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Gleaned from Wyatt Shely Papers

In the years immediately following the Civil War were turbulent times for Anderson County, as they were all over the South.
Lawless bands roamed the country robbing and terrorizing the people. The men of Anderson, many of whom had fought in the recent war from both sides, now joined together for the good of the community, to protect the neighborhoods from these rufians. During the years between 1865 and 1869 over 1000 Anderson County men & boys served in the County Militia.(Some names appear more than once, it is unknown if a different person or more than 1 enlistment.)

Many of these are veterans of the recent war fighting in mortal combat against one another, but joining together in time of peace to secure a safe home for their families.

Contributed By Luther Allen Davenport

Abbott, I.L.
Abbott, W.H.
Abrahams, John H.
Ackerman, John
Adams, Charles B.
Adams, O.P.
Adams, William
Adkins, Joshua
Akins, Anderson "Andy"
Akins, Gustuvas
Alexander, R.J.
Allen, C.R.
Appleton, C.E.
Arthur, James A.
Ash, B.W.
Ash, C.H.
Ash, George V.
Ash, William
Ashby, J.B.
Ashby, Joseph
Ashby, Silas
Bach, David
Baker, Benjamin
Baker, Isaiah
Baker, R.H.
Bangus, Alonzo
Barnes, Jordan
Barnes, William
Bast, William
Baxter, B.L.
Baxter, C.W.
Baxter, Green
Baxter, G.T.
Baxter, Henry H.
Baxter, J.H.
Baxter, J. W.
Baxter, Newton
Baxter, S.J.
Baxter, Squire
Bell, Licurgus
Bell, W.E.
Bernard, Ervin
Bickers, John W.
Black, W.B.
Blakeman, A.H.
Blakeman, Moses A.
Blakeman, Richard
Boler, J.H.
Boler, William
Bolton, Peyton
Bond, John W. Jr.
Bond, Jordan W.
Bond, L.C.
Bond, W.S.
Boston, Lewis
Boston, Luke
Boswell, John S.
Boswell, W.H.
Bottom, Robert
Bowen, F.M.
Bowman, John W.
Brooks, W.Y.
Brown, Jackson
Brown, James L.
Brown, Jasper
Brown, John
Brown, Joshua
Brown, Lorenzo D.
Brown, Newton
Brumfield, James
Brumley, D.S.
Buntain, James H.
Buntain, James
Buntain, J.T.
Buntain, Samuel
Burford, John
Burge, G.L.
Burge, J.J.C.
Burgin, James
Burgin, Lucian
Burgin, Samuel
Burgin, William
Burk, John
Burk, W.F.
Burks, Duvall Jr.
Butts, James W.
Caldwell, H.R.
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, N.B.
Calvert, Reuben
Carle, H.S.
Carlisle, James F.
Carlisle, Robert
Carlton, J.E.
Carter, David
Carter, James
Carter, James
Carter, John
Case, Dennis
Case, Eligha
Case, Separate Jr.
Casey, D.H.
Casey, Isaiah
Casey, James
Casey, Josiah
Casey, Reuben
Casey, Thomas
Catlett, A.J.
Catlett, Eligha
Catlett, Francis Jr.
Catlett, Frank
Catlett, G.W.
Catlett, James B.
Catlett, Robert
Caughlan, Patrick
Chambers, J.R.
Champion, William
Chesser, J.B.
Chesser, James
Chowning, W.L.
Cinnamon, George W.
Cinnamon, G.T.
Cinnamon, G.W.
Cinnamon, W.H.
Cinnamon, W.T.
Coghill, George
Coke, Nathaniel
Coke, S.W.
Cole, James
Cole, Salathael
Collins, James
Conder, James
Cook, G.A.
Cook, George
Cook, William
Cook, William
Cooper, William
Coston, Marion
Coulter, John
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Gailand
Cox, Nelson
Cox, Thomas
Craig, J.W.
Craig, W.H.
Crain, J.H.
Cranfield, Cornealius
Cranfield, David
Crawford, Jack
Crawford, Solomon
Crawford, S.K.
Crook, Fountain
Crook, Silas F.
Crosby, John
Crossfield, Leiutellit "Lute"
Crossfield, Thomas
Crutcher, Curtis
Crutcher, Henry
Cummins, Richard
Cummins, Thomas
Dailey, Jerry
Darnell, William
Dawson, Charles
Dawson, Christopher
Dawson, Merrit
Dawson, Wade
Davenport, Charles
Davenport, Monroe
Davidson, Samuel
Davis, J.H.
