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Obits for the Year - 1892


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Last Name First Name Maiden Other Title Age Date of obit Place of Birth Place of Death
ADAMS J. Pratt     Judge   1892-09-29   Savannah, GA
ADAMS Sylvester         1892-10-20   Willard, KY
ADKERSON Andrew         1892-12-08   Harrodsburg, KY
ALEXANDER William       62 1892-03-03   Texas
ANDERSON Mrs. Octave         1892-05-26 Amarillo, TX Pine Bluff, AR
ANTONIO Battaglia         1892-09-22   Indianapolis, IN
ASHTON [engineer]         1892-09-22   Marshalltown, IA
AULT Adonijah       57 1892-07-07   Springfield, OH
BACHAD Armand         1892-07-28   Chicago, IL
BAINBRIDGE Tom         1892-05-26   Ottumwa, IA
BAIRD Andrew         1892-06-23   Covington, KY
BAIRD George         1892-06-23   Covington, KY
BAKER Mrs. Henry         1892-02-18   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
BALLARD Willie         1892-01-21   Lawrenceburg, KY
BARBOUR (Senator)         1892-05-19 Virginia Washington, DC
BARNES Bob          1892-08-04   Little Rock, AR
BARNUM Henry A.         1892-02-04   New York, NY
BARRET John         1892-07-21 Atlanta, GA Kentucky River, Anderson Co., KY
BATES Pomp         1892-10-20   Danville, KY
BEACH William         1892-09-29   Chicago, IL
BEADER Frank         1892-09-29   Bessemer, MI
BELL W. H.         1892-03-17   Lawrenceburg, KY
BERUBE Victoria       6 1892-05-26   Fall River, MA
BEST Humphrey         1892-09-01   Paint Lick, KY
BESTER Louis J.       44 1892-07-28 Ironton, OH Cincinnati, OH
BICKERS B. J.         1892-03-31 Anderson Co., KY Bovce, TX
BIXLER Infant       infant 1892-08-18   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BLACKBURN Robert M.         1892-03-24   Pittsburgh, PA
BLAINE Emmons         1892-06-23   Chicago, IL
BLISS Jack         1892-06-16   Arland, WY
BLUNDERFIELD James         1892-08-25   Memphis, TN
BOGGESS Mattie         1892-02-11   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BOND Ella CROSSFIELD     35 1892-03-17   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
BOND Mary Frances         1892-10-20   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
BOND Nelly Bruce       1 1892-07-14   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
BORJESSEN Andrew         1892-02-04   Litchfield, CT
BOSTON James       95 1892-07-28   Anderson Co., KY
BOSWELL G. H.       17 1892-08-18   Anderson Co., KY
BOYKIN Ed         1892-04-07   Birmingham, AL
BOYKIN Frank       14 1892-04-07   Birmingham, AL
BRADBURY A. B.         1892-01-28   Muncie, IN
BRADLEY Joseph P.         1892-01-28   Washington, DC
BRADLEY Joseph P.         1892-01-28   Washington, DC
BRECKINRIDGE Ellen       88 1892-03-24   Bonds Mill, Anderson Co., KY
BRIGGS       Mr.   1892-02-04   Bowling Green, KY
BROCK Algin         1892-08-04   Kentucky River, Arlen, KY
BROCK Winthern         1892-08-04   Kentucky River, Arlen, KY
BROWN (triplets)       infant 1892-01-14   Easton, PA
BROWN Dandridge         1892-06-16 (reburial)   Brown's Store, Anderson Co., KY
BROWN Ella Zene       20 1892-05-26   Anderson Co., KY
BROWN John         1892-01-14   Easton, PA
BROWN Scott     Gen. 71 1892-01-07   Frankfort, KY
BROWN W. C.       30 1892-11-03   Mt. Sterling, KY
BROWNE Lizzie         1892-04-28   Detroit, MI
BRUCE Hiram         1892-05-19 Greensburg, OH? Cleves, OH
BUDD Ambrose G.         1892-02-11   New Orleans, LA
BUFORD Robert L.       15m 1892-07-28   Anderson Co., KY
BUNTAIN Allie         1892-01-07   Anderson Co., KY
BUNTAIN Allie         1892-01-14   Old Enterprise, Anderson Co., KY
BUNTAIN Catherine King JONES       1892-03-31   Anderson Co., KY
