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Obits for the Year - 1893

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Last Name First Name Maiden Other Title Age Date of obit Birth Place Death Place
ALVIE Sadie        91 1893-03-23   Nelson Co., KY
ARMSTRONG William         1893-04-13   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
ARMSTRONG William         1893-04-20   Green Chapel, Anderson Co., KY
ARNOLD J. &  wife         1893-06-22 Louisville, KY Leavenworth, KS
ARNOLD Wright         1893-04-20   Wallacetown, KY
ARTHUR child       child 1893-05-11   Lawrenceburg, KY
AVERITT W. H.         1893-08-31   Stanton, KY
BAIRD Thomas         1893-07-20   Daviess Co., KY
BANKS children         1893-09-14   Woodford Co., KY
BARNES Horace         1893-01-26   Beaver Dam, KY
BAXTER James       17 1893-06-15   Midway, Woodford Co., KY
BEECHAM Frank         1893-01-12   Versailles, KY
BELL Annie         1893-05-11   Lawrenceburg, KY
BELL Annie         1893-05-25   Anderson Co., KY
BELL Mrs. Mattie (Lola)         1893-07-20 Anderson Co., KY New Albany, IN
BEST John         1893-09-14   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
BICKERS Harriet       64 1893-10-19   Lexington, KY
BIRDWHISTELL Mrs. James       75 1893-12-07   Anderson Co., KY
BLACK Charley         1893-10-19   Lawrenceburg, KY
BLAINE James Gillespie       63 1893-02-02   Washington, DC
BLUNK A. J.     Marshall   1893-08-03   Parkland, KY
BOGGESS R. W.         1893-01-12   Lawrenceburg, KY
BOLTON Thomas       20 1893-06-22   Anderson Co., KY
BOND Florinda         1893-01-05   Louisville, KY
BRIDGEWATER Ogden         1893-08-31   Lincoln Co., KY
BRISTOW J. L.         1893-11-30   Covington, KY
BROWN Byron         1893-12-21   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
BURROWS J. L.         1893-01-19   Georgia
BURRUS Byron         1893-09-14   Lawrenceburg, KY
BUTLER Mrs. Reuben         1893-06-15   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
CAAL Shepherd         1893-01-12   Salnersville, KY
CALDWELL R. H.         1893-11-23   Danville, KY
CARDWELL Walter       Dr. 1893-04-20   Lebanon, KY
CARDWELL Walter       Dr. 1893-04-27   Lebanon, KY
CASE Fanny         1893-10-19   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
CASE Frances F.       80 1893-10-19   Anderson Co., KY
CATLETT R. L.       29 1893-11-16   Lawrenceburg, KY
CLARK John A.         1893-11-02 (biography)    
COBLE William       70 1893-11-16   Franklin Co., KY
COLE Floyd         1893-10-26   Georgetown, KY
COLEMAN William         1893-01-19   Mascoutah, IL
COLFORD John       50 1893-01-05 St. Johns, Newfoundland Lawrenceburg, KY
COLLINS Ben         1893-02-09   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
COLLINS J. C.       64 1893-01-12   Perryville, KY
COLLINS William       74 1893-07-13   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
COOK Shelby        26 1893-05-25   Harrisonville, KY
COX Mrs. Alonso       34 1893-12-07   Lawrenceburg, KY
CUNNINGHAM Rebecca       83 1893-08-31   Nevins, Anderson Co., KY
DAVIS John         1893-01-12   Salnersville, KY
DAVIS John T.         1893-09-21   Shelby Co., KY
DAWSON Jennie         1893-04-06 Anderson Co., KY Montague Co., TX
DAWSON Sallie       86 1893-11-30   Anderson Co., KY
DAWSON Sally       86 1893-12-14   Anderson Co., KY
DeHAVEN S. E.     Judge 67 1893-11-30   Lagrange, KY
DELANEY Abbie TAYLOR       1893-04-13   Union Co., KY
DEMAREE Samuel         1893-11-30   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
DESPONETT Nettie        15 1893-10-05   Old Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
DESPONETT Rena     Miss   1893-04-06   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
DONNELLY son       5 1893-02-23   Louisville, KY
DOUGHERTY           1893-05-25   Woodford Co., KY
DOWLING Tim         1893-02-23   Chicago, IL
DUDLEY R. M.     D.D. 55 1893-01-12   Georgetown, KY
DUDLEY R. M.         1893-01-19   Georgetown, KY
EASTON James "Jimmy"         1893-09-28   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
EDWARDS Henry          1893-01-26   Douganville, KY
EDWARDS William     Capt.   1893-11-30   Ballard, Anderson Co., KY
EGGLESTON daughter       2 1893-01-19   Lexington, KY