Davis, L.W.
Dedman, Robert
Dennis, Alexander
Derringer, E.
Derringer, Ezekial
Derringer, Howard
DeVore, Robert
DeWitt, Jerome
DeWitt, Theodore
DeWitt, Thomas G.
Doss, Anderson
Doss, Anderson
Doss, Thomas
Doss, William
Douglas, Granville
Douglas, John
Doyle, James
Draffen, James
Draffen, John A.
Draffen, Robert
Driskoll, Dennis
Driskoll, John A.
Driskoll, William
Driskoll, Zechariah
Dunagan, Howard
Duncan, Matthew
Duncan, M.T.
Eaton, George H.
Edgerton, M.H.
Edrington, C.W.
Edwards, James P.
Edwards, Samuel
Egbert, David
Egbert, James
Egbert, Randolph
Elliott, J.W.
Ellis, James
Elliston, J.H.
Elliston, W.G.
Fallis, George
Fallis, Samuel
Farmer, J.D.
Felix, John
Fidler, Jordan
Fidler, William
Fitzgerld, David
Fitzgerld, Patrick
Flatow, Joseph
Flexner, Frank
Florida, Joseph Lee
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Robert
Ford, William
Forman, Samuel
Foster, William
Fox, Robert
Franklin, Barnett
Franklin, B.H.
Franklin, John
Franklin, Lewis
Franklin, Lorenzo
Franklin, Silas
Franklin, Stephen
Frazier, Holeman
Frazier, Jordan M.
Frazier, Jordan W.
Frazier, Joseph
Frazier, J.S.
Frazier, Monroe
Fuller, Jordan
Fuller, William
Gadis, James
Gadis, Silas
Gaines, Frank
Gaines, George L.
Gaines, James
Gaines, William B.
Gee, Henry
Gee, James
Gee, William
Gibson, Joseph
Gibson, Robert
Gibson, Medley
Gienion ? , LaFayette
Gilkin, John
Gillis, Frank
Gillis, Hugh Jr.
Gillis, Henry
Gillis, John T.
Gillis, John T.
Gillis, Joseph
Gilman, Henry
Gilman, Henry
Gilpin, Henry
Gilpin, Thomas
Givens, William
Glass, William
Glenn, Dolphus
Glenn, Wesley
Goins, William
Goodnight, David
Gordon, Alvin
Gordon, Benjamin
Gordon, James
Gordon, John
Gordon, Moses
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Samuel
Grace, John
Grace, Thomas
Green, John B.
Green, John
Green, Joseph
Green, William
Gregory, John
Gregory, Peter
Grider, John W.
Grifer, Waltsville
Griffey, Abraham
Griffey, Anthony
Griffey, Jordon
Griffey, William
Griffey, William B.
Grubbs, Albert
Grubbs, Peter
Grubbs, Thomas
Grubbs, Thomas
Gudgel, Eligha
Gudgel, Gabreal
Gudgel, Martin Van
Gudgel, William
Gunter, Samuel
Guthrie, Aleck
Hackley, Ormsby
Hagerman, Gilbert
Hagerman, Gilbert
Hagerman, John B.
Hagerman, Lester
Hahn, Robert
Hahn, Samuel
Hahn, William
Hale, Joseph
Hale, Thomas
Hall, Zachariah
Hammond, Absalom
Hammond, Curd
Hammond, Hardin
Hammond, Hudson
Hammond, Joseph
Hammond, John
Hames, George
Hancock, F.T.
Hanes, F.G.
Hankins, William H.
Hanks, ? M.
Hanks, Dixon
Hanks, E.A.
Hanks, Thomas
Hanks, William
Hardin, Newell
Hardwick, Pleasant
Harris, James W.
Harris, Nat
Harrison, William
Hart, Benjamin
Hawkins, Ballard W.
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hawkins, C.D.
Hawkins, Edward
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Jasper
Hawkins, ? R.
Hawkins, Lewis H.
Hawkins, Miles
Hawkins, Schuyler
Hawkins, William S.
Hawthorne, James
Hazelwood, John W.
Headen, Joseph
Hedge, Benjamin
Hedge, Charles
Hedger, Charles
Hedger, James W.
Hedger, William G.
Helton, Anthony
Helton, John
Helton, William B.
Hemon, L.