BUNTAIN Mrs. John T.       60 1892-03-24   Anderson Co., KY
BURRUS Jane       90 1892-06-16   Hebron Church, Anderson Co., KY
BUSH Simpson         1892-02-11   Stanton, KY
CAMPBELL John         1892-09-01   Paint Lick, KY
CAMPBELL William D.         1892-09-08   Indianapolis, IN
CARDWELL Samuel Creed         1892-10-13 Harrodsburg, KY Flintville, TN
CARL infant       infant 1892-05-26   Louisville, KY
CARR James     Capt.   1892-09-22   New Brunswick, NJ
CARTER T. J.         1892-12-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
CARY M. J.         1892-05-26   Louisville, KY
CASSELL William         1892-08-04   Pittsburgh, PA
CHAPMAN George       2 1892-03-31   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
CHESTER Robert I.       99 1892-01-21   Memphis, TN
CHILDS Moody         1892-11-10   Woodford Co., KY
CHIPPENA Mrs.       46 1892-02-25   Dog Lake Indian Res., Winnipeg, Canada
CHRISTAL William         1892-05-26 Denton, TX Pine Bluff, AR
CLARK Katie         1892-05-05   Cincinnati, OH
CLARK Mrs. R. B.         1892-05-26 Winchester, TN Pine Bluff, AR
CLEMENS Mrs. Michael       32 1892-07-21   Pleasureville, PA
CLEMONS Martha       85 1892-01-21   Berry, KY
CODEN Katie         1892-11-10   Anderson Co., KY
COKE Alice         1892-07-14   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
COKE Mary         1892-09-29   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
COKE Mrs. J. S.         1892-07-28   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
COKE Robert         1892-09-29   McBrayer, Anderson Co., KY
COLBERT W. H.         1892-05-05   Utica, MS
CONNELL Oliver         1892-01-28   Newton, MS
CONNER Annie         1892-07-21   Montgomery Co., KY
COOLEY Frank         1892-10-06   Uniontown, PA
COPEN Lizzie     Miss   1892-04-21   Charlestown, WV
CORBIN Henry         1892-01-21   Oxford, OH
COULCUTT Albert         1892-03-03   Elroy, WI
COY Ed         1892-02-25   Texarkana, AR
CROMPTON R.D.         1892-05-26 Nashville, TN Pine Bluff, AR
CROSSFIELD Ophelia       51 1892-09-01   Mercer Co., KY
CROWDER Alonzo         1892-04-07   Lexington, KY
CRUMP Turner         1892-03-24   Greenup, KY
CUMMINS Thomas J.         1892-03-24   Lexington, KY
DALY John         1892-04-14   Hollidaysburg, PA
DARROW Kittie         1892-05-26   Chicago, IL
DAVIDSON Sam       55 1892-11-10   Lawrenceburg, KY
DAVIDSON W. R.         1892-06-16   Norton's, VA
DECLYW Martie       3 1892-01-28 Farnham, NB Indianapolis, IN
DENT Robert         1892-08-11   Columbus, OH
DERINGER Lucy     Miss   1892-02-18   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
DOTSON Louis         1892-01-28   Savannah, GA
DOWNING James G.         1892-11-03   Lexington, KY
DUFFY Bob & father         1892-03-03   North Superior, WI
DUNCAN child         1892-12-01   Lexington, KY
DUNCAN Mary         1892-01-21   Nashville, TN
DUNIGAN Anna M.       70 1892-01-14   New York, NY
DUNN Thomas       72 1892-10-06   Lima, OH
DYE John E.         1892-02-25   Lexington, KY
EASBY Mrs. & child          1892-04-07   Wilkesbarre, PA
EDWARD Newberry         1892-05-19 Greensburg, OH? Cleves, OH
EDWARDS W. S.         1892-02-11   Louisville, KY
ELLIOTT Mrs. Joseph         1892-04-28   Pittsburgh, PA
ELLISTON Ollie         1892-02-11 Roodhouse, IL Kansas City, MO
EUBANKS William         1892-09-29   Richmond, IN
EVANS Charles         1892-08-25   Covington, LA
FABIAN Otto       21 1892-08-04 Chicago, IL Milwaukee, WI
FARNEY Claude         1892-08-04   Kentucky River, Arlen, KY
FARNEY Kelly         1892-08-04   Kentucky River, Arlen, KY
FARNEY Walter         1892-08-04   Kentucky River, Arlen, KY
FARRA child         1892-09-08   Nicholasville, KY
FARROW Henry         1892-01-21   Nashville, TN
