searcy Crutcher to obtain a pension from her fathers Revolutionary war service )

May 19, 1853 - Bartlett Searcy writes that Ann Crutcher , his sister is trying to get all the pension while there are other heirs - he says there are 12 heirs and of the 12 children there are now 8 living children of Richard & Rebecca Searcy - he says his father Richard drew a pension and that his mother had died about 10 years before his father -

 SLAYDEN ( Sladyen) , John

John Sladyen  ?/ Slayden ? Sladyon ?  of Anderson County was a private in the Virginia line for 18 months in 1796 , his pension was started Dec 1, 188 aged 72 years - He was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 60 dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of May 1834 -

23 July 1832- Anderson County Court ( or may be Henderson County  as pension file indicates ) - John Sladyen , aged 73 years , appeared in Court to obtain the benefits of pension - He states he enlisted in 1780 for 18 months - He states he was at Richmond , ____ Point on the James River , then to Guilford Camden , to Congaree River  then to ninety six district then to Eutaw Springs -  He states that when he entered the service  he resided in Charlotte  County, Va - he stated he received a leg wound from a musket ball at the Battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina on or about the 8th of Sept 1781 - he signed his name as John Sladyen -

In 1832 a James Slaton aged 77 yrs, of Bedford County, TN ,  stated he knew John Slaton during the service

Storey or Story , John

John Story a resident of Anderson County Ky appeared in Franklin County Court on 14 August 1833 , he was aged 69 years at the time - says he in September 1780  enlisted as a regular soldier in State of Virginia under Capt William Barrott of Light Dragoons of the 3rd Va Regmt - at the time he was in receipt of a pension of $96.00 per annum - he was then making another application for his wounds at Guilford Courthouse where he was wounded in right arm and the ball having been cut from his arm he is totally disabled to make a living - His pension had been issued in March 1819- Pension number was 17381( or 7 )

In 1821 in Franklin County John made the following statements- He made his original application & schedule dated 22 June 1818 - in 1821  he was 59 years of age , a resident of Franklin county , he was tending a " business" for a Mr Wallace and was living on a tenement  owned by one of his sons - he had a wife and a daughter about 17 years of age then dependent upon him - 

In 1853 one William M Storey , of Rio Coweta Co, Georgia inquired of this pension and a land claim regarding John Storey of South Carolina -  

 WALLACE, William

( From Luther @ William Brown Wallace  Revolutionary soldier settled in Anderson County , lived in the town of Lawrenceburg and buried in family plot on Fairview Ave ) and was the grandfather of Capt. Gus Dedman who led Anderson Troops during the Civil War

 WARFORD, Benjamin

Benjamin Warford of Anderson County Ky, was a private in the company commanded by Capt Jackson of the Regt of Col Thompson of the South Carolina line for 2 years from 1779 - He was inscribed on the Kentucky roll at the rate of 80 dollars per annum to commence the 4th day of March 1834 - Certificate of pension issued 1st Feb  '33 and sent to R Johnson , House of Rep -

Elizabeth Warford widow of Benjamin Warford was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of $80 dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1848 , Pension certificate issued the 21st of Feb 1857

16 Oct 1848 - Nelson County, Ky - Elizabeth Warford of the county of Nelson aged upwards of 93 years , stated she was the widow of Benjamin Warford deceased  , late of the County of Anderson & State of Kentucky , and that his death took place the 15 September 1846 , she further declares she was married to her husband Benjamin Warford about the year 1782 , and that she has not married but continues to be his widow , she states her 3rd daughter is upwards of 63 years of age , she did not appear in open court as she lived 20 miles from there and beacuse of age & infirmity she is unable to attend - 

12 Oct 1848 , Anderson County Court , John Warford  aged upwards of 55 years , states he is the 6th child of Benjamin & Elizabeth Warford , he states his father died September 1846 , he states his mother & father were married in the state of South Carolina and that his mother is still the widow of his father

12 Oct 1848 , Anderson County Court , Margaret Parmer  aged upwards of 63 years of age states she is the 3rd child of Benjamin & Elizabeth Warford, she also states her father died in September 1846 , and she also says her mother continues to be the widow of Benjamin Warford

 13 September 1833 , Anderson County Court , Benjamin Warford appeared in open court aged 78 years , states he was born in South Carolina , and ninety six district where I resided when I enlisted for 3 years in the Revolutionary War , states he was in several battles , he was injured before 1780 in battles,

 13 September 1833 , Anderson County Court , Henry Disham ? stated in open court knew Benjamin Warford from South Carolina , same district & was with him in the War

Pension records state he was in battles of Kings Mountain, Cowpens, where he was taken prisoner and after escape rejoined his company at at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, in the siege of Ninety Six, and in the Battle of Eutaw Springs where he received a bayonet wound in thigh & leg , and his skull was broken by a butt of a musket , he was discharged after the capture of Cornwallis . Soldier died Anderson County Ky on September 15, 1846 - 2 children, Margaret & John are mentioned in pension application .


 WATSON, John ( listed as John Watson 2nd )

John Watson 2nd of Anderson County Kentucky was a private in the Virginia line for 6 months - Certificate of pension issued 9 Feb 1834 -

12 Nov 1833 - Anderson County Court - John Watson aged 73 years the 11th day of May next , in order to obtain benefits of a pension - He states that in June 1776 he was drafted in Pittsylvania County , Virginia as a guard on the frontiers against the Indians and was stationed at Col Williams Fort at Drapers Meadow new New River - he was residing in  Pittsylvania County when drafted - In the year 1781 , month of March , he was drafted and marched against the British in Rockingham County on a Sunday morning 10 or 11 o'clock and marched again against the British on Monday  - states he went to South Carolina from there - he states he knows of no one except his brother William of Indiana that can attest to his service - he states he was born in 1761 in Louisa County, Virginia - he states he has a record of his age at his house in Anderson County - he also states he has lived in Kentucky 29 years as of this date -

23 June 1851 - Fayette County, Indiana - Elizabeth Watson , aged 57 years , a daughter of John Watson deceased late of Fayette County , Indiana -who left no surviving widow -  she states she is one of the heirs of John Watson and asked for any land or arrears in back pay due him -

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