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Corinth Christian Church

The following article was written by Myrtle Perry (1913-1988), long time member of Corinth Christian and respected school teacher for a number of years in this county.
It was written for the 100th anniversary of the church in 1970.

Corinth is still an active congregation

To God Be The Glory

Corinth Christian Church dates back to 1879. A revival was held at the old Gordon Schoolhouse in 1870 by Bro. Levin Merritt. resulting in the organization of the congregation, and it was in the school house that the congregation worshipped for a number of years.

In 1882 the seat of worship was moved to a building on a dirt lane extending from the Akins Cemetery to the Puckett Road, now called Herndon Road. No written records have been found about this particular building, however, older persons have informed this writer that this building was shared by several religious groups. Some say it was called the "House of Good Fellowship". At one time it was known as "Bear Wallow". It was actually believed that bears were prevalent in the area and that large wallowing holes were proof of their existence.

In November 1885, Joseph H Brown and his wife, Susan, sold to the trustees of the church a plot of ground containing 3/4 of an acre, more or less; for the sume of $1.00. The deed for the plot is recorded in the office of the Anderson County Court Clerk in Deed Book S, page 374.

In 1886 the first church building was erected on the above described plot, the same plot where the present church building stands. The minister when this building was erected was Bro. Jackson Sims. Officers at the time the church was organized were, Elders: Dawson Redmon, W. H. Glass, I. B. Peak and Jordan Warford. Deacons were Dawson Grace, Marion Cox, and A. G. Sherwood.

The oldest information found containing Sunday School classes has been taken from an old record book, The Corinth Sunday School - 1888-1889. Roll of officers as of June 1888 were J. T. Ragan, Superintendent; Tom Grace, Assistant; Alfred Crask, Secretary; Assistant John Grace; Music Leader, Dawson Grace; Teachers: Dawson Redmon, J. T. Ragan, Dawson Grace, I. B. Peak and Marion Cox. The same book also shows that minutes were keps of each Sunday's meeting. Example: Sunday School program, Aug. 5, 1888.

             Opening Song - No.215
             Chapter Reading - Romans 8
             Teachers and Officers - Present                   3
             Teachers and Officers - Absent                    3
             Ladies Bible Class                                      12
             Gents Bible Class                                       10
             Infants Class                                               11
             Spectators Present                                       7
             Total Attendance                                        43
             Closing Song - No. 53

This writer who has reviewed all of the old records has arrived at the conclusion that all children were in one class - Infants. Visitors were recorded as Spectators. It also appears from the records that classes changed teachers every quarter. It is also interesting to compare attendance on Aug. 5, 1888 with that of Centennial Day, Aug. 2, 1970. On that day there were 172 in Sunday School, 220 in Morning Worship, and an estimated 275 for the afternoon Gospel Singing. About 240 enjoyed the noon meal and 170 returned at evening for the Old Fashioned Preaching Service.

Corinth Congregation made another move for improvement in 1923. At that time a new frame building was erected. The cost was small since much of the labor was donated by members.* Dedication for the building was in Auguzt of the same year with T. H. Bowen, minister of the Lawrenceburg Christian Church, the speaker. At that time there were seven surviving members of the congregation meeting in the first building in 1886. They were Dawson Grace, Marion Cox, Joe Husband, James Akins, Mrs. Venie Melear, Mrs. Emma Cooper and Mrs. Sallie Gordon. All seven of these members were present on that day and sat on a special seat reserved for them in the "Amen Corner." Some of them made statements that day of what Corinth Church had meant to them through the years.

Other accomplishments and improvements made through the years include: a piano purchased in 1934 to replace the old pump organ that had been used since 1908. Prior to that time all the songs were pitched with a tuning fork or pitch pipe. Old fashioned singing schools were taught regularly in the early days of the church, and singing conventions were a highlight in church activity.

In 1939 electric lights were installed to replace the old kerosene Chandeliers and reflector window bracket lamps.

1943 - land purchased from R. P. Baugh and laid off in lots for cemetery by S. V. Gordon, a former member of the congregation.

1948 - four Bible School classrooms, the present pulpit area, vestibule and basement unit were built and an oil furnace was installed. C. M. Railey was minister at this time.

1952 - small frame 6 room parsonage with bath and basement was build on lot adjacent to church, purchased from Allie Hume for $50.00.

1958 - three additional classrooms added; entire building covered with permastone, four colored glass windows installed in auditorium, Ray A. Giles, minister.

1962 - New pews, communion table and chairs, pulpit furniture, piano and carpet purchased, Vernon Oakley, minister. 1967 - forced hot water heating system and air conditioning installed.

1968 - Two stained glass windows installed in pulpit area. There were donated by Lois Redmon Metcalfe in memory of her father and mother, John and Annie Redmon.

1969 - Parsonage remodled and a new living room added.

Ministers and evangelists who have served during the years in addition to those already mentioned are William Morris, John Mahoney, Diamond Bentley, David Campbell, Perry Campbell, Adolphus Mountjoy, J. T. Ragan, I. W. Rogers, William May, George Peel, Presley Herndon, Gilbert Easley, Forrest Mullins, Dan Murphy, Wesley Whitehouse, Cleo Purvis, Clarke Winkler, C. A. Van Winkle, Elbert Winkler, John S. Chambers, R. B. Baker, Frank Buck, Charles Buck, R. E. Stephenson, Terrill Riley, Leron Tracy, Herbert Graham, W. I. Peel, Stanley Hicks, Thomas Bledsoe, Raymond Sparrow, E. Paul Perry, David Downey, Robert Whisler, William D. Miller, Donald Nash, Metcalfe Miller, Ezra Sparrow, Melvin D. Styons, Homer Styons, Norman Miller, Roy McClain, and James Simpson. No doubt there are others not listed in the old records.

125th Anniversary

The 125th Anniversary publication* continues to tell the story of Corinth Church as follows:

1974 saw the addition of two classrooms, enlargement of the basement area and the baptistry which cancelled the need for trips to Salt River in Glensboro.

1983 saw an enlargement of the auditorium to a seating capacity of approximately 250. A new front entrance with double doors and another basement area was built..

The growth of the Corinth congregation led to the purchasing of a bus in February, 1972...

Full time ministers who have served this congregation since 1950 aqre C. Marion Railey, Stanley Hicks, David Downey, Robert Whisler, Ray Giles, Vernon Oakley, William Miller, Melvin Styons, Lowell Thornton, Nelson Lee, Claude Waldridge, Gene Koons and Tim Waggoner.

*The above information carries no authors name. The article repeated the information attributed to Myrtle Perry and added the information on the ensuing years.

Editors Note: 2010 - The story of this congregation continues with the addition of Matt Sawyer as minister. He follows Gene Koons who passed away earlier this year.

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