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Obits for the year  1915

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Last Name First Name Maiden Name Other Title Age Date of obituary Place of birth Place of Death
ALCORN Mary Belle WASH     54 1915-10-07   Sinai, Anderson Co., KY
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth     Miss 19 1915-08-26   Louisville, KY
ASH Mary E.       83 1915-01-21   Louisville, KY
BASHFORD Alan         1915-02-11 Franklin Co., KY Denver, CO
BERCAW Charles G.       42 1915-08-05   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
BEST Herbert       1 1915-12-02   Pleasant Grove, Anderson Co., KY
BEST infant         6m 1915-11-18   Louisville, KY
BLACK W. M.       73 1915-09-14   Taylorsville, KY
BLAKEMORE Samuel       68 1915-02-18   Lagrange, Oldham Co., KY
BOND E. V.     Rev. 34 1915-08-12   Lawrenceburg, KY
BOOTH infant son       0 1915-09-10   Paris, KY
BOOTH S. E.     Col. 56 1915-01-14 Missouri Lawrenceburg, KY
BROWN Henry "Skinner"         1915-08-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
BURK Esther       19 1915-12-09 Mt. Eden, KY Lawrenceburg, KY
BUSH C. A.       67 1915-05-06   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
CARDWELL Thomas M.       69 1915-08-31   Mercer Co., KY
CARROW Mary Alzora     Miss 30 1915-05-13   Anderson Co., KY
CARTER J. N.       81 1915-02-11   Stewartsville, Grant Co., KY
CARTINHOUR Eliza         1915-02-11   Georgetown, KY
CASE infant son       2m 1915-09-17   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
CHAMBERS James R.       43 1915-06-03   Louisville, KY
CLEMMONS Rankin         1915-04-22    
COCHRAN John         1915-09-07   Louisville, KY
COKE Harry Elmer       9m 1915-01-21   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
COKE J. T.       78 1915-01-14   Lawrenceburg, KY
COLE Eliza LEATHERS       1915-01-28 Anderson Co., KY Lexington, KY
COLE Pearl       11 1915-01-21   Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
CROUCH Robert           1915-07-22   Danville, KY
CUMMINGS William         1915-02-04 Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY Frankfort, KY
CUMMINGS William         1915-05-13   Frankfort, KY
DEVORE Mary ETHERINGERTON     92 1915-03-11   Lexington, KY
DRISKELL Did.       73 1915-02-18   Anderson Co., KY
DRISKELL Z. D.       73 1915-02-18   Anderson Co., KY
EDWARDS Frankie       65 1915-02-18   Brown's Store, Anderson Co., KY
ELDER Kirk         1915-10-07   Bloomfield, KY
ELLIS Tandy         1915-08-31 (biography)    
ELLISTON Murrell Cecil       4 1915-01-28   Louisville, KY
EMBRY Samuel J.     Jr. 79 1915-12-16   Lincoln Co., KY
FOLEY Joanna RICE     75 1915-12-09   Lexington, KY
FRANKLIN Will         1915-07-22   Lexington, KY
FRAZIER John H.         1915-04-22   Versailles, KY
GILLIS Edward       36 1915-02-18   Louisville, KY
GILMAN Sue     Miss   1915-07-08   Glensboro, Anderson Co., KY
GORDON Sallie       9 1915-04-22   Lawrenceburg, KY
GRAHAM George Hunter       76 1915-05-20 Ireland Gilbert's Creek, Anderson Co., KY
GREEN Sunny         1915-08-05   Etowah, TN
GREGORY Frank         1915-09-07   Louisville, KY
HADEN Elizabeth       84 1915-11-25   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
HAHN Mabel       12 1915-01-28   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
HAHN Mabel       12 1915-02-04   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
HAHN Mabel       12 1915-02-04   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
HAHN Murtle Ruby         1915-08-05   Anderson Co., KY
HALL Goth         1915-02-04   Harrodsburg
HAM Johnny         1915-09-17 Pulaski Co., KY Danville, KY