ELDER Mrs. Charles MORGAN       1893-01-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
FRANCES Mrs.       105 1893-01-26   Antioch, Washington Co., KY
FRAZIER Ray         1893-09-21   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
FRAZIER Roy Hargis       6m 1893-09-21   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
FRENCH W. C.         1893-08-24   Frankfort, KY
FRY Floyd         1893-03-30   Hempridge, KY
GALE Henry       32 1893-10-12   New Liberty, Owen Co., KY
GALE Mrs. Henry HERR       1893-10-12   New Liberty, Owen Co., KY
GAMER L. E.         1893-09-21   Lincoln Co., KY
GILBERT John Webster     Dr.   1893-02-09   Lawrenceburg, KY
GILBERT John Webster     Dr.   1893-03-02   Lawrenceburg, KY
GILPIN Henry       49 1893-03-23   Lawrenceburg, KY
GOFF W. R.         1893-08-17   Shelbyville, KY
GOIN Nona       2 1893-07-27   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
GOODLETT Marion       48 1893-09-28   Anderson Co., KY
GORDON son         1893-04-27   Sparrow, Anderson Co., KY
GRAHAM Edmund         1893-08-03   Parkland, KY
GREEN Scott        64 1893-06-08   Franklin Co., KY
GREER Joe         1893-01-19   Benton, KY
GRITTON Alice         1893-09-28   Anderson Co., KY
GUDGEL William       64 1893-05-18   Louisville, KY
HACKLEY Susan       67 1893-09-28   Anderson Co., KY
HAGAN Alma     Miss   1893-05-18   Richmond, KY
HAHN N. S.       70 1893-01-26   Lawrenceburg, KY
HAHN N. S.         1893-01-26   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
HANKS Susan     Mrs.   1893-06-08   Lawrenceburg, KY
HANSON Richard H.       74 1893-06-22   Paris, KY
HARRIS Nimrod     Sr. 84 1893-03-02   Mercer Co., KY
HARRISON Carter H.         1893-11-02   Chicago, IL
HAWKINS Bishop       14 1893-01-26   Anderson Co., KY
HAYCRAFT John S.         1893-02-23   Caneyville, KY
HAYES Rutherford B.         1893-01-26   Fremont, OH
HILLMAN children         1893-01-26   Lexington, KY
HORNUNG Frank         1893-08-03   Louisville, KY
HOUCHIN William         1893-03-30   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
HUMES Mary     Mrs. 75 1893-08-10   Birdie, Anderson Co., KY
JAMES George         1893-10-26   Georgetown, KY
JOHNSON Al T.       6m 1893-11-02   Lawrenceburg, KY
JOHNSON Mary       80 1893-06-15   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Narcissus       70 1893-03-09   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
JONES Harry C.       88 1893-01-12   Jefferson Co., KY
KING Dan         1893-01-05   Lawrenceburg, KY
LANGFORD Mrs. L.R.         1893-04-27   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
LANGFORD William "Uncle Jack"         1893-11-16   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
LEATHERS D.         1893-11-23 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
LEWIS Albert         1893-07-13   Dever's Mill, KY
MASSEY J. W.         1893-06-29   Eagle Cliff, Lookout Mt., TN
McANALLY John T.         1893-07-06   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
McCARTY Henry         1893-07-06   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
McCOY Katherine       66 1893-11-30   Clay Lick Church, Anderson Co., KY
McMILLIN James       117 1893-07-20   Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
MELVIN Archibald         1893-11-16   Cattlesburg, KY
MERIWETHER Travilla       infant 1893-08-10   Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY
MILLER Henry         1893-08-24 Tennessee Terre Haute, IN
MILTON child       child 1893-03-30   Louisville, KY
MINTON Samuel         1893-11-30   Monticello, Casey Co., KY
MITCHELL Caroline     Mrs. 78 1893-05-18   Roswell, New Mexico
MONROE Mary Ann     Mrs.   1893-04-06   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN John C.         1893-02-23   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN John C.         1893-03-02   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
MORRIS Burt         1893-11-16   North Middletown, Bourbon Co., KY
MORRIS Cassandra       100 1893-01-26   Paris, KY
MORTON Mrs. Parker       42 1893-09-21   Lawrenceburg, KY
MOUNTJOY A. H.         1893-11-23   Nevins Station, Anderson Co., KY
MOUNTJOY Virginia       13 1893-03-09   Charleston, IL
MULLINS Maud     Miss   1893-05-11   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