FERRELS Susie     Miss 20 1892-02-04   Charlestown, WV
FIELD Charles W.     Gen.   1892-04-14   Washington, DC
FISHER Mrs. James         1892-09-15   Rockford, IL
FITZPATRICK John Ross         1892-09-01   Brooklyn, NY
FITZSIMMONS Frederick C.         1892-02-11   New Orleans, LA
FLAHERTY Patrick         1892-03-31   Cloquet, MN
FLYNN Annie         1892-06-30   Cedar Rapids, IA
FONTANELLE Ferdinand         1892-02-25 France Des Moines, IA
FORD Robert         1892-02-25   Creed, CO
FOREBUSH Emily       103 1892-08-25   Sheboygan, WI
FUQUA daughter       14 1892-01-21   Nashville, TN
GANO Ren         1892-03-31   Mt. Gilead, OH
GEE Sarah         1892-01-07   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
GIBSON Lige         1892-02-04   Owen Co., KY
GILMORE P. S.         1892-09-29   St. Louis, MO
GLEITZ Anthony         1892-01-07   St. Louis, MO
GOULD Jay         1892-12-08   New York, NY
GRAY David M.         1892-10-06   Lexington, MO
GRAY Mrs. John T. SAFFELL       1892-03-31 Anderson Co., KY Louisville, KY
GREEN Charles H. "Charley"         1892-10-20 Lawrenceburg, KY Frankfort, KY
GREEN Charley         1892-11-10   Frankfort, KY
GREEN Reuben         1892-11-10   Hempridge, KY
GRIBBON Phillip S.         1892-05-19 Lawrenceburgh, OH? Cleves, OH
GRIDDER infant       infant 1892-11-03   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
GRIFFEY Joseph       84 1892-12-15   Anderson Co., KY
GUTHRIE A. B.         1892-05-05   Nashville, TN
HAHN Sallie         1892-07-28   Anderson Co., KY
HALL J. M.         1892-09-29   Versailles, KY
HALL Talton         1892-09-08 Kentucky Wise Co., VA
HAMMOND Wylie       13 1892-09-01   Paint Lick, KY
HANKS Dennis T.         1892-10-27   Peoria, IL
HANSBROUGH A.         1892-03-24   Roseburg, OR
HARGIN J. S.     Senator   1892-03-03   Frankfort, KY
HARKNESS Fred         1892-04-28   Spokane, WA
HARRIS Etta         1892-08-18   Tacoma, WA
HARRIS  Henry         1892-08-18   Tacoma, WA
HARRISON Mrs.         1892-10-20   Washington, DC
HARRISON Mrs.         1892-11-03   Indianapolis, IN
HARRISON William       17 1892-07-14   Baltimore, MD
HARTLEY G.         1892-04-07   Birmingham, AL
HAWKINS children         1892-09-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
HEAD James         1892-01-07   Midway, KY
HENRY Zach       54 1892-12-08   Kansas City, MO
HENSON Mrs. A. M.         1892-05-26 Fisher, AR Pine Bluff, AR
HERNDON Miles         1892-12-15   Jeffersontown, KY
HEYWOOD (Conductor)         1892-05-19 Indianapolis, IN Cleves, OH
HICKS Will         1892-08-25   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
HIGGS Thomas         1892-01-14   Decatur, IL
HIGGS William         1892-05-19 Greensburg, OH? Cleves, OH
HILDREATH James Henry       67 1892-06-09   Wilkesbarre, PA
HILER Jacob         1892-09-01   Zanesville, OH
HILL Clarence         1892-02-04   Staunton, WV
HINDMAN Thomas         1892-02-11 Roodhouse, IL Kansas City, MO
HOLLAND Carter         1892-02-04   Pleasant Hill, TN
HOOKER James         1892-02-04   Staunton, WV
HORNER Georgia         1892-01-21   Oxford, OH
HOSKINS Irvine         1892-06-16   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
HOWARD William       9m 1892-09-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
HOWLAND William Ware         1892-09-01   Jetica, Ceylon
HOWS [engineer]         1892-09-22   Marshalltown, IA
HUDGINS Mrs.         1892-05-26 Alabama Pine Bluff, AR
HUSTED Elmer         1892-02-04   Petoskey, MI
HUSTED James W.     Gen.   1892-09-29   Peekskill, NY
HUTCHISON Susan         1892-04-28   Anderson Co., KY
HYLTON Enos B.         1892-09-08   Wise Co., VA
JAMES Henry         1892-05-19   Little Rock, AR