HANLEY Sarah Belle   McGURK   82 1915-08-19   Anderson Co., KY
HARP H. C.       72 1915-02-11   Waddy, KY
HARRIS Margaret         1915-02-18   Versailles, KY
HARRISON Harry         1915-11-11 Anderson Co., KY Somerset, KY
HARRISON James E.       23 1915-11-11 Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
HARTMAN Frederick           41 1915-12-02   Lawrenceburg, KY
HAWKINS Dollins         1915-11-18   Anderson Co., KY
HAWKINS Lewis        92 1915-01-28   Lawrenceburg, KY
HAWKINS Lewis C.       92 1915-01-28   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
HAWTHORNE Martha        28 1915-07-22   Clifton, Anderson Co., KY
HICKMAN Francis Todd         1915-08-31 Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY Flora Vista, NM
HICKMAN Frank         1915-08-19 Anderson Co., KY Flora Vista, NM
HIGGINS George B.       68 1915-04-22   Lawrenceburg, KY
HOLMAN James Henry       78 1915-12-16   Lawrenceburg, KY
HOLMAN Lucy       78 1915-11-25   Lexington, KY
HOLMES Andrew Jackson "Uncle Jack"       92 1915-01-28 Garrard Co., KY Lawrenceburg, KY
HOLMES Jackson       92 1915-01-21   Lawrenceburg, KY
HORNBACK Sophia       83 1915-01-21   Pleasant Grove, Anderson Co., KY
HOUCHIN Lucille       1 1915-12-16   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
HOUCHIN Will         1915-04-22   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
HUSBAND W. T. "Uncle Taylor"       98 1915-05-13   Anderson Co., KY
JEFFRIES Willis G.       82 1915-01-28   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
JONES Adeline HOLMAS       1915-02-04 Mercer Co., KY Anderson Co., KY
JONES Adeline         1915-02-11 Madison, IN Anderson Co., KY
JORDAN Sarah Frances MOTHERSHEAD     78 1915-09-21   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
KAYS Blanche EDWARDS       1915-05-27   Matoon, IL
LANCASTER John William       21 1915-07-08   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
LASSING Theresa     Miss 40 1915-12-02   Newport, KY
LONG John T.       15 1915-05-13   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
LONG William Marvin       7 1915-11-11   Bonds Mill, Anderson Co., KY
LONG William Marvin       7 1915-11-18   Bond's Mill, Anderson Co., KY
LOWEN G. J. "Doc"       76 1915-08-19   Lawrenceburg, KY
MARSHALL Sara       73 1915-04-22   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
MATHLEY infant       0 1915-08-26   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
McBRAYER Mary WALLACE     78 1915-07-22   Lawrenceburg, KY
McCARTY Will         1915-08-19 Danville, KY Battleship Ohio, San Pedro, CA
McGAUGHEY Ina Etna       5m 1915-01-07   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
McKITTRICK Martha Thomas BOND     53 1915-01-28 Anderson Co., KY Missouri Flat, OR
McWILLIAMS Alfred         1915-10-07   Mortonsville, Woodford Co., KY
MILLER Bettie       65 1915-01-14   Lebanon, KY
MIZNER John L.       64 1915-02-11 Anderson Co., KY Cincinnati, Ohio
MOORE Ike       52 1915-01-28   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
MOORE Ike       52 1915-02-04   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
MOORE Ike       52 1915-02-04   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
MOORE James         1915-07-08   Louisville, KY
MOORE Mr.         1915-08-05   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN John       67 1915-01-07   Sand Spring Church, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN Mrs. T. A.         1915-05-13   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN Tommie WILSON   Mrs.   1915-05-13   Sinia, Anderson Co., KY