Hendrix, George
Hendrix, James
Hendrix, James
Hendrix, John
Hendrix, Thomas
Herndon, A.G.
Herndon, David
Hickman, Frank
Hickman, Henry
Higgins, George B.
Highbarger, Joseph Jr.
H???hill, Andrew
Hill, Eligha
Hill, Isaiah
Hill, James
Hill, James P.
Hill, Randolph
Hoffman, James
Hollis, William P.
Holeman, John
Holmes, David
Holmes, Thomas
Horn, William
Horne, John
Houchins, Allen
Houchins, Henry
Houchins, James
Houchins, John
Howard, William
Hufman, Isaac
Hughes, Albert
Hughes, Armistead
Hughes, Joseph
Hughes, LaFayette
Hughes, Thomas
Hull, Isaac V.
Husband, Harrison
Husband, Joseph
Hutcherson, A.J.
Hutchison, Thomas
Hutton, Arthur
Hutton, Samuel
Hutton, William
Hyatt, John
Ingram, Arthur
Ingram, George
Ingram, John
Jackson, Joseph B.
Jamison, David
Jamison, Henry
Jamison, James
Jeff, George
Jeff, James A.
Jeffries, John
Jeffries, Richard
Jeffries, Willis Green
Jennings, John M.
Jett, John J.
Johnson, David Jr.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnson, James Sr.
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, Melvin
Johnson, Robert D.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Thomas H.
Johnson, William B.
Johnson, William T.
Jones, A.B.
Jones, D.S.
Jones, Dudley
Jones, Eugene
Jones, Isac V.
Jones, James B.
Jones, Jesse H.
Jones, John M.
Jones, Silas
Jones, William
Jordan, Jacob
Jordan, William F.
Justice, Elbert
Justice, ?
Kanay, Michael
Kays, James W.
Kays, James Jr.
Kays, John Jr.
Kays, Tucker
Kays, William
Kavanaugh, Thomas
King, James D.
King, Zachariah
Kingston, Levya
Lacefield, William
Lafer, Robert
Land, James
Lane, Daniel P.
Lane, Leslie
Lane, Monroe
Lane, William J.
Lane, William
Langford, Andrew J.
Langford, Stephen
Lannon, James
Lawrence, Richard L.
Leathers, Jefferson
Leathers, Valois
Ledridge, Joseph
Ledridge, William R.
Lefler, James
Lefler, Merritt
Lefler, William
Lewis, Legrand
Lillard, C.C.
Lillard, Thomas J.
Lillis, Edmond
Linney, John H.
Littlepage, Richard
Long, James S.
Long, Richard M.
Long, Thomas D.
Long, Thurston
Long, William
Long, William H.
Lott, Joseph
Lucas, George
Lynch, James
Lyons, Jasper
Mallens, Emmett
Martin, Finley
Martin , John W.
Martin, Reuben
Martin, William
Mason, Benjamin
Mason, John B.
Mathley, Alexander
McAfee, Isaac W.
McAllister, H.C.
McAnelly, Christopher
McAnelly, John
McBrayer, James A.
McBrayer, John
McCall, James
McCall, John
McCarty, David
McCarty, John
McCarty, Nicholas
McCormack, William
McCoun, Joseph
McGaughey, A.J.
McGaughey, John
McGaughey, Samuel
McGinnis, Edward
McKee, Gibson
McKee, John
McKinney, Charles
McKinney, Reuben
McKinney, Thomas
McMichael, B.H.
McMichael, Gideon
McMichael, James
McMichael, James H.
McMichael, John J.
McMichael, John W.
McMichael, Richard
McMullen, William
McMurray, James
McMurray, Thomas
McMurray, Tinsley
McQueddy, R.I.
McWilliams, William
Melear, Clay
Melear, James
Melear, John
Merritt, James S.
Meskall, Newman
Middleton, Thomas
Milburn, John
Miller, Allen
Miller, Andrew
Miller, James
Miller, Richard
Milton, William
Mizner, John W.
Mizner, Joseph L.
Mizner, William
Moffett, James P.
Moffett, John
Moffett, Williamson
Montfort, William
Monroe, Thomas
Montgomery, Clayton
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Thomas H.
Montgomery, Thomas Jr.
Montgomery, V.H.
Moore, Andrew Jr.
Moore, Dudley
Moore, James H.
Moore, James W.
Moore, Thomas H.
Moore, William
Morgan, Calvin H.
Morgan, John
Morgan, John B.
Morgan, John F.