JENNINGS William       26 1892-03-24   Providence Church, Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Albert            1892-02-11   Woods Holl, MA
JOHNSON Jennie  PENNY       1892-09-22   Old Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
JOHNSON Walter         1892-09-29   Paducah, KY
JONES Bob         1892-10-06   Walton, KY
JONES Joseph         1892-04-21   Madison Co., IL
KALE Ollie     Miss   1892-08-25   New Liberty, Owen Co., KY
KAYS infant       infant 1892-12-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
KEEZE Samuel         1892-06-30   Clarksville, TN
KELLEHER John W.         1892-02-11 Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO
KELLEY Mrs. Thomas         1892-08-25   Logan, OH
KENDALL John W.     Repr.   1892-03-10   Washington, DC
KENNEDY Ann         1892-01-07   Lawrenceburg, KY
KENNEDY Green         1892-09-01   Lawrenceburg, KY
KINGSBURY Jane         1892-01-28   Lyme, CT
KINGSBURY Jane         1892-01-28   Lyme, CT
KINSLEY John         1892-01-21   New York, NY
KLENTZ George         1892-10-06   Wichita, KS
KOPP Henry         1892-01-21   New York, NY
KUENZLE Fred         1892-07-14 Switzerland Canton, OH
LAKE Walter         1892-04-07   Birmingham, AL
LAREW Alice         1892-05-05   Cincinnati, OH
LAVENDER Will         1892-02-18   Roanoke, VA
LEATHERS Alfred         1892-08-18   Old Goshen, Anderson Co., KY
LEATNER George         1892-09-08   Steubenville, OH
LEATNER Mrs.         1892-09-08   Steubenville, OH
LEDRIDGE Eddie Walton         1892-08-11   Anderson Co., KY
LEDRIDGE Minerva         1892-08-11   Anderson Co., KY
LEGON Frank         1892-02-04   Owen Co., KY
LENGEL Mary         1892-08-18   Louisville, KY
LEONARD Mrs.         1892-03-31   Milledgeville, GA
LETRIDGE Eddie Walton       20 1892-07-28   Anderson Co., KY
LEVIN John         1892-09-29   Bessemer, MI
LINTON Joseph       10 1892-04-14   Wheeling, WV
LLOYD Joseph         1892-02-04   Rathburn, TN
LOMAX R. J.         1892-01-14   Albany, GA
LONG James       58 1892-03-31   Martinsville, IN
MACKENZIE Morrell     Sir   1892-02-11   London, England
MAMBY William B.     Judge   1892-01-21   Lagrange, KY
MANLY Basil     Dr.   1892-02-04   Louisville, KY
MANNING Henry Edward     Cardinal 82 1892-01-21   London, England
MARTIN Bessie Belle       2m 1892-03-31   Anderson Co., KY
MARTIN Ed M.         1892-06-09   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
MARTIN Julia         1892-02-18   New York, NY
MASON William         1892-12-15   Petty, Anderson Co., KY
MATHER S.D.         1892-10-13   Flintville, TN
McCARTHY H. M.     Col.   1892-02-18   Nicholasville, KY
McCARTHY Josie       11 1892-10-20   Lanawee, Anderson Co., KY
McCAY Betsy       106 1892-02-25   Taylorsville, KY
McDONALD Mrs. Duncan         1892-11-17   Shelbyville, KY
McDOWELL Calvin         1892-03-17   Memphis, TN
McDOWELL James         1892-10-06   Lexington, MO
McFARLAND James         1892-06-02   Niles, OH
McGAUGHEY Bannon         1892-06-16   Anderson Co., KY
McGINNIS Susie       3 1892-03-31   Woodford Co., KY
McGUFFY James & family         1892-03-03   Cedar Glades, AR
McKALEY Julius         1892-09-29   Bessemer, MI
McKEE John A.       74 1892-03-24   Anderson Co., KY
McKEE Nannie         1892-08-11   Anderson Co., KY
McLEAR Bill         1892-05-05   Lawrenceburg, KY
McMICHAEL George       12 1892-07-28 Anderson Co., KY Woodson, IL
McMICHAEL S. A.         1892-09-29   Anderson Co., KY
McMICHAEL Susan       80 1892-04-07   Sinai, Anderson Co., KY
McMICHAEL William       35 1892-04-28 Anderson Co., KY Woodson, IL
McMULLIN H. M.         1892-12-15   Georgetown, KY
MEAHER Timothy     Capt. 79 1892-03-10   Mobile, AL