MURPHY Albert         1893-03-30   Bloomfield, KY
MURPHY John       70 1893-02-09   Lexington, KY
NEEDY Ned         1893-08-03   Louisville, KY
PASS John         1893-03-23   Morganfield, KY
PEARSON J. H.         1893-03-09   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
PEARSON Jacob         1893-03-09   Wardsville, KY
PIERCE Lyman V.         1893-01-12   Owensboro, KY
PITTMAN J. W.       60 1893-01-19   Mayfield, KY
POSEY Addie       25 1893-03-02    
POSEY Laura       57 1893-02-09   Lawrenceburg, KY
POWELL Lafon         1893-10-26   Salvisa, KY
PRICE Lewis F.         1893-05-18   Mitchell, IN
PRICE Thomas       81 1893-04-06   Anderson Co., KY
RANSHAW Mrs. Henry         1893-11-09   Covington, KY
RAY Mary       18 1893-07-13   Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
RAY Ruby       12 1893-07-13   Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
REDDEN Richard         1893-01-12   Lexington, KY
RENICK Silas         1893-01-26   Dekoven, KY
RILEY       Dr.   1893-12-14   Willisburg, Washington Co., KY
RITCHEY Bud         1893-01-19   Allen Co., KY
RIVERA Margerita       132 1893-03-09   Monterey, Mexico
ROBARDS Patsy       35 1893-02-23   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON infant       infant 1893-06-01   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON James         1893-06-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON Mrs. Wesley (Merit)         1893-04-06 Anderson Co., KY Lexington, KY
ROYALTY Enoch         1893-11-30   Washington Co., KY
SAFFELL James       80 1893-06-29 Anderson Co., KY Frankfort, KY
SAMUELS John         1893-08-24   Mt. Sterling, KY
SATTERWHITE Lee       29 1893-10-26 Shelby Co., KY Rich Hill, MO
SCHLEIGH Andy         1893-02-23   Louisville, KY
SCHOOLER infant       infant 1893-08-17   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
SHIELDS child       child 1893-05-04   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
SHIELDS Oliver         1893-06-08   Nelson Co., KY
SHOUSE infant       infant 1893-08-03   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
SIMPSON William         1893-01-26   Garrard Co., KY
SLAUGHTER D. G.         1893-09-28   Crab Orchard, KY
SMITH (Conductor)         1893-11-09   Woodford Co., KY
SMITH J. J.         1893-01-12   Frankfort, KY
SMITH Kirby     Gen.   1893-04-06   Sewanee, TN
SPARROW Charley         1893-08-10   Sparrow, Anderson Co., KY
STAMPER William         1893-09-28   Crab Orchard, KY
STEBBINS Bill          1893-09-07   Spokane, WA
STEVENS Green       75 1893-04-13   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
STEVENS Monroe         1893-09-28   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
STEVENS Monroe         1893-09-28   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
STRUTTON Mollie     Miss   1893-06-08   Anderson Co., KY
STUART Daniel         1893-06-29   Paris, KY
TACKER George         1893-01-12   Bluffton, OH
TAYLOR Charles E.         1893-02-23   Owensboro, KY
TAYLOR Leonard         1893-08-31   New Castle, Henry Co., KY
TAYLOR Simeon       73 1893-06-29   Petty, Anderson Co., KY
THACKER Bill          1893-03-30   Lawrenceburg, KY
TURLEY John         1893-05-18   Mitchell, IN
UPTON son       6 1893-01-26   Bowling Green, KY
WALLACE Lew     Gen.   1893-08-24 (biography)    
WALLACE Martin       54 1893-02-23   Ibex, KY
WALTON Charles         1893-08-24   Morganfield, KY
WASHINGTON George         1893-05-18   Anderson Co., KY
WASHINGTON George         1893-05-25   Anderson Co., KY
WATSON William         1893-03-09   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
WELLS Ban         1893-01-26   Gravel Switch, Marion Co., KY
WHEATLEY Jane     Miss 90 1893-01-12   Paris, KY
WHITE Charley         1893-11-02   Lancaster, KY
WILGUS G.D.         1893-02-23   Lexington, KY
WILSON William         1893-01-19   Bardstown, KY
WYATT Sidney         1893-12-14   Friendship, Anderson Co., KY
YATES child       child 1893-05-04   Van Buren, Anderson Co., KY
YOCUM Mildred       infant 1893-08-24   Anderson Co., KY
YORK Susan E.         1893-12-14   Louisville, KY
YOUNG Perry         1893-09-28   Lexington, KY

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