Morgan, North
Morgan, Van
Moring, John B.
Morley, Thomas J.
Morrow, John
Morton, James P.
Morton, William
Mothershead, John
Mothershead, Richard
Mothershead, Thomas L.
Mountjoy, Charles
Mountjoy, David
Mountjoy, George W.
Mountjoy, James P.
Mountjoy, Thomas L.
Mountjoy, Wiley
Mountjoy, William D.
Mulkalan, James
Mullins, Frank M.
Mullins, James M.
Mullins, John T.
Munday, R.L.
Munday, Thomas H.
Munford, J.C.
Murphy, Bruce E.
Murphy, Brice
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, William R.
Neal, Christopher
Neal, John T.
Neal, Thomas
Nelson, John R.
Nelson, William
Nevins, John M.
Newton, John
Newton, John M.
Nutgrass, Wiliam
O'Dell, John S.
O'Haine, John Jr.
O'Haine, John Sr.
Oliver, Asa
Oliver, Isaac
Oliver, John D.
Oliver, Pleasant
Oliver, William B.
Osborne, George V.
Osborne, John B.
Osborne, Thomas L.
Ottenheimer, Emanuel
Overstreet, Jefferson
Overstreet, John T.
Palmer, Peter
Parker, David D.
Paker, Marlon
Parker, Robert
Parish, Joseph
Parish, Milyon H.
Patterson, B.F.
Patterson, John V.
Patterson, William
Paulent  ? , Richard
Payne, Benton
Payt?, Samuel
Peach, Samuel
Peach, Thomas
Penny, Benjamin
Penny, Berry
Penny, Christopher
Penny, Lewis
Penny, Smith
Penny, William
Penny, William B.
Peters, Warren C.
Peters, William
Petty, Charles W.
Petty, John H.
Peyton, George Jr.
Peyton, James
Peyton, Micah
Peyton, Peter jr.
Phillips, Aurellas
Phillips, John W.
Pierce, Walter
Portwood, Ambrose
Portwood, Armstead
Posey, James M.
Potts, Andrew
Powell, Robert
Powers, Daniel L.
Price, John L.
Price, John S.
Price, William B.
Proctor, Austin
Proctor, Isaiah
Proctor, James H.
Proctor, Taylor
Pullium, Thomas
Quinley, Penny
Ragan, Alexander
Ragan, Horace
Ragan, Silas
Redden, John T.
Redmon, D.N.
Redmon, George
Reed, G.W.D.
Reynolds, F.M.
Rice, James W.
Rice, Newton
Rice, Peter
Rice, Samuel
Rice, Thomas
Richie, David J.
Richie, John T.
Rigg, John
Rigg, William B.
Riley, George N.
Rinehart, Edward
Rinhart, John
Ripy, James P.
Ripy, Thomas B.
Roach, Bailey
Roach, D.M.
Roberts, Hilany
Roberts, Phillip
Robinson, Francis T.
Robinson, James B.
Robinson, John M.
Robinson, Isaac
Robinson, Sanford C.
Robinson, McKinder
Robinson, William A.
Robinson, William H.
Routt, Green
Routt, Seneca
Routt, Thomas W.
Routt, Thomas
Routt, Wesley L.
Royalty, Enoch
Royalty, Martin V.
Ruble, John H.
Ruble, Thomas J.
Rucker, George K.
Rucker, Mark
Runner, March "Mark"
Ryan, Joseph R.
Saffell, James T.
Saffell, William B.
Sagracy, William
Sammons, John W.
Sample, John B.
Samson, John J.
Satterwhite, J.J.
Satterwhite, Jordan W.
Satterwhite, William W.
Scott, Buford
Searcy, Berry
Searcy, Charles A.
Searcy, Christopher
Searcy, George
Searcy, George
Searcy, James
Searcy, James S.
Searcy, John
Searcy, John H.
Searcy, Merritt L.
Searcy, Rufus
Searcy, Wiley
Searcy, William
Searcy, William H.
Searcy, W.M.
Shakleford, James
Sharp, James
Sharp, John W.
Sharp, William C.
Shelburn, Thomas
Shely, Charles F.
Shely, Charles F.
Shely, James C.
Shely, John W.
Sherwood, Albert G.
Shipman, W.H.
Shouse, Richard
Shouse, Thomas
Shouse, W.W.
Shyrock, Lemuel
Simpson, David H.
Simpson, Jesse
Simpson, Lloyd
Simpson, Lloyd P.