MELROSE Mrs. & children         1892-03-24   Nashville, TN
MELROSE Robert         1892-03-24   Nashville, TN
MILLER Kale       35 1892-08-25   Woodford Co., KY
MISNER Jordan         1892-11-24   Salt River, Anderson Co., KY
MONTAGUE Fernleigh & wife         1892-03-10   Washington, DC
MONTAGUE Mary Helen       3 1892-02-25   Colerain, Ireland
MONTGOMERY Bettie       80 1892-01-07   Bond's Mill, Anderson Co., KY
MONTGOMERY Ed       31 1892-01-14   Camden, Anderson Co., KY
MONTGOMERY Ed       31 1892-03-10   Camden, KY
MOORE Betty       13 1892-03-17   Charleston, WV
MORGAN James         1892-05-26 Memphis, TN Pine Bluff, AR
MORGAN Nannie         1892-01-28   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
MORGAN Wade H.     Judge 69 1892-10-13   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
MOSS Tom         1892-03-17   Memphis, TN
MOUNTJOY George       18 1892-01-07   Nevins Station, Anderson Co., KY
MOUNTJOY Henry         1892-07-28 Lawrenceburg, KY Kentucky River, Anderson Co., KY
MULLINS James Monroe "Salt River Jim"         1892-06-16   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
MUNDAY Susie     Miss   1892-06-30   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
MURPHY Pat         1892-12-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
NEAL Posey         1892-03-31   Smyrna, TN
NEAL William         1892-01-07   Anderson Co., KY
NENGARD Martin         1892-02-18   Minneapolis, MN
NICHOLS Frank         1892-05-26   Pine Bluff, AR
NICHOLS Jennie L.     Mrs.   1892-05-19   Chicago, IL
NIEMAN Mattie         1892-01-21   Nashville, TN
NORMAN Weldon         1892-01-28   Newton, MS
NUTGRASS James         1892-06-30   Hardinsville, KY
NUTTER John       75 1892-08-18   Martinsville, IN
OATS Daivis         1892-02-04   Lexington, KY
OTTENHEIMER Hackley         1892-04-07   Lawrenceburg, KY
PALMER Jessie         1892-11-24   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
PARAGON William         1892-09-15   Lebanon, IN
PEAK Lizzie       23 1892-09-22   Brooklyn, NY
PENNEY Stanton       6m 1892-09-29   Anderson Co., KY
PENNY Ellen         1892-07-07   Fox Creek, Anderson Co., KY
PENNY J. A.       40 1892-10-13   Lawrenceburg, KY
PETTY J. S.         1892-09-22   Muncie, IN
POLK L. L.     Col. 55 1892-06-16 North Carolina Washington, DC
PORTER John         1892-02-04   Staunton, WV
PORTWOOD Alice         1892-10-20   Lawrenceburg, KY
POULTER Ada Lee       15 1892-12-08   Willisburg, Washington Co., KY
RAGAN Mrs. Silas         1892-07-07   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY
RANDOLPH John         1892-09-29   Bessemer, MI
REAR Charles         1892-05-05   Nashville, TN
REMAN Joseph Ernest         1892-10-06   Paris, France
RICE Bob         1892-10-20   Tyrone, Anderson Co., KY
RICHARDS Joseph         1892-03-31   Atlanta, GA
RICHARDS Samuel         1892-07-28   Chicago, IL
RICHARDSON Solomon         1892-08-04   Pittsburgh, PA
RICHEY Bud         1892-10-20   Allen Co., KY
ROBERTSON Dovie     Miss 16 1892-12-01   Ripyville, Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON James         1892-09-08   Avenstoke, Anderson Co., KY
ROBINSON John W.         1892-11-03   Louisville, KY
ROSS George H.         1892-05-12   Quitman, MS
ROSS Lula May       11m 1892-02-11   St. Paul, MN
RUCKER J. R.         1892-09-29   Pulaski Co., KY
SAMUELS John     Jr.   1892-02-18   Mt. Sterling, KY
SANDERSON J. T.         1892-05-26 Pierce City, MO Pine Bluff, AR
SAPER John         1892-09-01   Pittsburgh, PA
SCHMIDT Edward       15 1892-07-14   Baltimore, MD
SCHMIDT George       11 1892-07-14   Baltimore, MD
SCHRADER Jas. W.       21 1892-02-04 Delaware Columbus, OH
SEARCY Thomas       27 1892-07-28   Lawrenceburg, KY