MORTON John Marshall         1915-02-11 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
NELSON Annie     Miss 63 1915-12-02   Nineveh, Anderson Co., KY
OVERSTREET R. B.       25 1915-01-07   Gilbert's Creek, Anderson Co., KY
PARKER J. D.         1915-01-28   Franklin Co., KY
PETTY Elizabeth COULTER     60 1915-01-07 Anderson Co., KY Shelbyville, Shelby Co., KY
PILCHER Marie         1915-11-18   Louisville, KY
PRICE Benjamin       58 1915-12-16   Stringtown, Anderson Co., KY
PROCTOR Martha         1915-09-10   Pleasant Grove, Anderson Co., KY
RICE William Thomas       77 1915-11-11 Shelby Co., KY McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
RITTER Stanley       13 1915-06-03 Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY Versailles, KY
SALLEE Laverne       18m 1915-12-23   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
SANDERS W. C.         1915-11-25 Coyle, OK Mercer Co., KY
SAXTON Henry A.         1915-12-09   Lexington, KY
SCOTT Susan       72 1915-05-20   Waddy, KY
SCOTT Weil         1915-08-05   Etowah, TN
SKELTON John E.       60 1915-12-09   Louisville, KY
SMITH Annie     Miss 37 1915-12-02   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY
SPARROW Frank Ed         1915-01-07   Tunnel mill, Washington Co., KY
STANFORTH Elmer         1915-11-18   Anderson Co., KY
STOCKTON Lydia       79 1915-02-18   Nineveh, Anderson Co., KY
SUMMIT Alonzo          1915-08-12   Taylorsville, KY
SUMMITT Mary HURST       1915-10-14   Spencer Co., KY
TEMPLES King         1915-02-04   Mt. Eden, Anderson Co., KY
TEMPLES King         1915-02-04   Mt. Eden, Anderson Co., KY
THOMAS Homer       36 1915-02-11 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
THOMAS Homer         1915-02-11   Louisville, KY
TOWNSEND Mary   BROWN   59 1915-07-22   Glensboro, Anderson Co., KY
TOWNSEND O. L.     Dr. 55 1915-05-13 McLean Co., KY Glensboro, Anderson Co., KY
TRENT C. C.       71 1915-08-12 Washington Co., KY Lawrenceburg, KY
TUCKER Mecie         1915-07-22   Barkridge, Anderson Co., KY
UTTERBACK C. D.       55 1915-04-29   Cora, Anderson Co., KY
UTTERBACK Corbin D.       59 1915-04-22 Anderson Co., KY Lexington, KY
VAN SCROGHAM child         1915-12-02   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
VAN WINKLE Arthur         1915-09-07   Louisville, KY
WAINSCOTT Lovisha SIMPSON     68 1915-09-07   Nineveh, Anderson Co., KY
WAINSCOTT Lovisha SIMPSON       1915-09-14 Owen Co., KY Alton, Anderson Co., KY
WAKEFIELD John D.         1915-03-11   Louisville, KY
WARNER Rachel         1915-02-04   Friendship, Anderson Co., KY
WATERFILL Ernest Howard       7 1915-09-03   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
WATTS infant       infant 1915-05-06   Odell, Anderson Co., KY
WATTS Preston       87 1915-08-12   Watts Store, Anderson Co., KY
WEISSINGER Harry     Col. 72 1915-05-13   Louisville, KY
WELCH Virgil         1915-05-13   Illinois
WELLS Bruner         1915-05-06   Hutch, Anderson Co., KY
WHILDEN P. T.         1915-02-11   Columbia, SC
WHILDEN Percy T.     Sr.   1915-02-04   Columbia, SC
WILSON Dink       62 1915-08-05 Clifton, Woodford Co., KY Kentucky River, Anderson Co., KY
WILSON I. M.         1915-06-17   Versailles, KY
WOODS son       infant 1915-02-11   Anderson Co., KY
YOKUM Mrs. Walter KING     24 1915-05-27   Mayo, Mercer Co., KY
YOUNG Frank       77 1915-03-11   Anderson Co., KY
YOUNG infant       8w 1915-01-14   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
YOUNG John Wesley       75 1915-02-04   Lawrenceburg, KY
YOUNG Lester Johnson       infant 1915-01-14   Lawrenceburg, KY

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