Kentucky Historical Marker Database & National Register of Historic Places 

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 A - Kentucky Historical Marker Database - Anderson County , Kentucky 

For a description of the sites listed below  go to:  Kentucky Historical Society Marker Database


1- 1862 in Lawrenceburg    (Marker Number: 630)

2- Anna Mac Clarke (1919-44)                  (Marker Number: 1970)

3- County Named, 1827    (Marker Number: 847)

4- Day of Perryville    (Marker Number: 572)

5- Distinguished Naval Officers - Alumni of Kavanaugh    (Marker Number: 1479)

6- Kavanaugh School

7- Hebron Church     (Marker Number: 1122)

8- Kavanaugh School              (Marker Number: 1273)

9- McCall's Spring; Formerly Cove or Lillard Spring.           (Marker Number: 1121)

10- Renowned Congressman               (Marker Number: 812)

11- Salt River Church, 1/2 mile                    (Marker Number: 1430)

12- William H. Townsend (1890-1964)           (Marker Number: 2029)


B-      National  Register of  Historic Places - Anderson County, Ky 

Confederate Monument in Lawrenceburg, Cornish Site, 

Crossfield, R. H., House-Crowe House;The Mansion,

Dowling House, Goodnight Bridge Archeological Site,

Hanks, Thomas H., House-Also known as Hanks-Bond-Major House,

Kavanaugh Academy-Also known as Kavanaugh High School,

Lawrenceburg Commercial Historic District,

McBrayer-Clark House-Also known as Champ Clark House,

Moore Archeological Site, Moore, Rev. William Dudley, House,

Old Prentice Distillery-Also known as Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc., Distillery,

Old Wash Place, Phelps Archeological Site,

Ripy, T. B., House, Stevens Archeological Site # 1, 

Stevens Archeological Site #2, Warford Archeological Site #2, 

and the Watson Archeological Site

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