SETTLE Will       82 1892-02-04   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
SEWEL J. R.         1892-11-03   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
SEWELL J. R.         1892-12-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
SHERFIELD Norman         1892-10-06   Little Rock, AR
SHUFELDT Catherine  BABCOCK       1892-04-28   Washington, DC
SHYER Sol         1892-01-21   Nashville, TN
SIMIONI (Cardinal)     Cardinal   1892-01-21   Rome, Italy
SINEBAUGH [fireman]         1892-09-22   Marshalltown, IA
SKINNER George         1892-09-08   Steubenville, OH
SLAUGHTER Amanda       7 1892-06-16   Hebron Church, Anderson Co., KY
SPEAR P. A.       80 1892-03-31   Petty, Anderson Co., KY
SPRINGER William W.         1892-09-08   Atlanta, GA
SPURGEON Charles H.     Rev.   1892-02-04   London, England
STEARNS Murray         1892-02-18   Nashville, TN
STEVENS William "Uncle Billy"         1892-05-26   Mercer Co., KY
STEWART Will         1892-03-17   Memphis, TN
STINNETT James T.         1892-01-21   Vandyke, Anderson Co., KY
STRATTON son         1892-09-29   Ashbrook, Anderson Co., KY
SULIVAN J. T.     Dr.   1892-12-08   Monterey, Owen Co., KY
SWEENEY Eliza B.       55 1892-06-30   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
SWITZER child         1892-09-01   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
TALBOT Laura       5 1892-11-03   Hebron Church, Anderson Co., KY
TALMAGE John Vannest       73 1892-08-25   Boundbrook, NJ
TAYLOR George       1 1892-10-20   Lawrenceburg, KY
THOMAS Elizabeth HERNDON     75 1892-04-14   Lawrenceburg, KY
THOMAS William       79 1892-12-15   Lawrenceburg, KY
TOLN Peter Leo       20 1892-07-14   Baltimore, MD
TRACY W. H.         1892-12-15   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
TRAVIS Percy         1892-10-20   Lawrenceburg, KY
TRAVIS Tommie Lee         1892-10-20 (reburial)   Lawrenceburg, KY
TROUTMAN Charlie         1892-09-01   Sharon, PA
ULMANN Daniel     Gen. 82 1892-10-20   Nyack, NY
UTTERBACK Nancy       70 1892-12-08   Shiloh, Anderson Co., KY
VETTA Franz         1892-07-21   Riverside, CA
VOGEL Michael       22 1892-04-21   Prairie Du Rocher, IL
VOGT George       14 1892-04-14   East St. Louis, IL
WALPERT son       4 1892-05-12   Lawrenceburg, KY
WARWICK John G.         1892-08-18   Washington, DC
WATERFILL W. J.     Capt.   1892-11-03   Anderson Co., KY
WATKINS George & family         1892-03-03   Cedar Glades, AR
WATSON Nathaniel          1892-01-28   Owen Co., KY
WEAVER Walton         1892-12-08   Christian Co., KY
WEBSTER J. J. G.     Dr.   1892-04-14   Charlestown, WV
WELKER Eli         1892-09-29   Richmond, IN
WEST Harry         1892-02-11   Woods Holl, MA
WHITEHOUSE John         1892-12-08   Johnsonville, Anderson Co., KY
WHITELY Alexander   BURNS     1892-06-16   Richmond, VA
WHITMAN Walt         1892-03-31   Philadelphia, PA
WILKINS child       child 1892-01-14   St. Mary's, OH
WILLIAMS Britton       14 1892-02-11   Bradyville, TN
WILLIS infant       infant 1892-05-26   Salvisa, KY
WILLIS James         1892-07-21   Montgomery Co., KY
WILLIS Squire T.         1892-06-02   Woodford Co., KY
WILLIS Squire T.         1892-06-16 (reburial)   Brown's Store, Anderson Co., KY
WILSON children         1892-09-01   Athens, GA
WILSON Mrs.       89 1892-04-21   Gallatin, TN
WILSON Sallie         1892-03-17   Alton, Anderson Co., KY
WISE Julian         1892-08-04   Lexington CH, SC
WOODS Mrs. Lou         1892-02-18 Boston, MA New York, NY
WOODSIDE Moses         1892-03-03   Forest, OH
WRIGHT Clinton          1892-03-24   Akron, OH
YOWEL Emily         1892-01-07   Camden, Anderson Co., KY


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