Simpson, Milburn
Singleton, John W.
Skelton, Thomas
Skelton, William
Smith, George W.
Smithy, James
Smithy, James Jr.
Smithy, John Jr.
Smithy, John Sr.
Snider, Allen
Snider, Marion
Solomon, M.B.
Sparrow, Archie
Sparrow, George
Sparrow, Greenberry
Sparrow, Henry Sr.
Sparrow, ? M.
Sparrow, Henry Jr.
Sparrow, John F.
Sparrow, William G.
Sparrow, William T.
Spaulding, Hiram
Speaks, Edwin R.
Speaks, James
Spears, James W.
Stevens, Douglas
Stevens, James M.
Stevens, John
Stevens, John G.
Stinnett, James
Stipes, Henderson
Stone, Henry C.
Story, Benjamin
Story, James H.
Story, John
Strange, James W.
Stratton, Jacob
Stucker, Alexander
Stucker, Michael
Summeral, Calvin
Summitt, George
Summitt, John
Sutherland, B.F.
Sutherland, Henry
Sutherland, John D.
Sutherland, William
Sutton, James
Sweany, Robert
Sweazy, Jessie
Sweazy, Joseph
Swift, Charles
Tarlton?, Joseph
Taylor, Benjamin F.
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, George H.
Taylor, Lewis
Taylor, Peyton
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, William K.
Taylor, William T.
Temple, Solomon K.
Thacker, Alfrd F.
Thacker, Daniel J.
Thacker, Edmond J.
Thacker, James H.
Thacker, Rufus F.
Thacker, Wiliam
Thacker, William J.
Thomas, Allen
Thomas, Ambrose
Thomas, ChapmanH.
Thomas, F.G.
Thomas, F.G. jr.
Thomas, James
Thomason , Joseph
Thomason, Richard
Thompson, John C.
Thompson, Levi
Thompson, Martin
Thompson, Richard
Thomason, Theoderick
Thompson, William
Thurman, David
Thurman, Jackson 
Tindal, Henry
Tindal, James
Tinsley, Archie
Tinsley, James
Tinsley, Jordan M.
Tinsley, William
Tipton, Lemuel
Tipton, Simon
Tipton, William
Travis, Henry
Travis, Isaac
Travis, James
Travis, John Jr.
Travis, Thomas
Travis, Van Buren
Tolls, James P.
Toning??, William
Towson, Jackson
T?????? , James F.
Underhill, John C.
Utterback, John
Vanarsdale, Isaac
Vanarsdale, James
Vandeventer, A.M.
Vandeventer, William
Vaughn, Ira
Vaughn, Robert
Vaughn, Thomas N.
Vaughn, William
Vaughn, William H.
Vawter, J.D.
Walker, C.M.
Walker, Henry H.
Walker, Leonidas
Walker, Monroe
Walker, N.F.
Walker, Uslysses
Walker, William P.
Walker, William T.
Walters, John M.
Walters, Samuel
Ward, George H.
Warford, Benjamin
Warford, Buttes
Warford, James H.
Warford, John
Warford, Nathaniel
Wash, Allen B.
Wash, A.W.
Wash, B.F.
Wash, James M. Jr.
Waterfill, Joseph
Watson, Joel
Watts, Benjamin
Watts, Fielding T.
Watts, Newton M.
Watts, Thomas D.
Watts, Tinsley
Wayne, William
Webb, Jolson
Welch, John
White, Jackson
White, William M.
Whitehouse, George W.
Whitehouse, Harrison
Whitehouse, John
Whitehouse, William J.
Whittington, W.L.
Williams, H.D.
Williams, James R.
Williams, John B.
Williams, Riley
Williams, Scott
Williams, Simeon S.
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williamson, Moses E.
Williamson, Samuel W.
Willis, James E.
Wilson, George
Wilson, Thomas D.
Wilson, William B.
Witherspoon, A.C.
Witherspoon, J.A.
Witherspoon, James F.
Witherspoon, Lewis J.
Witherspoon, W. Holly
Witherspoon, Newton , H.
Wolfe, Bernard
Woods, William Jr.
Woodard, K.
Wyatt, Isaac
Yocum, Daniel M.
Yocum, McHenry M.
York, Armstead "Army"
York, William H.
Young, James W.
Young, John W.
Young, Lawrence
Young, Merit B.
Young, William A.
Yowell, Henry H.
Yowell, Moses

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