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Last Name First Name Maiden Other Title Age Date of obit Birth Place Death Place
ALDRIDGE son       4m 1911-12-21   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BAKER Robert       85 1911-12-21   Burgin, Mercer Co., KY
BARNETT Grundy         1911-04-20   Louisville, KY
BLAKEMORE Sarah      Miss 69 1911-05-18   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BRIDGES (3 children)         1911-03-30   Harrodsburg, KY
BRIDGES Mrs. Luther VEACH       1911-03-30   Harrodsburg, KY
BRISCOE Nancy       102 1911-05-04    
BROWN John       45 1911-12-21   Anderson Co., KY
BUTLER Perce       35 1911-04-13   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BUTNER Nancy       65 1911-08-24   Lawrenceburg, KY
COOK Sarah       infant 1911-10-19   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY
COUBERT Isaac       58 1911-08-31   Gilbert's Creek, Anderson Co., KY
COVVERT Isaac       58 1911-08-31   Anderson Co., KY
DENNY George     Judge   1911-04-13    
GASH T. M.       68 1911-10-19   Cora, Anderson Co., KY
GOODLETT Anna           1911-11-30   Hutch, Anderson Co., KY
GUDGEL Elizabeth HERNDON BLEDSOE   69 1911-04-20   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
GUDGEL Josie WILSON     62 1911-03-16 Anderson Co., KY Cincinnati, Ohio
HARLAN John Marshall     Justice   1911-10-19   Washington DC
HAWKINS A.     Mr. 38 1911-05-04   Shelbyville, KY
HORINE B. O.         1911-10-12   Lexington, KY
JOHNSON Annie       92 1911-11-02   Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Tom         1911-04-13 Scott Co., KY  
LONG Mrs. J. W.         1911-11-23   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY
MAJOR Thomas F.     Fr. 67 1911-08-24 Paris, KY Frankfort, KY
McCAMPBELL John W.       55 1911-04-13 Shelby Co., KY Louisville, KY
McDONALD Edgar       27 1911-12-14   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
McGARY Mrs. George         1911-12-07   Ninevah, Anderson Co., KY
McGAUGHEY C. E. (Clarence)       27 1911-12-07   Van Buren,
McMURRY Tim       79 1911-12-21 Anderson Co., KY Woodford Co., KY
MORGAN North       78 1911-09-28 Anderson Co., KY Forestburg, Texas
MULLINS Elizabeth       69 1911-05-04   Lawrenceburg, KY
MUNDAY Sadie Ellen         1911-03-16   St. Louis, MO
NELSON Georgia CALDWELL       1911-03-16 Ballard, Anderson Co., KY Weston, MO
PARKER Watts     Judge   1911-03-16   Lexington, KY
PAXTON John Richard         1911-08-31(biography)    
PHILLIPS Pallie       15m 1911-10-12   Woodford Co., KY
RILEY Isreal       90 1911-04-20   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
SAYLOR Andrew         1911-09-21   Pineville, KY
SCHLEY Winfield Scott     Adm.   1911-10-05   New York, NY
SCRUGGS W. P.     Mr.   1911-05-04   Willisburg, KY
SIMPSON H. D.       17 1911-08-24   Kentucky River, Anderson Co., KY
SIPE Joseph       65 1911-09-28   Lawrenceburg, KY
SMITH Nettie S.       44 1911-11-02   Hammond's Creek, Anderson Co., KY
SPARROW (daughter)       13 1911-04-13   Spencer Co., KY
STEVENS Bettie BLAKEMAN     65 1911-03-16   Glensboro, KY
SUTHERLAND Jefferson       48 1911-04-27 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
TAYLOR Owen         1911-09-21   Madison Co., KY
THACKER Eliza MONTGOMERY     64 1911-12-14   Hammond's Creek, Anderson Co., KY
THACKER R. E.         1911-11-23   Duncan's Crossing, Anderson Co., KY
TIPTON Richard         1911-12-14   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
TIPTON Richard         1911-12-21   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
TRAYLOR W. H.     Col. 65 1911-10-26   Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY
VAUGHN John P.       70 1911-10-05   Anderson Co., KY
VAUGHN May     Mrs.   1911-05-11    
WHITE Scott         69 1911-04-06   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
WHITTAKER Mattie     Miss 18 1911-04-27   Taylorsville, KY
WILEY Lafe         1911-08-31   Salvisa, Anderson Co., KY
YOUNG Charles       40 1911-12-14 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
YOUNG Susan         1911-08-31   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
YOUNG Susie         1911-08-24   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY

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